Outdoor Living Space Renovation Ideas

Outdoor Living Space Renovation Ideas


 There are many benefits of outdoor living spaces, from increasing your home’s value to providing you with joy, room for relaxation, and entertainment. However, in order for your backyard to actually be suitable for all those things, it needs to be properly designed. With that in mind, here are some renovation ideas that might help you turn your garden into a perfect living space.  

Create different sections and levels

First things first, in order to renovate different areas of your backyard, you must first define those areas. So, divide your backyard into different sections according to their function. A great way to do that is by creating rooms on different levels. It would provide you with more options, and it would emphasize the boundaries between the areas.

Spice up the lights

Of course, you need to be able to see what you’re doing, but lighting is not just about practicality; it also plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere. It can transform an average-looking living space into a real artwork, and it can also create a sense of intimacy, romance, and warmth. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive either – there are many affordable lighting options that are perfect for outdoor areas, like string lights and lanterns. 

Design an outdoor kitchen

You can’t really call it a living space if it doesn’t have a functional kitchen. After all, it’s the heart of every home, so it’s safe to say that an outdoor kitchen would be the heart of your garden as well. Depending on how many people you plan on entertaining, you can choose to create a simpler kitchen, or you can splurge and build a kitchen worthy of a master chef. 


 Build an outdoor bathroom

Just like you need a kitchen, you also need a bathroom. It’s especially necessary if you have a pool, as you wouldn’t have to wet the floor on your way to the indoor bathroom just to take a shower. Of course, you’d need some privacy in order to use the bathroom, so keep your environment in mind and opt for more natural materials, like bamboo. If you think you could use some help designing a perfect outdoor bathroom, you should consider hiring a professional renovation company and leaving the more complicated tasks to them.   

Cover it up

Since you are building an outdoor living space, you need to think about the rain and the sun too. When it comes to cover options, pergolas have become very popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They are very versatile, which means that they can match any décor style, and you can also combine them with other types of covers. For instance, beautiful commercial shade sails would go well with a pergola, as they would provide you with shade, style, and privacy. 



Create a focal point

If you want your outdoor living space to look stylish and modern, consider creating focal points. They would make your garden look more organized and balanced, and they would definitely increase the sense of style. There are many different ways to create a focal point. For instance, you could install a calming waterfall, or you could build an outdoor fire pit. After all, is there a better way to spend an evening than by gathering around the fire in the evening while roasting marshmallows and telling stories? 

Add some color

As relaxing as outdoor living spaces can be, sometimes, they can also become overwhelmed by the earthy colors. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if that’s the theme you’re aiming for. On the other hand, if you want something a bit more “indoor-like”, add some soft pillows in different patterns and textures, and plant flowers in colors that match the chosen accessories. It would increase the feeling of modernity, and it would make the space feel cozier. 



Instead of dreaming about going on a relaxing vacation, why not turn your own garden into a paradise? This way, you’d be able to enjoy all the comforts of a modern lifestyle while being surrounded by peaceful nature and fresh air. 



Renovations Rescue Small Kitchens

Renovations Rescue Small Kitchens

image 1.jpeg

Some of us are just not that lucky to have a large, airy kitchen, but does that mean we should despair? Of course not! Although we have to be realistic and accept that there are certain limitations imposed on us, we can still see them as challenges that need to be overcome. So, if you’ve just moved to a place with a “space-challenged” kitchen or you’ve had enough of spending time in a claustrophobic environment, you need to know that there is an answer to your problem and it’s relatively straightforward – renovation.

Focus on the positives

A smaller kitchen might mean that you gain more space elsewhere. Even if that’s not the case, you should know that the smaller the kitchen, the less expensive it is to remodel and furnish. So, if you’ve decided to do something about making the most of the limited space available, make sure you approach the project in the right mindset.

image 5.jpeg

Provide as much light as possible

We all know that confined spaces don’t benefit from darkness, which is why you need to avoid dark colours and opt for bright ones, which will add a touch of space, since they reflect a lot of light. This refers to all elements, from walls and floor tiles to cupboards.

image 4.jpeg

It’s for preparing food

Forget about having a multifunctional space where you can prepare and eat food, entertain guests, have the kids do their homework etc. A small kitchen should focus on its main purpose and that is preparing food. The design should make it possible for you to use it for this role and cater to other needs only if it’s not too inconvenient.

Rethink the sizes

It may not be wise to stick to a 12-foot-long counter-sink combo if your kitchen is tiny. Instead, try to use the corner, for example, to store your appliances or ingredients you need often, while sequestering the sink in its own area. Remember that you don’t have much room to waste.

Consider the cost of repositioning appliances

While you’re remodelling your kitchen, you may need to move some appliances around. That can be a problem, since you might need your remodeller to move the installations as well. Whatever you do, make sure you safely connect gas, since you don’t want to risk any leakage.

Waste no space

Probably the biggest problem with kitchens with limited space is storage. We all know how important it is to have all the pots, ingredients and utensils at hand when preparing food, so we need to make space for them in the kitchen. One of the ideas is to install narrow filler cabinets with sliders, where all those smaller items can be kept. Also, consider making pantry cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. It may not be the most pleasing sight, but practicality and functionality have to take precedence.


No matter how much you may like small tiles, they make any space look even smaller and more cramped. That’s why you should go for larger ones, which make the kitchen larger and airier. The only exception might be galley kitchens, which may look too odd because of their narrow centre floor.

As you can see, there is a lot to be gained from a kitchen renovation, provided you do it properly with a kitchen renovation company. With so many ideas shared online, you really shouldn’t have problems finding inspiration for your project, though your budget may impose strong limitations. However, since everyone needs a functional kitchen, regardless of its size, there is no reason why you shouldn’t explore the option of making the most of the space available.



5 Reasons to Renovate Your Home

5 Reasons to Renovate Your Home

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.26.39 AM.png

No matter how spacious and new your home is, it could certainly use an update or two every once in a while. However, most of the changes people generally want to introduce are expensive and time consuming, and not really worth the investment in the long run. That’s why you need to focus on ideas that are frugal and efficient because these things make the biggest impression on your guests and make your life much easier. If you’re still unsure which projects to pick, here are five ideas that might help you.

Repaint everything

People are usually afraid of change, but that’s just because they don’t realize what a simple paint job can do to your home. Just pick a nice soothing color for your walls and learn some of the basic painting techniques, and you’ll have a brand new home in a matter of hours. You can also repaint your cabinets, bookcases, window frames and even your front door, thus creating a really significant change every member of your family is going to enjoy.

Reuse and recycle

Using old furniture instead of new one and giving it a brand new purpose is the best way to save a ton of money while furnishing your home. You can reupholster old chairs and sofas, turn an old table into a desk for your home office, and use the wood from your old doors to create some new countertops. Also, don’t be afraid to buy things on a yard sale or at a flea market, and then simply fix them up a bit – these are two amazing ways to get new furniture that’s both cheap and durable, so give this idea a thought as well.

Spice up your deck

Living in a house with a backyard and a deck is much better than being stuck in a tiny apartment with no outdoor space at all. However, even the best of decks require some attention, and you should maintain them properly if you want to be able to use them in the years to come as well. Depending on the size of your deck, consider using heavy-duty adjustable pedestals, for example, as these will provide your deck with all the support it needs, and turn it into the focal point of your entire backyard.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.26.46 AM.png

Find the right contractor

As you can see, you can do some of these things on your own and save a lot of money that way, but other projects are just out of your league. You shouldn’t mess with more complicated renovations because about a million things can go wrong in a matter of seconds, so finding the right renovation contractor and trusting them to renovate your home is the way to go. Talk to your friends who have recently had their home renovated and you’ll find the right person for the job easier than you think.

Fix your bathroom

Bathrooms are usually the smallest spaces in our homes, and people generally don’t consider them when thinking about renovating their homes. However, this is the worst decision they could make because renovating a bathroom can be rather easy and affordable, and it will do wonders for the atmosphere in your home. Some of the things you could do include laying new tiles, updating fixtures, adding a few eco-friendly upgrades and purchasing second-hand material that’s just as good as new one, but much cheaper. This way, your bathroom is going to become the nicest space in your home and your personal oasis where you can relax after a long day at the office.

There are lots of ways to renovate your home on a budget, and even more reasons why you should do so as soon as possible – your home might not be as new as it once was, you might be thinking about selling it, or, in the end, you might just want to create a nicer and more comfortable living space for all members of your family.



Rethinking Your Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Rethinking Your Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Rethinking Your Bathroom Renovation on a Budget.jpg


A bathroom needs to be synonymous with hygiene. While the very idea can be seen in some design choices overall, different people ascribe different meanings to the concept of hygiene and cleanliness – which means that you have as many bathroom designs as there are mindsets. Therefore, you can remodel with a professional bathroom renovation contractor or here’s what you need to do if you are rethinking your bathroom renovation on a budget.

DIY Painting

DIY Painting.jpg

Painting is the most ubiquitous and easiest part of any remodel. No matter what sort of a project you have organized for your bathroom, something will always need a fresh coat of paint. When one considers that it doesn’t require a lot of skill to execute this task, and that the logistics of it are not all that sophisticated, it becomes easy to argue that approaching painting as a DIY project can save you a lot of money and provide the same results as if the professional did it in your stead. Unless you have never painted anything before, you would be right to assume so.

Rethink your counter tops

Rethink your counter tops.jpg

Counter tops are usually very expensive, especially if you are going for more expensive stones such as marble or granite. As an investment, they can be quite unreasonably priced and you’d spend on them just as much as you would otherwise spend on kitchen counters.  Stained slabs with imperfections will cost less and they can look rather interesting as a part of the whole new stylistic approach. Still, you can avoid bathroom sink counters altogether by simply purchasing a new, freestanding sink – which is a popular option anyway. If countertops are in keeping with the stylistic broad strokes of your bathroom, you can simply accommodate your bathroom with a “dresser sink”, which can be found in most retail stores.

Kill two flies with one blow

Kill two flies with one blow.jpg

Bathroom remodels usually involve a certain degree of wall smashing. Tearing down the wall tiling will probably leave the piping and electrical grid exposed for a while. You can use this opportunity to kill two flies with one blow and invite reliable professionals for bathroom leaks to check out if your piping integrity needs some sprucing up. You will probably have a convenient time window on your hands before the new tiling is placed on the wall, which gives you an ample opportunity to have the pipes checked out. This increases their durability and the overall safety of your bathroom for years to come.

But limit the tiling

But limit the tiling.jpg

Even though tiling tends to be an integral part of most bathroom designs, a tradition which caught on due to them looking hygienic and being resistant to humidity, they can also cost you a pretty penny. The price can especially turn steep if you hire a professional contractor who will work on every aspect of the project. While it is usually inescapable to do some tiling, predominantly the floor, you can also opt to do something else with the walls. For example, you can purchase different types of vibrant and interesting water-resistant wallpapers and apply them to the blank parts of the wall where you decide not to apply the new tiles. This is a good way to add a modern, refreshing look to your bathroom that can break monotony and save you a lot of money.

Fixture update comes last

Fixture update comes last.jpg

After you have dealt with “broad strokes” of your bathroom renovation, you can redo and update your fixtures. These do not only include light fixtures but also towel racks, toilet paper holders, sink faucets, drawer pulls, etc. All in all, it is not a significant investment, yet it goes a long way when it comes to appearances. It is also a good opportunity to create a consistency of design by purchasing a collection of holders that are made from the same or very similar material. If you go to the closest retailer and purchase a whole package of diverse fixtures, you are bound to find them at a good deal. 

Bathroom remodeling is not a trite project and it is bound to eat up your precious time and money. Furthermore, you will probably have to sacrifice living conditions, at least to an extent, during the project so it is not exactly an upgrade that should come as a light decision. You will have to think the minutiae through, not to mention the careful planning of the budget dedicated to the materials and professional hands. 



Kitchen & Bath Reno Ideas that Have the Potential to Go Big

Kitchen & Bath Reno Ideas that Have the Potential to Go Big

At the beginning of every year, design experts predict some trends that they expect to rule the next twelve months. Many of these replace with new fashions, but a few come with a staying power to dominate the home decoration scene a couple of years. Let’s take a look at some current design trends that we will possibly be seeing in the future too.  

Dark Window Trims

So far, we’ve seen the trims in either white or other soft shades. However, dark tones, especially black and deep brown, are the perfect choice to accent big windows and doors. Such a bold move is destined to draw the eye and take the attention from the ugly spots of a room. The black trim will make the windows and doors pop and give the place a refreshing look. Moreover, a renovation contractor can use with any style – modern, farmhouse, traditional, Tudor, etc. 

IMG 1.jpg

Simple Lines with Dynamic Details

Thoughtful simplification is something the current homeowners have welcomed with open arms. Flat-paneled furniture void of any rich details is highly favored and is expected to retain the popularity in the upcoming years. Think of flat-front kitchen cabinets and low-key appliances offset by statement trimming, graphic textiles, or eclectic tiling. 

Such an atmosphere will feel welcoming to anyone. Besides, the lack of ornate moldings makes it easier to clean and wipe. Such furnishings in their minimalist form also fit well with modern interiors. Trying to find cheap house renovations ideas? Check out ideas shared by Model Home Makeover.  

IMG 2.jpg

Wainscoting in Bathrooms

Painted wood panel wainscoting has been gaining momentum, and it is likely to enjoy the newfound love for years to come. The architectural feature is a terrific way to boost the visual interest of a room whether you choose the medium to be wood panels or MDF boards with crown moldings. You can pair it up with plenty of design elements – wallpaper, mural, artwork, or some accessories. Painting it with a lovely hue will further help the beautiful feature to stand on its own. 

In addition, wainscoting is also making its place in other rooms of the home. Nowadays, you may find it in anywhere of a modern residence – from the bedroom to family room or the kitchen to the entrance. 

IMG 3.jpg

Satin Brass Fixtures

The brass finish on metal items has made a comeback recently. Home designers adore it for the burnished golden tones that give the feeling of luxury without the high price tag. However, the more muted and warmer tones such as the satin and brushed brass are getting all the love in recent times because of their transitional quality. 

You can throw the fixtures and faucets with a satin brass polish into the mix of various colors and finishes for a more eclectic look. They create a sultry, irresistible style when juxtaposed with a combination of dark and neutral colors. 

IMG 4.jpg

Tiled Walls in Bathrooms and Kitchens

The typical below the cabinets and above-the-countertop backsplash built with tiles are still popular, but the homeowners these days like to be dramatic with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling tile coverage. 

The tiles have tremendous potential because of their ability to fit in various design schemes. You can use them for creating a feature wall, a focal point, or as an element that ties all the items in a room together and gives a cohesive look. They are likely to have a bigger presence in small and medium-sized kitchens and bathrooms. The 3D tiles are another good option for creating a spectacular effect, especially in the bathrooms. They can create the illusion of movement and uplift a place with whimsical quality. 

IMG 5.jpg

People are eco-conscious more than ever and are willing to lead a life without being hostile to nature. So, the sustainable lifestyle will gain more followers in the future. Many homeowners now use energy-efficient light sources, refurbished furniture, and recycled materials to put less burden on the environments and natural resources. The urge of going green is likely to become a massive movement in the coming years, and we’ll see more and more homes embracing the sustainable design and decoration. 




Things to Consider when Planning a Home Renovation

Things to Consider when Planning a Home Renovation

Taking a leap and diving into the renovation of your home is quite an endeavour. It takes a lot of money and planning, as well as good organization. However, we tend to get carried away and let the whole situation get out of our hands. Once you decide to renovate one part of your home, it could go on forever. If you only want to paint the living room, you might start thinking about the kitchen, too. Once the kitchen walls are done, you may realize the furniture is old and ugly or you need a new stove, oven or sink. As long as you’re thinking about sinks, you start reconsidering your bathroom and find many flaws you’d like to repair there, too. This can go on forever. That is why planning is key and we’re here to help.


Have enough money

Before you start remodelling, make sure you’ve prepared enough money to cover not only the essentials, but some unexpected expenses, as well. You should hope for the best, but still be prepared for the worst, or at least a bit worse than expected. There could be some broken tiles, so you’d have to buy more. Alternatively, the furniture you wanted is out of stock and you need to buy a slightly more expensive set. Not to mention the possibility of your renovation contractor being on holiday or unavailable so you’d need another one. These are all unpredicted expenses, but you should have a backup budget in that case.

Find the right contractor


When it comes to trusting someone with your home, it can be very tricky. It’s always a risk unless you know and trust someone already. However, most of us don’t have a trusted person or company that provide such services and we often find ourselves in a pickle when it’s time to find them. This is the time to use all your resources such as your friends and contacts, as well as the internet to find a plumber with good recommendations. 

Start on time

Another important notion is to start on time. That means to have the season and weather conditions in mind when you start renovating your house. Give your wall paint an opportunity to dry as fast as possible, which is during the summer or spring. Also, if you’re doing a full renovation of your shed, for instance, do it when you least need it and make sure it’s finished on time before you need to use it again on a regular basis. 


Be prepared

Being prepared is key to any successful endeavour. For example, if you need to renovate your bath tub or shower, know that it won’t be functional until the end of the process. That is why you need to know how long the renovation is going to last, as well as make arrangements regarding where you will be showering in the meantime. Also, do your best to make it easier for yourself and the workers and do anything you can in advance.


To sum up, the most important thing about renovation is good organization and a rational mind. Always be aware of your financials and the ongoing expenses, as well as the time. Keep track of whether or not things are happening according to the plan or you need to make some alterations. Anyways, the more in control you are, the better.



5 Things to Do When Planning a House Renovation

5 Things to Do When Planning a House Renovation

Doing a house renovation is a process that is bound to occur at least once in the life of every single homeowner. You can do so in order to improve your living conditions, increase the value of your asset or, at very least, improve the functionality of your place. Still, this is also a project that requires great involvement on your side. You have to invest time, resources and effort, not just in the active work but also in terms of organization and management. This task, however, starts long before the work. So, here are five things you need to do when planning a house renovation.

1. Know the purpose of the remodel

In the introduction, we talked about boosting your home’s value and the improvement of its functionality. Well, these two things are not one and the same. Fixing the roof or replacing windows with double-glazing ones is a smart investment for a home you intend to stay in. However, it doesn’t yield a great home resale value. In other words, you need to know the purpose of the remodel in order to know which remodeling project is a bad investment.

2. Find good help and visit the site often

Once you get in touch with the remodeller you find qualified, you need to do some research in order to see what kind of reputation they hold in the industry. Even the best experts are known to slip up from time to time, which means that your work doesn’t end once you make an arrangement. In fact, you should visit the site as frequently as possible in order to ensure that everything’s going according to plan.

3. Inspect your home

While renovating your home, you need to improve some of the systemic flaws in your plumbing and your electrical grid. Regardless of your ambitions, get a skilled local expert to do some examination. For instance, once you talk to a renovation contractor about your home, you might also want to consult a skilled electrician to do an inspection of their own. For a bathroom remodel, it’s vital you get in touch with a plumber of great renown.

4. Make a temporary camp

Another thing you need to understand is that the project itself may not allow you to stay in your current quarters, which is why you may have to move. Staying with friends and family is a lucrative option. However, it’s easy to overstay your welcome, should there be any unforeseen delays. The best course of action would be to rent a place for the duration of the renovation, yet, this is also something you need to add to the list of your expenses.

5. Open communication and thorough contract

In order to get the end result you need, you need to clearly state your intentions both before and after the renovation. State your intentions from the start and put them on paper in writing. Just watch out for the terminology and fine print, seeing as how any ambiguity usually gets interpreted in favor of the party that didn’t compose the contract. 


At the end of the day, you need to understand that the value you get out of this remodeling project doesn’t have to be financial or that easy to quantify. Some improvements have a personal value or may change the way in which you use your living space altogether. A construction of a personal office may give you a chance to earn from home, while the same can be achieved by remodeling a part of the house you intend to rent out. Either way, you need to learn how to see a bigger picture.





Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.50.04 AM.png

Regardless of the size of a family, a kitchen is undoubtedly the most important space of the house. This is where food, drink, and spontaneous conversations happen. A kitchen needs to be compact and yet offer all the flexibility required to work in. For this, it needs to be functional space as well as look neat.

There are several possibilities when it comes to kitchen remodeling options. You could work with the space you have and add more functionality to it, or it could be a change of looks. If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your kitchen, then we’ve got quite a few of them for you!

7 Kitchen Renovation Ideas To Share

We’ve collected different kitchen renovation ideas, some big others small, which can help inspire you to better kitchen renovation ideas. These ideas help you get the most out of your culinary space and will definitely add to the oomph factor in your house.

1. Theme It Light

Dark is out, and light is in – contrary to earlier trends, kitchen spaces are a lot lighter themed these days. This helps maintain a feeling of airiness and space throughout. People suggest woody hues to go with muted or pastel shades which makes your kitchen feel a lot more warm and open. Cabinets and countertops ideally should be a different color compared to the walls to give your kitchen more variety.

2. Splurge On The Backsplash

When it comes to adding style and an element of chicness, you really can’t go wrong with splurging on the backsplash. And it makes sense too because it’s a small area and you don’t really need to break the bank to break up the monotony of plain walls. There are several design elements that you can incorporate to elevate the style factor of your backsplash – upcycled bricks, patterned tiles or even a trendy, solid slab can make a huge difference.

3. Floor It

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.50.14 AM.png



Changing the flooring is a fantastic way to get a whole new look for the kitchen. Choosing something that goes well with the rest of the house or using it as the basis for a new kitchen theme – both work wonders. When it comes to selecting kitchen flooring, you have to make sure that the material is both water and humidity resistant. Something that will always look trendy is hardwood flooring. You can choose any color and pattern you want. They are functional and look great with all sizes of kitchens and decors.

4. Lighting it up

Lighting is a critical part of every kitchen space. You need to make sure that you’re layering your lighting and not just put the same lights around and be done with it. Recessed lighting that is not too bright adds ambiance to your kitchen. Couple them with spotlights in places where visibility is required like your kitchen island or under cabinets. If your kitchen is big enough, you could also add decorative lighting like pendant lights or even a chandelier.

5. Sink the upgrade

When it comes to upgrading the functionality of the kitchen, the sink and faucet are things that are central to everything in the space. There are several you can choose from but make sure that you get both of them at the same time so you can match the hole configuration. Your choices range from simple single-hole faucets to more functional wall-mounted faucets.

6. Better furniture

Kitchen furniture is usually underplayed, but we think you can add personality to your kitchen when you opt for more stylish furniture. If you have space in your kitchen, you could opt for a kitchen cart where you can store your most used dishes, oil, or seasonings. Barstools on high kitchen islands add a bit of pizazz to the setup.

7. Revamp cabinets

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.50.24 AM.png

Proper cabinet placement makes kitchens work. If you think your cabinets are too far high or deep to reach comfortably, you might want to look at a makeover. Incorporating Lazy Susans or pull-out organizers (if you don’t have them already) can increase your kitchen’s ability to be functional. Kitchen specialists can help sort out more options for you to consider.


As you can see, there are a lot of options when you need to increase the style and functionality of your kitchen. People use different materials to furnish their kitchen or even totally renovate it. Hardwood is a great alternative which is durable, wallet-friendly and free from maintenance. If you’re thinking of getting the entire kitchen done up with wood, you could take a look at Hamill Creek's selection of timber floor plans to get an idea of how you could add a modern yet warm touch to your space.

Not all kitchen renovations are expensive, a lot of them are effective but can work for frugal budgets as well. Considering the fact that kitchen renovations add so much more to the home, it’s quite alright to spend a bit once a while!



Office Renovation Design Tricks for a Highly Productive Workspace

Office Renovation Design Tricks for a Highly Productive Workspace

We all spend a lot of time at our workplace, so it’s not surprising that office renovation design has become an important topic in the business world. After all, it has been shown that it can influence our mood and have a huge impact on our productivity and readiness to give our 100%. Having this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of several amazing tricks for creating a highly productive workspace. Feel free to take a look at them and come up with even more innovative ideas. 


Choose the right colour palette

First things first, when designing for an office renovation, one must put a lot of thought into choosing the right nuances for the walls. This is essential since colours can greatly affect workers’ mood and productivity. For instance, if you want for you and your colleagues to feel relaxed and be able to start each day with enthusiasm, you should opt for some neutral tones like white, classic grey or beige. On the other hand, if you’re feeling that you could use more positive energy around the office, bolder shades like tangerine and lemon yellow will definitely spark your imagination and inspire your creative side as well. Of course, these vivid colours are better introduced by incorporating smaller details since you don’t want your workspace to look overcrowded and incoherent.


Opt for the most adequate floor plan  

Before you start dealing with certain details of your workspace design, you should decide on the best floor plan for your office. The main dilemma here is whether to opt for an open floor one which promotes collaboration, or to stick to traditional secluded booths that provide workers with more privacy. Even though both options have certain advantages and disadvantages regarding their impact on workers’ productivity, we believe that the combination of these two styles would be the best. 

After all, while it is great for your employees to be close to each other, they should also have a quiet place where they can work individually. Furthermore, in order to have this project completed in a timely manner, you should make sure to hire an experienced renovation company. On top of that, opting for the practical prefabricated steel frame solutions will accelerate the renovation works and allow you to move in your brand new office in no time.

 Invest in quality lighting options

 Spending time in a poorly-lit room can leave serious consequences on one’s mood and make them feel absolutely depressed and devoid of any motivation. So, if you want to avoid this kind of feelings from occurring in your office, remember to install some quality lighting fixtures. For instance, LEDs have gained in popularity immensely due to their energy-efficient quality, as well as the natural atmosphere they help create. Not only, will they provide your workers with a boost of energy, but they will help you save significantly on your energy bills as well.


However, aside from seeing to it that your workspace is well-lit, you must let enough sunshine in as well. As you probably already know, natural light has proven to be extremely beneficial to both our mental and physical health. Therefore, when hiring a renovation company to redesign your office, talk to them about opening a few more windows and other possible solutions for boosting employees’ access to daylight.


Give minimalism a try

Last but not least, nothing can suffocate a person’s creativity easier than an overcrowded and messy place. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to keep your workspace neatly organised and de-cluttered. Having this in mind, it’s not surprising that minimalism has become a true craze among office designers. What it offers is elegancy and sophistication which is not overburdened with too many details. So, instead of stuffing your office with too many furniture pieces and accessories, you should try to keep it simple and choose just a few focal elements.

As you can see, designing a workspace that is employee-friendly doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to get rid of everything that can possibly hinder your workers’ productivity and focus on choosing the design solutions that have been shown to boost one’s creativity and readiness to give their best. Good luck with the project!



Green Bathroom Remodel: The Essentials

Green Bathroom Remodel: The Essentials

With any kind of bathroom renovation, the key is to remove all the potential problem spots and bumps in the road in advance. Careful planning is nowhere as important as it is in incorporating eco-friendly and energy-efficient bathroom elements in your remodelling project. A detailed strategy will help you stay in focus and complete a green bathroom that will save your and the planet’s resources, while ensuring that you finish the remodel on the schedule.  


Timing is everything

The more ideas and design concepts you accumulate beforehand, the more quickly and cost-effectively you can execute and implement them. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing an item you want and not being able to order it from supplier who is out of stock. So, make sure you move fast and purchase the materials and fixtures on time. Even if it’s just a picture of a colour scheme, the shape of a tub or shower, or even an overall feel of the bathroom, save it so you can show it to your designer, North Vancouver Bathroom Contractor, sales person, etc. 

Set up the budget

You need to ensure you have a realistic budget for the project. Professional remodels will start at $20,000 and if you do it yourself, the top cost shouldn’t be above $10,000. Bear in mind that the majority of the budget accounts for labour costs, but even if you decide to DIY, you need to calculate the time you need to spend off your profession. Another big chunk of the budget goes to the actual materials used. 

Consider green fixtures

Today’s market is brimming with green innovations; however, for you to tell the gimmicks from truly energy- and water-efficient products, best stick to proven designs which are constantly improving. Inexpensive and easy to mount, low-flow shower heads can restrict water flow to 5-7 litres per minute, cutting water consumption by 50-70%. Definitely the most cost-effective option long term, a modern hot water system produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric hot water systems, and often has lower usage rates than electric boilers. 


Eco-friendly materials

Although they will compensate their cost through the savings they provide, keep in mind that many green materials are more expensive at the front end than regular ones, and some of them need to be ordered specially. On the other hand, virtually every bathroom item nowadays is available in an eco-friendly, more sustainable version. 


Renewable bamboo

A champion of green choices, bamboo is noteworthy for its fast growth and renewable properties, as well as for its number of uses. It can be used for stunning bathroom-friendly wood flooring which won’t mind an occasional splash, as well as area rugs and bath mats made out of woven bamboo fibres. The versatility of bamboo doesn’t end here, as it’s equally popular for window treatments, blinds and shades, as it is for treated countertops and vessel sinks. 

Lay out the timeline

While you’re shopping for items and ideas, look into the calendar and estimate the best time to complete the renovation. Depending on the scope of remodelling, whether you have all the materials or not, a bathroom remodel can take from a long weekend, to a couple of weeks for complete overhauls with several teams of contractors working at the same time. Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to plan the renovation during a time you’ll be at home and able to oversee the project from beginning to end. 

An eco-friendly bathroom is one that reduces emissions, conserves water and energy and incorporates sustainable and recyclable materials for its fixtures and furnishing. However, it is also the place where the idea of living green is alive, so don’t forget to add actual greenery to your new space. 





North Vancouver Landscaping Company


North Vancouver Landscaping Company

North Vancouver Landscaping Company

 Backyard before.

Backyard before.

 Walkway before.

Walkway before.

North Vancouver Landscaping Company


North Vancouver Shower and Bathroom Renovation


North Vancouver Shower and Bathroom Renovation

North Vancouver Shower and Bathroom Renovation - Heilman Renovations, Parkgate Avenue, North Vancouver

Heilman Renovations recently completed this bathroom renovation consisting of a bathtub-to-shower conversion using Schluter waterproofing and tiling. 

In this video, we show you a brief overview of one of our recent bathroom renovations in North Vancouver. The renovation consisted of a high quality bathtub to shower conversion as well as a complete remodelling of the bathroom walls and sinks. The project went beautifully and the final result speaks for itself! Scroll down to see more!







10 tips for renovating your basement

10 tips for renovating your basement


Basements are often underused and forgotten, even in homes that could use more space. This doesn’t have to be the case. A basement can be easily renovated by a renovation contractor and turned into a functional and useful part of the property. 

It can still remain a storage unit, but with new added functionality and comfort or it can be completely transformed and used as an extra room or a workshop. Most of the time, these renovations can be made in your own spare time and with little to none professional assistance.



Before you can do renovations, it’s important to figure out how the basement will be used. This will determine the scope of work that needs to be done and the type of professional assistance you’ll have to look for. This isn’t just about what room you plan to turn the basement into, but about details such as the layout and the materials you plan to use.

Keep in mind that there are also some components of a basement that need to be preserved even when you’re doing the renovations. For instance, the heater might need to stay where it is and even if you hide it with a wall; you still need to be able to fix it in case something goes wrong.


The biggest problem with using basements for any other purpose is that the ceilings are too low and thus the room is uncomfortable and dark. This is a real issue and it can’t actually be solved as much as improved. The ductwork, wiring, and piping are usually stored in a basement and once they are moved (most likely to the bathroom), there’s more room for higher ceilings.

Even when these remodeling changes are made, the basement can still feel a bit claustrophobic, but this can be remedied with carefully chosen lights. 

Damp floors


Due to their location, basements tend to have damp floors and can sometimes even be moldy and unsanitary. A lot of the time, that’s not acceptable even if you’re using the basement for storage, let alone if you plan to transform it into a useable room.

It’s best to get rid of old floors and install a draining system that will keep the basement clear and well-insulated. Once that’s over with, you can install decorative concrete that will cover up the work you’ve done and give a room a clean new look.

Open concept spaces

Open concept spaces are the best way to go with renovating a basement because the area you can work with is fairly limited and adding a new wall isn’t always a structurally sound option. Open concept spaces allows you to alter the function of your new room whenever you need to or to keep it multifunctional based on the layout design.

If you want to keep the areas of the basement separate without adding walls or curtains, you can accomplish that effect by grouping pieces of furniture together and using different types and colors of carpet to designate the area.

The aesthetics


The basement is usually seen as an addition to your home or as an extra room you’ve just put together. Bare walls and poor lights tend to stick around even if you’ve been using your basement as a workshop for years. 

There’s no reason for this room not to fit in with the aesthetic of your home as well. LED lights aren’t that expensive to buy and install and they could significantly improve the look of the room. The same goes for a fresh paint job or wallpapers. Take the extra step with decorating and it will pay off in terms of comfort and even safety.

A basement can quickly be renovated and turned into a useful additional room in your home. The first things to consider when doing so are safety and comfort, but aesthetics shouldn’t be neglected either.



Backyard Renovations to Take Before Summer Comes


Backyard Renovations to Take Before Summer Comes

Do you want to reap the spoils of summer, but have a weathered and uninvited setting to work with? Do not fret. There are various affordable and simple projects you can take on to revamp your backyard. They allow you to live, have fun, relax, and socialize outside. Just know that you will have to plan ahead and come up with a budget beforehand. So, weigh your options carefully before committing— figure out the best way to freshen up and infuse the space with a new feel. It is time to establish a deeper connection with the great outdoors, before the summer comes in full swing. 

Divide and conquer space

What you see before you could be a rather open and undifferentiated area. To start making a positive change, take a good look at it. Designate distinctive zones, including plant-filled beds, green surfaces, seating area, and space for play. It is best to have both areas where you can unwind and contemplate and those that are designed for gatherings and get-togethers. Bear in mind also that it may be nice to have a big open area to act as the focal point of the backyard. 


Gathering zone facelift

Let us first address the gathering space. A wooden deck or patio is a great stage for various outdoor activities. It expands the indoor living area and adds usable square footage. If you still haven’t got yours installed, call the local professional deck builders for perfect results.

The problem with decks is that they endure quite a beating from the weather.  UV light causes radiation and discoloration, while moisture breeds mildew and stains. To restore the surface, clear it and identify the problem. Examine for any rot signs. Treat the discoloration and apply a finish that is robust and visually pleasing. Make sure the deck complements the style and features of your home. 


A small gateway

Furthermore, note that there are various options for gateway spaces. They are ideally positioned away from gathering areas because they are suppose to be peaceful persona shrines. However, they do not have to be spacious outdoor rooms. You can also go for a quiet corner with a hammock, a small terrace situated under a tree, or a couple of comfy chairs and a table in the shade. Alternatively, add a wing to the branch and design a little hideaway spot for kids to enjoy. Introduce a centerpiece, such as a small fountain, other water feature, or a fire pit for extra flavor. 

The art of landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most cost-effective ways to breathe new life into your backyard. So, focus on areas in between different zones. Create borders with evergreen shrubs and trees. They ensure privacy and also give structure to your outdoor space. You can also implement perennials, annuals, and ornamental grass. Use them to add different layers and pops of lively colors. There are so many plant landscaping options out there, so explore them. Also, feel free to call services like Manna Landscape if you want to professional-looking results.

Incorporating hardscape

Next, ponder adding hardscape. Some texture can work miracles of the appeal and utility of the backyard. Personally, I adore organic solutions like river rock paths or natural stone slab walkways. They meander through greenery and direct traffic around the space.  But, do not hesitate to consider other projects like pavers and bricks. Remember that hardscape also helps in designing kid and pet-friendly areas. Finally, if you have a sloped backyard, you should build a retaining wall. It infuses depth and character, rounding up backyard looks nicely.  

Living the outdoor dream

If you want to give your backyard oasis a nice makeover without blowing the budget, embrace a strategic, well-planned approach. Build a deck to serve as the main gathering and seating area. Have all the comfort of the interior realm outside. Inject character and functionality with some hardscape. Design a green dreamscape for chilling out and bonding with friends and family. Add personal touches and showcase your sense of style. Have fun making it your own natural kingdom. Restore the outdoor sanctuary to former glory and enjoy it like never before. 



The Road towards a Sweet House Remodelling Success  

The Road towards a Sweet House Remodelling Success  

Were you to believe what you saw on Home Crashers and This Old House, you’d think that a home renovation could be done in less than half an hour. While we know this is far from true, these television programmes rely on the fast-shot remodelling style presented by suave hosts that often take every bit of reality from the actual renovation. Home renovation is a complex project with many time-consuming activities that often break through the deadlines and cause all sorts of unexpected problems. That is why it’s important to talk about renovation as a series of small steps that are easy to accomplish.  


Planning phase

Whether you invest in fully-expanded architectural plans or just sketch in your notebook, it’s always cheaper to correct mistakes on paper before the remodel starts taking its shape. At this point, you should determine the funds for your renovation and make a “DIY or pro” list of projects that need to be done. Also, start asking around for contractors and subcontractors for the jobs you’d rather have professional renovators do. 

Large repairs first

It’s important that large projects are tackled early on, since all the following projects somehow depend on them. These ‘capital’ jobs include roof replacement or repair, foundation fixing, water issues, as well as repairing or reinstalling siding and windows. Fixing the foundation will ensure that the house will be able to withstand new additions, while a new roof, siding and windows will protect the remodel from the elements. Apart from the foundation, hire a professional to inspect bearing walls, joists and carrying beams. 


Structural carpentry

This phase should include repairing or retrofitting carpentry elements that support other elements such as drywall, new walls, windows, and doors. If you planned to construct new walls, section off large rooms or enlarge window openings, this is the right time to do it. Adding support beams would be wise if you intend to renovate the attic, since you’ll probably end up with greater weight upstairs. A new addition will need new doorways and windows as well. 

Utility systems and ductwork

While the walls and ceilings are still open, you need to install home utility services such as electrical, plumbing, gas and HVAC. Schedule the HVAC installers to install the ductwork for central heating and air conditioning. You also need to schedule a visit by the electrical and plumbing inspectors to make sure the electrical and plumbing lines and fixtures are installed according to regulations. This is also the perfect time to add fibreglass insulation to the walls and ceiling. 


Adding drywall

After the insulation is laid, a second visit from the electrical and plumbing inspectors will give you the green light to close up the walls. The installers hang sheets of drywall, apply the compound and let it dry. When it dries, they sand it smooth, often repeating the process until they achieve a seamless surface suitable for painting. 


Painting detail-oriented surfaces, such as baseboards, moulding, windows and doors trim and built-in storage elements, needs to be one of the last indoor projects as this job can damage your other works. On the outside, however, you’re ready for a façade makeover, which is better relegated to the professionals. What you can do yourself, though, is grab some durable line marking paint and outline the driveway and parking place lines, sprucing up your home’s curb appeal in an instant. 



It’s still debatable if you should paint the interior before you sand and install the new flooring or the other way round. Laying the floor first means you need to take extra measures to protect the flooring, while painting first means you need to take care the floor sander doesn’t damage your walls. Eventually, the choice of flooring should tell you what to do first. Among the most popular renovators’ choices are laminate, vinyl, solid hardwood tile and engineered wood. 

If you approach your remodelling project methodically where one phase naturally folds into another, it’s less likely you’ll run into unexpected problems and setbacks. Apart from having a feasible renovation plan, it’s important to separate the jobs that can be DIY-ed from those that require professional help. 



4 Tips for a Flooring Renovation

4 Tips for a Flooring Renovation



Home renovation doesn’t need to be a large and overwhelming task that would require a professional contractor and upend your life for a while. In fact, it may be enough to renovate the floors in your home to make the entire property appear newer and fresher. 

The floors are one of the biggest parts of your home and changing them can change the whole look and feel of the place. Have in mind that this isn’t an area where you should go with too bold a change since it’s best for the floors to remain understated and the furniture to shape the aesthetic of the room.

One task at a time

There’s no reason to take on complicated flooring projects all the once. This may be too expensive for an average household and it may require you to stop using a few rooms at once, which can be challenging. Instead, it might be better to divide the tasks based on how urgent they are.

Most of the time, the kitchen and the bathroom have the worst floors because things get spilled and they are high traffic areas in general. It’s best to start with these floors and then move on to those in the living room or the bedroom.


Budgeting for renovating the floors may seem like a rather simple task because it’s usually paid based on the square footage that you need to cover or repair. However, when you get into details, things get a bit more complicated than that.

Once you have a contractor to redo your floors, it might be a good idea to deal with the insulation that can be installed underneath the floors and significantly reduce the cost of heating up the room. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to also replace the pipes and wiring at the same time. All of these additions may also increase the cost.

Choosing the materials

Choosing the proper materials is the most important decision to be made about the flooring. It depends on the room you’re renovating and the aesthetic of the rest of your home. At the same time, the materials can also have a damaging ecological effect which is something to be considered as well. 


In order to make sure that your choice of material doesn’t add to your carbon footprint, you should also make sure that they are bought locally. For instance, a carpet installation company should include both materials and workers from the area.


In the end, lights aren’t usually considered in correlation with the floors, but the two affect one another significantly. First of all, the color and the tone of the floors can be radically changed by both natural and artificial lights. It’s best to find out in advance how the floors will look once they are subjected to the lights you have in your home.


Natural light can also affect the wooden floors in terms of their structure. If they are exposed to direct sunlight, wooden floors can become frailer and easier to break. 


A flloor renovation can have a great effect on your home because it can make it appear more stylish and fresh. Before you get into it, you need to figure out the budget and the materials in order to make the transformation fast and effortless. 



The Biggest Problems You'll Run into During an Old House Renovation

The Biggest Problems You'll Run into During an Old House Renovation



A renovation project can be a super exciting, fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. But, the older the house that’s being renovated, the bigger the risk of something going wrong! However, don’t give up on your remodel just yet. If you keep these biggest problems in mind, you’ll be able to finish your project without creating a disaster!

Burst pipes

If you happen to hit a pipe during your bathroom or kitchen renovation, you can create much more serious problems than just getting your floors wet, especially if there are electrical appliances or tools still plugged in! So, before you start drilling, make sure to get information about your underground utility lines. There are service lines with helpful operators that can help you keep your pipes, gas lines and wires intact.

Outdated wiring

Outdated wiring can be quite annoying, but it can also pose a huge safety hazard. Old homes didn’t have the need for that many electrical appliances and gadgets that draw a lot of power, so you must update your electrical panel. Make sure to contact an experienced electrician for this job and avoid doing any DIY projects, especially if you don’t have any formal education or practical experience with wiring. Your electrician will replace your old knob-and-tube wiring with something modern and safe, and upgrade it to support all your appliances, tools and gadgets.

Harmful asbestos


Asbestos is a huge health concern when it comes to old homes. This effective and cheap fire-retardant mineral was regularly used as thermal and acoustic insulation in homes from the 1940s all the way to 1970s. However, today we know that inhaling tiny asbestos particles can cause various lung diseases and even cancer! So, be careful how you handle your walls and insulation during your renovation. The best way to stay safe is to call asbestos clearance experts who will make sure your home is asbestos-free and safe for you and your family. Once you remove all asbestos, you can undertake any update or renovation project you want without endangering your health.

Weak foundation

old house1.jpg

It’s safe to assume that your old home survived a lot of renovation, updates and little improvement projects. However, these can significantly damage the foundation of your house. Additionally, time and weather itself are not very forgiving either. So, you can expect to come across a few cracks in your walls and floors. And if you want to prevent future water damage and energy loss, repair these issues as soon as possible.

Insufficient ventilation

Old houses usually have very little ventilation which makes them the perfect mold and mildew breeding grounds. So, if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, make sure to check for mold (or ask your remodeler to keep their eyes open). Installing plenty of fans and windows can help prevent future mold issues and make your home more pleasant. If you ask any expert contractor, you need one 100 cfm fan per cooking or bathroom appliance.


Old homes are often housing more than just people and you can come across many creepy and even dangerous creatures during your remodel. Many people got attacked by wasps and grossed out by mice. Venomous spiders, snakes, scorpions, centipedes and bats are also known to crawl out of the walls, from under the deck or hang out in your attic. So, make sure to wear protective clothing and equipment to shield you from bites and have animal control on speed dial, especially if you live in areas that have plenty of these dangerous animals.

So, now that you know what to expect during your old house renovation, you can prepare, find good equipment and have emergency electrician’s, plumber’s and asbestos remover’s numbers at hand. Soon, your old home will look and feel fresh and new!




Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Successfully revamping a bathroom takes a lot of thought, effort, and money. To make it really worth your while, you have to be aware that venturing into a renovation land of endless possibilities unprepared is risky. So, get your priorities straight: distinguish nice-to-haves from must-haves. Come up with a realistic budget and take your time figuring out the layout, fixtures, storage, and other hallmarks of good design. Steer clear of these nightmarish mistakes and witness a picture-perfect personal sanctuary coming alive before your eyes.  


Poor budgeting

Blowing your budget can cause serious headaches and problems. So, work out the total costs of the renovation, including labour, materials, and installation of crucial systems and features. Do not get caught up thinking about individual prices and get the big picture first. Manage your expectations accordingly: adapt your material and feature wish list. If you have any misgivings, an experienced pro will help you make the right decision. 


A shabby layout

Space comes at a premium in most bathrooms. Proper distribution and layout make or break it, especially when you are pressed for square footage. One key aspect is having enough space between fixtures. After all, you must have a free flow of traffic and adhere to building regulations. For instance, there should be ample space to assess the shower or bathtub. To nail it in this department, it is highly advisable to work with an expert renovation contractor

Neglecting the plumbing

In every bathroom, a plumbing system must work like a charm.  Any leaks and malfunctions can take a big chunk of your budget in the long run. So, plan the plumping right off the bat and fully incorporate it into the design. I would advise you to hire professional contractors in order to stay on the safe side. For instance, this plumber has a proven ability to provide both great customer service and quality of workmanship. Wherever you are, do your research and contact a reputable local service. 


Overlooking storage

Storage space is the mainstay of a functional and orderly bathroom. A lack of it leads to mess and clutter overtaking. Therefore, you should never sacrifice storage space for the sake of visual appeal. If you play it right, you will be able to get the best of both worlds without compromises. To make it happen, maximize the vertical dimension with solutions like wall cabinets and shelves. Likewise, keep an eye on built-in, modular, and versatile storage options. 

Blindly following fads and trends

There is nothing wrong with being trendy. This cannot be said about letting buzz-worthy fads dictate your decisions and overshadow space utility. Always prioritize your daily habits and personal sense of style. Let the bathroom reflect and support them: foster harmony and well-being. Also, note that many trends come and go, which is to say your space could quickly fall out of fashion. On the other hand, it is always a safe bet to opt for timeless charm and beauty. 


Unfortunate choice of materials

In a bathroom, all materials work heavy duty. They have to endure an interior climate of high humidity, as well as exposure to special cleaning products. This is to say that some materials are not suited for bathroom use. For instance, pretty artwork or wallpaper might be a nice way to bring life to a wall, but they could fall prey to moisture in no time. Therefore, you have to think about sturdiness, water-resistance, and ease of maintenance. Materials that do not fit the bill are best avoided.


Measure twice and cut once

When giving your personal oasis a makeover, why not aim for perfection? Make sure you have a realistic idea of your space and get crystal clear on what features you want included. Make sure to craft design and layout around your needs and preferences. Pay special attention to the choice of materials and see to it they are fit for tough bathroom life. Enlist the services of trusted local professionals. Remember that you must be comfortable with your choices. So, unleash the inner designer and leave a personal mark instead of mimicking trends. 




Eco-Friendly Renovations Perfect for Every Home

Eco-Friendly Renovations Perfect for Every Home


Renovations can be challenging. They can cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t think outside the box. But, if you have a long-term goal to protect our planet and to cut a family’s yearly water consumption, you are on the right path. 


Humans are a species that pollutes and damages the environment the most, but nothing stops you from being the person who takes small steps for the greater good. Even better, nowadays sustainable homes are a trend that can save you thousands of dollars on energy and water bills. So, what can you do about it?


Minimise water waste

The fact is that we are wasting a lot of clean drinking water, especially in the bathroom. According to research, toilet flushing is the largest indoor use of water. The question is, how to stop this?

Firstly, install a rainwater system. There are so many things that you can do with rainwater - car washing, plant watering, toilet flushing, washing laundry, and if it’s thoroughly purified, you can use it even for drinking. You should consider installing a UV water sterilizer in order to make sure harmful microorganisms that can be found in water are destroyed.


Secondly, replace your toilet with a low-flow model. While an average toilet uses about 9 - 12 litres of water, a half flush one uses less than 6 litres. 

Use the energy of the sun

Did you know that solar panels can give you electricity to last the whole night? Many people are following this trend because solar panels have never been more practical and effective. This small investment can save you a lot of money, and you can save up some power for emergency situations. 


Insulate your home

To build an environmentally friendly home you need high-quality insulation. Your life will be much easier - your house will be cooler during summer, warmer during winter, and your electric bill will be smaller during the whole year. So, ask a remodeler for help, and start building. 

Use natural and LED lighting

Traditional bulbs might be cheap, but LED bulbs require a comparably low amount of power. Plus, they can last for up to 22 years. This is an easy and quick way to do something big, because these bulbs can boost energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint you produce.

Nevertheless, you should turn off the LED bulbs during the day, and use natural lighting instead. You can use mirrors and reflective surfaces in order to direct the light in rooms, but if that doesn’t help, you should consider installing a sun tunnel. It channels the light from the roof and spreads daylight through the room. 

Give your rooms soul by reclaiming furniture

If you have wooden furniture, there’s no need to throw it away. Reclaimed furniture can refresh your room and give it a vintage style. You needn’t worry if you don’t have any nice piece of furniture. You can always buy reclaimed wood that can be used for countertops, flooring, and walls.

This is not only environmentally the best choice, but it’s the best choice for your home. Remember, high-quality furniture never goes out of style.


As you can see, going eco-friendly is a win-win situation for both you and our planet. 

Some things you can do on your own, but for others, you will need the help of a contractor. At the end of the month when the bills arrive, you will see that all this work paid off. So, start thinking outside the box and go eco-friendly.






North Vancouver Laundry Room Renovation


North Vancouver Laundry Room Renovation

North Vancouver Laundry Room Renovation