North Vancouver Deck Builders - Heilman Renovations, Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver


North Vancouver Deck Builders - Heilman Renovations, Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver

North Vancouver Deck Builders - Heilman Renovations, Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver

Heilman Renovations was hired to modify a deck for the installation of a hot tub.



North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations/Chesterfield


North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations/Chesterfield

North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Chesterfield Avenue North Vancouver

Heilman Renovations completed this North Vancouver bathroom renovation with a shower replacement in this master ensuite bathroom including Schluter waterproofing and tiling.



West Vancouver Kitchen Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Ocean Place, West Vancouver


West Vancouver Kitchen Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Ocean Place, West Vancouver

West Vancouver Kitchen Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Ocean Place, West Vancouver

Heilman Renovations was hired to renovate this West Vancouver kitchen in a 1960s home. The kitchen was dated and needed a complete renovation.



North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Roxbury Road North Vancouver


North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Roxbury Road North Vancouver

North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, Roxbury Road, North Vancouver

Heilman Renovations was contracted to complete this North Vancouver bathroom renovation project on this 1960s home in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.



North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, 9th Street, North Vancouver


North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, 9th Street, North Vancouver

North Vancouver Bathroom Renovations - Heilman Renovations, 9th Street, North Vancouver

Heilman Renovations was hired to find a leak in this North Vancouver bathroom. On inspection of the bathroom we found that the plumbing in shower and drains were leaking badly requiring a full bathroom and laundry renovation.



Vancouver Renovations - Heilman Renovations, East Boulevard, Vancouver


Vancouver Renovations - Heilman Renovations, East Boulevard, Vancouver

Vancouver Renovations - Heilman Renovations, East Boulevard, Vancouver

Heilman Renovations was hired to replace the rotten framing and roofing on this Vancouver garage renovation.



Vancouver Deck Builders - Heilman Renovations, Maple Street, Vancouver


Vancouver Deck Builders - Heilman Renovations, Maple Street, Vancouver

Vancouver Deck Builders - Heilman Renovations, Maple Street, Vancouver

Heilman Renovations was hired to install porcelain tiles on this Vancouver rooftop deck.




Awesome House Renovation Ideas You Can Try in Your Home 

Awesome House Renovation Ideas You Can Try in Your Home


If you feel like your home is missing something but you don’t want to move, you might want to invest in a home renovation or two. Here are some of the most beautiful, cost-effective and useful renovation projects you can try in your home with the help of a renovation company

Add a toilet

Many two-story homes have a problem with space which often results in having to go upstairs every time someone needs to use a bathroom. However, you can easily add a small powder room to your first floor. It requires very little space (4 feet by 4 feet is sometimes all you need) and costs little money. You can repurpose your closet, pantry or under-the-stairs cubby and voila! You have yourself a brand new powder room. 

Enlarge your kitchen

Many people state the size of their kitchen as their home’s biggest flaw, especially in the older homes. So, if your kitchen also feels cramped and closed-off, grab a hammer and start taking down some walls. Remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, and you’ll instantly get a feeling of spaciousness. Additionally, you’ll get space to build a kitchen island that will give you extra counter space or space for people to sit and hang out. 


Finish your basement

Today’s homes already have a cool home gym, playroom or wet bar in the basement, but chances are your older home doesn’t offer such a commodity. It’s really a shame because a remodeled basement can offer toddlers a place to play, teenagers a place to hang out with their friends and adults an extra entertainment space. However, in order to even start your renovation, your basement ceiling needs to be at least 7 feet high. Also, if you have any moisture issues, make sure to take care of them before you start bringing in the paint and furniture. 


Convert your garage

Converting the garage can be one of the most cost-effective renovations on this list since it’s a great use of space and money and it usually adds an extra 10% to the value of your home. You can easily turn this unattractive space into a stylish man or woman cave, extra living space or a huge entertainment center for the whole family. Just make sure your garage is well insulated and ventilated, otherwise, it will get very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. 


Remodel your attic

If you need some extra space in your home, but don’t have space to build out, you can look vertical and renovate your attic. This way, you can add precious living space without having to pour new foundations and take away space from your yard. People usually decide to turn their attic into a playroom, media room, extra bedroom or a home office. However, make sure you have a good subfloor and flooring before you start your renovation, since most attics aren’t made to support the weight without some changes. Laminate is often your best attic flooring option since it’s durable and easy to install. It can be tricky to install good subflooring and flooring in your attic, so better call a pro if you’ve never done this before.


Turn your garden shed into a fun zone

If your ugly garden shed is a real eyesore in your backyard and doesn’t even serve any specific purpose, you might want to roll up your sleeves and turn it into a fun zone. Today, remodeling your garden shed into a bar is a very popular option. All you need is a beer tap, a few bar stools, some cool music and lighting and that’s it. Decorate it with a couple of vintage bar signs, install a dart board and you’re ready to start seeing customers. Don’t forget to give your bar a cool name! If you’re not much of a drinker, you can turn your shed into a cozy summerhouse. Give it a fresh coat of paint, furnish it with comfy chairs and pillows and let a lot of sunshine in! It’s a perfect space for an afternoon tea with a great book. 

Add a fire pit

If you need your garden shed for storage, you can try something else to turn your backyard into a real social center of your home—build a fire pit! They look amazing, are useful and provide a neat gathering space for your family and friends. However, before you start digging the foundations, make sure to know the codes in your area. Some governments strictly require the pit to be encircled by sand or gravel. 

Once you’re finished with your project, your home will feel brand new and exciting, and you’ll never want to leave it again. 


North Vancouver Commercial Renovations - Heilman Renovations, 14th Street, North Vancouver


North Vancouver Commercial Renovations - Heilman Renovations, 14th Street, North Vancouver

North Vancouver Commercial Renovations - Heilman Renovations, 14th Street, North Vancouver

Heilman Renovations did a commercial tenant improvement for Home Hardware in their new location on 14th Street in North Vancouver which included interior tenant improvement renovations.





6 Ways to Know Whether to Remodel Your Home or Move

6 Ways to Know Whether to Remodel Your Home or Move


You like your home but miss some essential features. You crave for a new nest but dread the idea of leaving a nice neighborhood. These are only some of the many dilemmas that stand before people, and sitting on the fence doesn’t really help the situation. 

So, should you remodel the place and stay put or maybe embark on a moving adventure? Both are big decisions that could either be a huge success or blow up in your face. Hence, they should be made after careful deliberation, certainly not on a whim. 

Here are some surefire ways to navigate the move-or-remodel quandary and make the right call. 

Assess the financial impact

Biting off more than one can chew is one of the most common mistakes people make. To avoid it, set emotions aside and do the math. Come up with a realistic budget. Calculate the total costs of moving and the total costs of remodeling your home. Note that there are a lot of details to grasp, such as material, labor, transportation, living, and maintenance costs. Naturally, they have a varying impact on your budget, but the most important thing is to figure out whether you can afford it or not. 

Use goals as a guiding light

Furthermore, the ultimate decision depends on your long-term plans and goals. Do you want to settle in for the long haul? In that case, it might make more sense to upgrade your home, provided that it already fulfills most of your wants and needs. As for those who seek to make a hefty profit on selling the property, they can work miracles with improvement projects that add value to it. On the other hand, if you mean to use your present home as a temporary pit-stop, investing money into it is not advisable. 


Evaluate the market

Before taking the plunge, you should do the homework and scope out the market. If the prices are going down in a nice part of town, moving is definitely something to consider. Perhaps a dream home waits for you out there, but you won’t know it until you comb the market. Of course, it’s crucial to figure out where to search. Well, take lessons from people searching for new homes in Sydney. They make good use of online discovery platforms that feature many exciting offers, including some innovative ways of living. 

Emotional sway

Earlier, we advised you to keep emotions at bay, but now it’s time to hear what they have to say. After all, how you feel about the place where you live is a major factor of influence. What is more, you should take into account your relationship with your neighbors and the appeal of the surrounding area. If the emotional ties prevail, then renovating could indeed be a sound course of action. 

pexels-photo-243722 (2).jpeg

Gauging the potential

Speaking of which, the potential for improvement is the next chief factor. A different coat of paint is just the tip of the iceberg, because large-scale remodeling can make a real difference to your living situation. For example, those who need an extra room can achieve this goal by converting an attic or sprucing up the basement instead of moving. There are other ways to shift the layout and add square footage as well. It really helps to first declutter the space and then see where the room for improvement is. If there is little to none, feel free to move out. 

Mind the approach

There are two basic ways to go about remodeling and they impact the time and money needed to finish the project. When committing to the DIY road, you have to figure out whether you can avoid hiring professionals altogether. There are certain things that you can do yourself, yet some aspects like structural soundness and electrical wiring you mustn’t mess up. Therefore, it might be a good idea to find a suitable contractor to handle the key home renovation and improvement projects.

In two minds

The million dollar question that looms over us does not always have an answer that is cut and dried. Yet, you cannot afford to lose sight of it. To steer away from the common pitfalls, test the water before you dive in. There is a matrix of factors that play a role, from finances and lifestyle to the neighborhood and market realities. In any event, weigh the pros and cons of both options. Make adding to your current abode or finding a new home one of the best decision you have ever made. 




Home Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know 


Home Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’re planning to have a home renovation, it can be tempting to start with choosing the appliances and accessories. However, if you want everything to go without any issues, there are more important things you should take care of than your colour palette. Here are some of the things you should know before you start your home renovation. 

Work with a goal in mind

Think about why you’re doing your renovation. Do you want to refresh your living space, do something bold to add style, or do you want to boost the value of your home for sale? The reasons behind your renovation should dictate the direction you will take. If you’re planning to sell, make sure to renovate your interior so that it appeals to a lot of people, but if you’re doing the reno for yourself, make sure you and your family like it, but also think of the future. If you don’t want to renovate every two years, opt for more neutral colours and classic furniture and appliances. 

Know your budget

Before you start any work, figure out your budget and try to stick to it as much as you can. Remember to add at least 20% to your expense calculations for unforeseen situations. Also, don’t forget to add the costs of eating out while your kitchen is being renovated, and costs of taking a hotel for a few nights during the most heated part of your remodel. 


Do your homework

Take your time to talk to your friends and family about your ideas. They most likely have a lot of helpful tips and ideas that can inspire you and they can give you advice on how to survive the stressful period of the renovation. This information can be very valuable during the planning process and can even influence and improve your original ideas. 

Think about the cleanup

During your renovation, there will be a lot of rubbish all over your house and yard. In order to take care of it, better rent a dumpster and place it in your backyard. This way all rubbish can be collected in one spot and easily discarded after your remodel is over. Don’t leave anything to chance. 

Be smart with DIYs

DIY projects are a great way to have a fun time with your family, save some money and create elements that are completely unique. However, take it easy with DIY, especially if you’re a beginner handyperson. Sometimes, if you don’t know what you’re doing, DIYs can end up costing you extra instead of saving you money. Before you start your project, make sure you have all the necessary tools, machines and materials. For instance, if you’ll be doing a lot of cutting and measuring, you might want to invest in a handy automatic saw that will quickly and accurately cut materials and save you a lot of time both now and during your future projects. However, there are things you should leave to pros, like asbestos or lead removal, taking down load-bearing walls, and pipework in the bathroom. 


Find the right contractor

A simple renovation can quickly turn into a huge mess if you don’t have the right contractor. So, start browsing the internet for a company with a lot of experience and happy clients. However, the best way to find the best remodeller for the job is to ask your friends and family for referrals. They will be honest about their experience with certain contractors and you’ll know who to choose. Just in case, get a few referrals, do the interviews, and then decide. 

Think about safety

A construction site is not a safe place for kids and pets. Loud sounds and unfamiliar faces can scare them and power tools, sharp objects and exposed wires and pipes can be seriously dangerous. So, make sure to put up baby gates around the room that’s being under renovation and pay special attention to your loved ones during that time. Also, make sure all your fragile items, money and jewellery are placed in a safe and locked place to prevent damage and theft. 

With proper planning and organisation, your renovation will go smoothly and stress-free, and you’ll get to enjoy your new and improved home for many years to come, or sell it for a good profit. So, start now and by the time spring comes, you’ll be finished and ready to bask in the fruits of your labour. 



A Complete Guide to Renovating a House


A Complete Guide to Renovating a House

If you’re tired of looking at the same old house, you might be thinking about taking on a home renovation project. This is a great thing to do, since it’s going to help you improve the overall look of your home and increase its value if you ever decide to sell. However, chances are this is your first time renovating a house and you could use any help you can get. And that’s why we’ve created a complete guide to renovating a house that’s going to make your renovation project a  piece of cake.

Do a lot of planning

The first thing you have to do when taking on a project like this is come up with a plan how you want your home to look after the renovation. No matter if you draw a sketch on a used napkin or a complete architectural plan, you simply have to know what you want to achieve. The more you plan before you start renovating, the less space there’ll be for mistakes that can later take a lot of money and effort to correct. Once you know exactly what your goals are, it’s time to make sure you have the funding for your renovation project. Moreover, you’ll need to turn to local authorities and apply for any permits necessary for making large adjustments to your property.


Get all the materials and assemble your team

Once you know what exactly you expect from your project, it’s time to get everything you need to bring your new home to life. Most importantly, you’ll need to hire a renovation contractor who’ll get the job done for you. Bear in mind that there are plenty of contractors out there and choosing the right one can take some time and effort as well. It’s always a good idea to turn to a contractor who’s been in charge of plenty of renovations similar to yours. When it comes to materials necessary for getting everything done, your contractor should be able to provide you with a complete list of things they’ll need in order to provide you with the home you want.

Begin with demolition and construction

The first step in the actual process of renovation is demolition. If you’re planning to change the plan of your home, your contractor will have to demolish a wall or an entire part of your home. The most important thing you need to remember is that all services such as electricity and water need to be disconnected when demolishing any existing structures. Once this is done, it’s time to install any electrical and plumbing fixtures your new home is going need. This is when your contractor can start structural brickwork. And after the framing is up, it’s time to install new external doors and windows. If you live in a region where temperatures tend to get pretty low, adding some extra insulation might also be a good idea.

Think about your backyard

Right after all the work within your home is over, you’ll want to think about any changes you want to make in your backyard. This is where most of the modern homeowners decide to install a swimming pool. Adding a swimming pool to your backyard can turn out to be an amazing idea, just make sure you leave enough space around it and choose a quality swimming pool paint. Another great change to consider is installing other water fixtures such as a fountain or a small pond. These little things should help you turn your backyard into an amazing place of tranquility and relaxation. They’ll reduce the noise from the street and replace it with soothing water sounds.


Buy new furniture and appliances

Probably the most exciting part of renovating your home is buying new furniture and appliances. Of course, you can think about which electronics and pieces of furniture you want to keep and which of them you should have replaced. Starting with your bathroom is always a good idea, since that’s the room where you prepare for your day at work. We also recommend choosing your kitchen’s fixtures carefully, since you don’t want to end up with low-quality sink and appliances that’ll start wearing out at a suspiciously fast rate. Another thing you’ll have to do is choose your living room layout. Just bear in mind that you should keep things to scale and leave at least 3 feet of walking space in the main pathway.


Following this guide should help you get through your renovation project as efficiently as possible. Not only this, but you’ll end up with a home you’ve always dreamed of. Of course, even once your renovation project is finished, you should keep thinking about new ways to enhance the looks of your home.



Best Luxury Home Remodeling Ideas for a Classy Home

Best Luxury Home Remodeling Ideas for a Classy Home

Best Luxury Home Remodeling Ideas for a Classy Home.jpg

If you want to treat yourself this holiday season with a trendy home remodel, don’t hesitate, because you deserve only the best. However, sometimes it’s hard to start your home upgrade, especially when you don’t have good ideas that are worth your money and time. Luckily, the Internet is always here to help, so we give you some of the best luxury home remodeling ideas you can try in your classy home.

Bathroom of your dreams

Ask any expert remodeller about luxe renovations that are worth the investment and most of them will advise you to start from the bathroom. If your home has a state-of-the-art bathroom, you don’t need much more of anything to live like royalty. You can start your renovation from the floors, replacing old tiles with natural stone. This will give your bathroom a warm and luxury feeling. You can also give your old furniture a new life with granite or marble vanity tops for a clean and fresh look. 

Luxe kitchen

In the last few years, kitchens have been rapidly getting more and more attention when it comes to super luxury remodels. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so of course, you’re not going to neglect it. Luxury renovations people mostly choose are upgrading the floors to granite or slate and investing in high-tech appliances with smooth lines and sleek surfaces. Stainless steel and chrome hardware is still very popular, especially when combined with dark woods. While you’re redoing your kitchen, make sure to ask your contractor about lighting and rewiring the space for multimedia and new lighting fixtures. Baking is much easier with good lighting and some music from your kitchen speakers. 

Make a luxury addition

While you’re doing your renovations, you might as well treat yourself with a luxury addition that will be your little piece of heaven. Home gyms and media rooms are common additions everyone in the family loves, but you can also invest in something more exotic. Add a yoga studio or a meditation room that will make you Zen out after a long workday, or make a private bar in your basement with bar games and cool music. If you’re a cigar enthusiast, you can make a posh cigar lounge combined with a wine or whiskey tasting room. This will make your home a true luxury retreat of your dreams. 

Make a luxury addition.jpg

Do something good for your health

Health is the biggest luxury, so make sure your home remodel involves something that’s good for your well-being. For instance, you can start with air filtration, especially if you or your family members suffer from allergies. Most people focus on pollen, dander and smoke air purifiers, but you can also invest in a high-quality air purifier for mold with a HEPA filter that will completely protect your home from pollution and let you breathe easily. 

Do something good for your health.jpg

Go green

Today, the pinnacle of luxury isn’t expensive art, cars and pools, but green building materials and technologies. Every luxe modern home has to be eco-friendly and sustainable, especially if you’re preparing your home for sale (young buyers are especially attracted to energy and water efficiency). So give your home a green remodelling in the form of natural floors, Energy Star appliances and LED lighting. Another energy-saving investment you can make is installing double-glazed windows that keep the hot air inside in the winter, and stop the warm air from filling your home in the summer. This means lower utility bills and many other benefits for the environment. 

Go green.jpg

Let 2018 start on a high note with these luxe home remodeling ideas. Don’t hesitate to splurge some money on your house and turn it into a not-so-humble abode you’ll love and cherish for many years to come. 



Bathroom Trends That Will be Huge in 2018


Bathroom Trends That Will be Huge in 2018

Bathroom Trends That Will be Huge in 2018

Bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Bathroom also needs to be functional, above everything else. Respectively, bathroom design should be more about how space works, and less about how it looks. However, small does not have to be cluttered. Functional does not necessarily mean boring. In recent decades, the constant evolution of design and furnishing lead to modern bathrooms, practical yet aesthetically pleasing, ingenious yet calming, personal Zen oasis.

Human creativity is an endless river. Every year it brings something new and stunning in the field of interior design. As we are sailing in into 2018, designers and design lovers around the Globe are buzzing about the upcoming innovations and trends. The hype is real, and we are happy to be a part of it. What will be stylish, fashionable, yet easy to maintain? Let us check out, and hopefully inspire your next bathroom renovation project.


Nature Will Speak


2017 was marked by the return of organic and natural on the interior design scene, and these two will follow us through 2018 looking better than ever. Materials like brick, stone, and bamboo will find more uses in the bathroom. However, wood (especially bleached one) is the winner of the popularity contest.


It is well known by now that introduction of wood gives a touch of elegance to any room, while creating cosy, warm, welcoming atmosphere - an ideal one for home-spas. And the best thing about it is the fact that possibilities are endless. In 2018 wood will be present not only as a decorative element but also as a shower floor coverage or even as a material for a bathtub.

Combined with colours and seamless lines, natural materials will bring a more classic style to modern bathrooms by harmonising the opposites. This dynamic atmosphere evokes well-balanced, elegant sensation. Just imagine the effortless beauty of white basin combined with a hardwood floor, for instance.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The old connection between clay and water was recently rediscovered by designers. One wonderful example of this are water-dispensing products, gorgeous hybrids of a shelf and a tap made of clay. Furthermore, we can expect to see more attempts to bring outdoor in through plants, flowers, and even grass.



Dark and Light Will Dance

Image 10.jpg

Monochromatic palette is always classy. It simultaneously brings simplicity and playfulness to the table. Trust us, you will never regret choosing the combination of dark and neutral scheme for your bathroom.

The “it’’ colours of the season will be grey and beige. This is not such a big surprise since they work wonderfully in a rich variety of shades and hues.

Residing somewhere between light and dark, grey can be moody, intense, serene… actually, it can be anything you want. Bright, high shine surfaces and tiles are out, passing the torch to matte, nude and neutral ones. If used properly, they are a perfect match for darker greys since they bring divergence to an overall image. Pastel tonalities of blue and green will stay on the list of trendy tones for some more time too.


When it comes to plasticity and utilisation possibilities, we will be bold enough to say that beige is a warm version of grey. The rumour has it that 2018 will slowly but certainly bring warmer colour combos on the scene. So together with the beige base, we can expect red, yellow and brown to sprout out in bathrooms all over the world. 


Marble and Brass Will Merge


ince 2018 is all about bringing outdoors in, natural stones will be present in bathroom design for sure. Marble is the most beloved one by homeowners since it is timeless, it adds value to a home, and it is so damn beautiful. While natural marble can be costly, it is now possible to create the same effect with large format marble tiles. You don't even have to tile the entire bathroom - an area behind shower will be more than enough to add a dash of style and luxury. Possible applications of marble are numerous, so besides cladding, you could use it for flooring, as an item for add-ons and bathroom fittings (like for example marble washbasin), etc.


Speaking of style and luxury, brass has a serious tendency to become in vogue metal for bathroom decor in 2018. So, brace yourself, brass is coming back! If you prefer to keep it classy though, opt for a chrome or satin as a posh yet safe solution. However, at least think about giving the brass a chance. Mix it with the nobility of the marble, and you will most certainly end up with one mesmerising composition. Marble, brass and everything nice.

BeFunky Collage.jpg


Technology Will Help

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that the progress of technology did not neglect bathrooms. Innovations like mirrors with LED lighting, valve with temperature or a motion detector, towel dryers, touch screens with mirrors, etc. are being included in bathroom remodelling projects more often. Additionally, times when running water interfered with the shower temperature are finally gone. The latest new wave showers are digitally controlled, simple to install, well-designed and easy to clean - a fusion of style and functionality at its finest.


Interior design world is prospering every day, and it is thrilling to think what the future will bring. What a time to be alive!













How are Millennials Changing Kitchen Design Trends


How are Millennials Changing Kitchen Design Trends

How are Millennials Changing Kitchen Design Trends


Millennials are all grown up, and they consider that owning a home is an inevitable part of living the dream. More than one-third of all homebuyers nowadays are 35 or younger, as reported in the recent study by the National Associations of Realtors. Plus, many Millennials are highly educated with an impressive earning potential. It is not hard to conclude that they are holding a significant part of buying power in real estate market nowadays and as such, drastically shaping how homes should be designed and built.

Concerning kitchen design precisely, Millennials are going into remodelling with an attitude that their kitchen should end up looking as perfect as possible. This is not surprising since we are now living in a research-driven culture. An average Millennial will check out multiple websites before buying shoes, so you can imagine how extensive process of renovating a kitchen can be.

We have collected some of the trends popping up among this young generation of homeowners from the Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Trends Study and National Kitchen and Bath Association survey. Feel free to sneak peek into a Millennial Kitchens, and see what’s hot, and what’s totally not.


Personal, Practical, Spacious


Personalization is a very in vogue concept these days, and kitchen interiors are not an exception. The mentioned trend has a lot to do with Millennials and their uncontrolled urge to express unique identities. They need their living space to say a lot about who they are. Complete customization is the best way to go here, and an average Millennial will choose it whenever the budget allows something like that.

paul-369639 (1).jpg

Millennials tend to promote minimalism and pragmatism in a larger manner compare to previous generations. They favour the useful over the fancy, which leads us to cleaner, more open kitchen spaces. Furthermore, Millennials are sort of enjoyment-oriented when choosing a design for their homes. Larger, entertain-friendly kitchens are becoming more and more attractive to these young generations of homeowners. Millennials are fond of “fluid” living spaces, rooms that can change and grow if need be. A kitchen should serve as a multi-purpose area and welcome entertainment, social interactions, as well as function as a home office if necessary.

Featured image.jpg

In this elegant, open kitchen spaces, hardware and cabinets are of a great significance. Millennials want their dishes and appliances to be easy to organise, store and find. Common sense becomes the preference over trendy, inefficient designs. Millennials respect quality and smart design above everything else. They are very well aware that yes, you can have both - stylish and functional.


This is actually correct since cabinets can now look gorgeous, and yet be manufactured with different pull-out features that enable us transparency and better organisation. Pantry cabinets and kitchen islands are almost a must in a Millennial’s kitchen, considering they appreciate that extra space like crazy.


Neutrals, Lights and Quartz


When it comes to colour, style and materials, Millennials are mostly playing it safe. Namely, they are not keen for another big remodelling project in a few years, so they are focused on longevity above all. Gray was the most favoured wall colour across all generations, but it was above all preferred amongst Millennial homeowners. White is often picked for backsplashes, so more comfortable and informal look is being given to kitchens and dining spaces. Although Millennials gravitate towards that Nordic feel of greys and whites, they do not hesitate to spark things up with accents of bold colours for example. We have all heard about Millennial pink, right?


Seems like the look, feel and durability are the driving factors for choosing a countertop material, leaving the cost as an aspect slightly on the side. Quartz is supreme by most of the Millennials due to its multi-faceted beauty, longevity and low-maintenance.


Together with open spaces, strong lights are very trendy at the moment. Younger Millennial renovators are embracing decorative pendant lighting, while older ones opt for more functional under- or in-cabinet lights.  



Smart is the New Sexy


Millennials lust that their home supports their tech-driven lifestyle. They are generally willing to spend extra cash on internet-connected systems that can be controlled by mobile devices. Smart appliances, a shelf that pulls down from beneath kitchen cabinets to hold a tablet computer and quality charging stations for mobile devices, and are features ranking high on a Millennial’s kitchen design wishlist.  


This generation also cares about the environment and doing the right thing. Their consumer choices are highly motivated by a desire to protect their health as well as the planet. So, they look for low-VOC paints, energy efficient appliances, reclaimed wood, and recycled materials. When shopping, they lean towards brands that are actively committed to the environment.


With Pinterest and Instagram playing such a big part in many Millennial's lives, there is a constant stream of design inspiration passing before their eyes. There is a huge focus on the aesthetic appeal of a home and kitchen design needs to align with this. Millennial home improvers do value internet searches and information from friends and family members more than other age groups. Customer reviews online are very important to Millennials when selecting kitchen products compared to other age brackets. So, pay extra attention to this one if you are a contractor or a designer. 



Tastes and preferences are varying amongst Millennials, but it is quite clear that they prefer a transitional, personalised design over the super-modern look. Comfort, style and functionality are key elements for this generation, but they are never afraid to be a bit edgy. Millennials are on fire, ready to change the design world, and they are bringing some breath of fresh air, all right!



Make the Most of a Small Bathroom


Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

In one-on-one conversations with our clients, we often hear them complaining about the size of their bathrooms. Well, who wouldn’t want a custom-built luxurious bath with lots of natural light, space and storage? But let’s face it, that is rarely the case. Tearing down the walls to gain more room is often off limits, and all that’s left is to work with what you have. But just because your bathroom lacks in square footage, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on its function and style. In this article, we will show you how to transform your tiny bath into a compact, stylish retreat.

Paint It Light

White reflects light, and like in any other room, it makes the bathroom feel larger. But white is not the only colour you can use to open up the space. By using tone-on-tone neutrals, you can achieve the same effect while still having a colour to play with. If your tiles are painted in some bolder shade and changing them is not an option, you can always choose to paint over them or simply leave them be and use light colours in the rest of the room. But keep in mind that, even if you go monochrome, the dark tones will still make the space appear smaller.

Go Big With Tiles

If you are planning to renovate your small bathroom in the near future, don’t let the subway tiles trend carry you in the wrong direction. They certainly look smashing, but small tiles mean more grout lines which visually break up the space, and the last thing you need in a small bathroom is the busy walls. Instead, choose large tiles and use them all across the room. This way you will evoke a feel of airiness and never-ending space. However, if you decide not to use the same shade throughout the room, keep in mind that the floor, not just walls, should be done in a light colour or at least be covered with a light-coloured rug.

bathroom tiles

Play With Light

People often shy away from having windows in their bathroom, but if you think deeper about it, it truly makes no sense. The privacy is number one priority, but windows don’t have to compromise it at all. If coupled together, frosted glass and sheer curtains will keep you safe from any wandering eyes, and you will still be able to enjoy all advantages of having natural light in your bathroom. And we all know that nothing can beat windows when it comes to opening up the space.

If you don’t have (or can’t get) access to natural light, turn to artificial lighting to add interest to the room. Recessed lighting doesn’t occupy any space and wall sconces will provide you with an extra warmth.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A large mirror above the sink reflects all the light from the bathroom, providing extra depth to the narrow room. If your bathroom can’t handle one large mirror, create a vignette of smaller ones and use it as a focal point.

bathroom mirror

Take Advantage of Vanity Design

The biggest disadvantage of a small bathroom is the lack of storage. Vanity takes up so much precious space, but you don’t have to give up on it just yet. A small piece mounted on the wall will help you hide the clutter while leaving a free space on the floor. You can use this area to store toiletries in pretty looking baskets, or just leave it unused to visually max the room.

Small spaces and sharp corners don’t get along well for the obvious reasons. If the corners of a vanity get in your way, consider switching to round ones. They will look gorgeous in any bathroom, and you will finally be free from bruised hips!

small bathroom

Smart Shelving

Open shelves are such workhorses! Not only are they trendy and look beautiful when decorated with style, but they can be extremely handy too. They lead the eye from wall to wall and force you to cut back on all unnecessary clutter. For maximum effect, opt for glass shelves as they will make the walls seem less busy.


The most important thing you should take away from this read is - use serene colours, go as light as you can in both terms of colour and clutter, maximize on the light and by all means don’t try to squeeze in everything you can in a small bathroom. In a limited space, less is more, and it always will be.


Hottest Home Renovation Trends for 2018


Hottest Home Renovation Trends for 2018

Hottest Home Renovation Trends for 2018

Holidays are a perfect time for pondering about the year behind us, but also for making big decisions that will turn our lives for the better in the following months. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to renovate your home, stay with us as we go through Heilman Renovation’s predictions about what is going to be huge in a home renovation industry in 2018.

Living Room

hottest living room trends for 2018

Gone are the days of all white interiors and minimal colour schemes. Rich and vibrant tones are making a comeback in a beautiful way, giving our homes more refined look. Our need for connection with the great outdoors will be manifested in earthy shades and dark woods that will be present all over our living spaces, shifting away from the pale woods of classic Scandinavian design.

Millennial pink refuses to go, but it won’t be able to keep its current glory for long. If you enjoy the pink craze that has been going on for some time now, but you don’t want your living room to look dated in a short time, it would be wise to choose it for textiles, accessories or as a paint colour.

Floral prints will remain a popular option to play with, featured on textiles, artwork, tiles and wallpapers.

Kitchen and Dining

Rich colours will take over kitchens too, giving them warmth and a personal touch, while at the same time concealing stains and traces of ageing and usage.

Stainless steel is going to be pushed aside by materials such as granite, stone, copper and concrete, and backsplashes will turn wallpaper-like.

Vintage pendant lighting fixtures are not associated only with industrial style anymore. They grew to become a standard in all types of kitchens and dining rooms. You can choose to hang them above the isle or/and the dining table to nail the mismatched look set by the chairs.

dining room trends for 2018


Spa baths are losing the battle against walk-in showers as millennials find them more fitted for relaxing. Built-in shower equipped with rain head shower, hand shower and side jets will be high in demand in the seasons to come.

Thanks to its exquisite look and ability to elevate the entire bathroom to the next level of luxury, freestanding baths in black and navy are also very in and are forecasted to grow in popularity even further.

When it comes to sinks, two options leave the rest in the shadow - trough and bucket sinks. Trough sinks are a perfect solution for having double faucets in a limited space, and they are both a breeze to keep clean.

Same as in kitchens, brass and matte black tapware will be in the spotlight, but don’t shy away from silver metallics either as some design authorities predict their return in 2018.

Rich cashmere-like beige will creep in to become THE colour of the bathroom tiles, which will take the turn from subway style to grid, almost graphic appeal with a retro twist.


bedroom trends for 2018

Unfortunately, the bedroom will keep the throne as the most often mistreated room in the house. Don’t let this happen to you, as the benefits of having a well-designed bedroom can be enormous.

Minimalism and escapism are the words that best describe modern bedroom in 2018. Soothing colours, romantic features, such as four-poster beds and canopies, and unique nightstands (or objects serving their purpose) are shining in their full glory from design magazines and fairs.

Dimmable hanging pendants are loved by both readers and people looking to create a relaxing mood before they fall asleep, and the sentiment has grown so big that many of them are ready to ditch their table lamps in their favour.

Kids’ Rooms

IKEA furniture dominates kids’ rooms as the most affordable, yet very flexible solution to ever-changing needs of young children. However, kids’ interiors are getting a fresh coat of paint. Literally. Deep, muted colours, such as midnight blue, charcoal black and forest green are popping up everywhere, proving that low volume dark interiors don’t have to be off the table when choosing paint for little one’s room. Mustard yellow and millennial pink are also very much in vogue and experimenting with different geometry shapes, and two-tone walls have never been more in demand. Consider your kid’s room as a playground for both you and your child and let the imagination loose while making decisions about the direction of the project.

You can always count on us to help you turn your wishes into reality.




5 Tips for Living Room Remodelling

5 Tips for Living Room Remodelling

5 Tips for Living Room Remodelling.jpg


Living room renovations are something that homeowners are either reluctant to do or very excited to dive into. It can be a tiresome project that takes up a lot of your free time and hinders your everyday tasks, but it can also be an exciting opportunity to reinvent your home.

The best thing to do is have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with the project and give your best to turn that vision into a precise plan. If you have such a plan, you’ll be able to keep the work under control and upgrade your living room step by step.

Make a list of things you don’t like.jpg

Make a list of things you don’t like

The common way to deal with a house remodelling is to remove all the things you don’t like about your home, and then go from there to work with what’s left. Once you’ve removed all the faulty or unnecessary items, the space usually opens up and you have a lot to work with.

Your remodelling plan should be organized into steps according to their complexity. The things that are the hardest to change should come first. That way, you won’t lose money and energy on dealing with the small stuff.

Estimate the cost.jpg

Estimate the cost

It often happens that the remodelling project is well underway when you realize that you will have to cut the expenses and settle for something smaller than what you’ve initially wanted. This isn’t pleasant, and it can leave your living room in the worst shape than it was even before the remodelling.

This is why you need to talk to a contractor and a few suppliers before starting any work. That way, you can estimate the cost of the project and decide on the best offer available or separate the project into phases if there’s no way to lower the cost.

The space.png

The space

When you’re remodelling your house, the biggest issue is usually the space that the room provides. That’s what you have to work with and that can’t really be changed without a serious construction work. If you have a spacious area, one of the options would be to divide it using bi-fold doors. Making the room bigger is a bit more challenging because you need to tear down walls.

There are ways to make the room appear bigger and brighter without doing too much work and that’s mostly done by choosing the right lighting and appropriate shade of furniture.



This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective remodelling tips and it usually gets forgotten. Adding some greenery to your living room can change it dramatically, either making it more elegant and stylish or more friendly and open, depending on the plant. 

You also need to think about the environmental aspects of this decision because you want to use plants that are locally grown and that can prosper in your room without adding to your carbon footprint. It should also be a plant that doesn’t require a lot of attention and is easy to maintain.



Regardless of the design you choose, the room should still include some artwork that reflects your taste and style you want to create. Achieving the balance between the two is what will make the space come to life. You want the artwork to fit together with the room design as a whole, and to accentuate your preferred style.

 It’s also perfectly fine to mix and match different styles, as well as the art pieces from famous and less famous authors. The eclectic style makes the living space feel more cosy and personal.

Remodelling a living room means that you get to reinvent your home and make it fresh and interesting again. It should be planned carefully and with a clear vision. So, take these tips into consideration, and enjoy your remodelling project. 



How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget

How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Tight Budget


If you’re tired of your old kitchen, but your budget doesn’t allow you to invest a lot of money in new cabinets, tiles and shiny appliances, don’t worry. Today, you can make a total kitchen remodel for only a fraction of the cost if you employ these easy and smart interior design tricks. This guide will definitely help you remodel your kitchen and you’ll still have enough money left for a nice vacation during the holidays. 

Skip the custom-made furniture

Skip the custom-made furniture.jpg

Yes, custom furniture always looks better, but is the sky-high cost really worth it? All cabinet manufacturers offer a variety of different styles, colors and finishes nowadays. You might not be able to find cabinets that fit your kitchen perfectly, but you’ll save up enough money to get matching filler pieces to hide all gaps and make everything fit like a glove. 

Give your old cabinets a fresh look

Give your old cabinets a fresh look.jpg

New kitchen cabinets are probably the biggest renovation expense, so if your existing cabinets are in decent shape, keep them instead of going shopping. You can easily give them a fresh look with a splash of bright white paint. White will do wonders for outdated cabinets and make them look more contemporary. For a finishing touch, get new hardware for your cabinets and drawers. These are super cheap but make a world of difference. 

Let there be light

Let there be light.jpg

You can’t even imagine what kind of difference something as small as lighting can make in your kitchen. Lighting is an important part of every room, but kitchens seem to benefit the most from a little lighting upgrade. You can invest in some stylish hanging pendants over your food prep areas that will provide you with ample general and task lighting. They come in many different and interesting styles, and they can cost as little as $50. You can also add under-cabinet lighting that will not break your bank but will make a big difference. Also, pay attention to your kitchen window treatment. Replace your outdated curtains with something light and airy that will let in as much natural light as possible. An interesting window treatment is also a good and cheap way to add some color to your kitchen. 

Keep the current sink location

Keep the current sink location.jpg

If you can, try to keep your sinks and appliances at their existing locations. If you can use the same piping, electrical wiring, gas lines and hood-vent lines, you’ll be able to save a lot of money for other kitchen renovations. Experts say that every time you move your sink or dishwasher it costs you about $5,000, so keeping your existing layout is a smart idea. If you don’t want to move your sink to a different location, but still want to give it a little update, you can consider replacing your faucet. There are amazing options you can choose from for just a little over $100. It will instantly give your whole sink a new look. 

Be smart with floors

Be smart with floors.jpg

If your old floors have seen better days, it’s time to give them a makeover or retire them completely. If you currently have wooden floors in your kitchen, you can simply refinish them for a new and fresh look. Even if you’re knocking down walls, you can still keep your existing floors by adding boards where the wall was and re-sanding the whole surface. However, if you’re aiming to replace your old vinyl or tile floors, you can take cost-effective flooring options into consideration. For instance, sealed cork is quite inexpensive and very easy on the eyes and feet. If you’re not planning to refinish or replace your floors, you can simply give them a new life with rugs. Interesting round rugs placed before your workstation will add both charm and comfort to your kitchen. 

Go for simplicity

Go for simplicity.jpg

When it comes to cabinets, it’s always wiser to opt for classic shaker doors that are elegant and timeless, and much cheaper than the ones with intricate molding. This look will never go out of style and will spare you many future investments. 

These inexpensive changes will give your kitchen a whole new feel while also being very budget-friendly. If you get really smart, you’ll save enough money to remodel your bedroom too! 


Interior Remodeling: Learn to Balance Your Renovation Budget Like a Pro


Interior Remodeling: Learn to Balance Your Renovation Budget Like a Pro

Interior Remodeling: Learn to Balance Your Renovation Budget Like a Pro


Almost every household has a part that could use a major revamp. On the other hand, financing a renovation might look like an invasion on one’s savings. So, one often tends to procrastinate the project until water drops from a leaking ceiling woke one up few mornings in a row.

Jokes aside, remodelling is always going to affect your budget - no one can deny that. However, knowing how to manage finances like a pro will play a huge part. The balance is everything: if you splurge here, you need to save there.

While creating a renovation spending plan is a very personal endeavour, getting a big picture perspective from contractors can certainly help. Here’s what experts have to say on when it is better to keep your hands in pockets and when you should feel free to treat yourself.



Let’s Cover Kitchen  

Image 1.jpg



The appliances you choose for your household have an enormous job, and the cost of operating them is significant. We are not exaggerating when we say that they are the most important features in your kitchen. In order to save some bucks in the long run, it is crucial to invest in quality, energy-saving devices whenever your budget allows. However, if you need to balance your finances, an excellent solution is to prioritise energy efficiency in appliances that are on all day long (fridges, for example).

Image 2.jpeg

High-caliber drawer and hinge hardware are also worth the extra cash, especially if they carry a lifetime warranty (some hardware brands do). After all, they should stand up to use and abuse on a daily basis. Plus, if hardware looks cheap or dated, the entire place can get a similar vibe. When acquiring for a drawer hardware, aim for the greatest load capacity you can afford. Mark our words - you will thank yourself later.

Image 3.jpg

Furthermore, countertops should be made of quality material that is easy to clean, carries a good warranty, and is water, heat and stain resistant. Oh, and they deserve to be gorgeous since they are highly visible. Nothing beats a quality stone countertop, so engineered stone and natural granite are quite satisfying options.



Kitchen cabinet handles do not have to carry a big price tag in favour of looking stylish and being of a decent quality. Also, stainless steel is not necessary, unless corrosion is an issue in your area. Zinc aluminium alloy is a much more cost-effective material and can be finished in various ways. Custom cabinets are a perfect choice if you can afford them, but there is no logical reason to go crazy here. They consume more than 75% of your kitchen space, and that is, ladies and gentlemen, saving potential too high to be ignored.

Image 4.jpg

There is no need for blowing your cash stash on the fronts of new kitchen cabinets either. The most important thing with the cabinets is to ensure that both, cabinet internals and doors are hard-wearing and will defy the marching years. You can later change the cupboard door fronts whenever you desire and can afford it.

Similar, quality and classy tiles can be found on a budget. If you want to add up some luxury, you can use expensive ones in a small area.



What About Bathroom?

Image 5.jpg



Do not tighten your belt on bathroom cabinets. On a scale of good, better and the best, choose better option at least. You will be opening those drawers and doors all right, and if they are made of low-cost particle board, they will not last in wet surroundings.

Image 6.jpg

Once again, countertops can truly make a statement. But these surfaces can genuinely cost you much. So decide whether this will be a focal point of your bathroom. If the answer is yes, splurge on the material here.

Heated floors are becoming more and more popular, and they are a smart solution for a bathroom that has no other heat source. The chances are that you will not regret investing in in-floor heating system.

Image 7.jpg

Now, ventilation might not be a fancy topic, but it definitely is a necessary one. Namely, when poorly done it has a domino effect. It can cause pervasive mould or mildew all over the place. Today's ventilation fans are quiet, powerful, and efficient. There are quality options out there, and it is essential that you install one. That way you can keep calm knowing that you have made an excellent decision.



Yes, the floor in your bathroom must stand up to water and humidity, while being low-maintenance and slip resistant. Yes, your bathroom flooring is exposed to water daily, and over time it can cause mould and long-term damage. And yes, you could go with expensive bathroom flooring styles and materials. However, this is often not recommended for ROI related reasons. In the majority of cases, porcelain or ceramic tiles in a standard layout are the best bet. These materials are economical, practical and they will not be damaged by water if it comes to a leak.

Image 8.jpg

Like with kitchen, it is possible to achieve a fun, eye-catching tile design in your bathroom on at a bargain price. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are decent competitors to their pricier alternates, like marble or limestone. It is similar with vanities and tubs too. You can find affordable yet chic models nowadays. When you are not in a situation to splurge - acrylic and fibreglass ones will serve you well.

Image 9.jpg

Changing plumbing lines can cost you a lot. When planning renovation project, shape the new design around the area where plumbing lines already are. This is a cost-effective approach since you will not have to devalue your bathroom.


Living Room and Bedroom, Anyone?



Image 10.jpg

One word, four letters - sofa. A sofa is a workhorse of your living room. Quality often does not come cheap with this and the chances are that you will have to give more money on a good couch. Otherwise, prepare for replacing it in a few years. Fabulous sofa is fantastic, but what lies inside matters the most. Search for the one with quality fabric and foam that holds its shape.

Image 11.jpg

Equivalently, a bed is the first thing you see when walking into a bedroom, and the bedding you choose sets the pace for the entire space. So, these two are worth splurging on if they will suit your style and be of a high-calibre. While we are here, let us not forget mattress. Out of all the pieces in your home, this one is probably the most splurge-worthy. After all, mattress plays a significant role in your physical comfort, sleep quality and therefore your health and well-being.

Image 12.jpg

Unlike small ones, large area rugs need to be of a good quality, and that usually means a bit of a splurge. Cheap rugs tend to decay quickly and they definitely do not feel good on bare feet.

Wall paint is relatively inexpensive to begin with, so do not try to save additionally here while sacrificing quality. Shortsighted thinking is not a good attitude when purchasing paint for your home, no matter what the project is. High-quality paint provides a smoother, more-uniform look and it can end up lasting twice as long as a cheap one.

Image 13.jpg

Finally, you might want to consider a good set of custom window treatments, to ensure the best fit for your space.

Image 14.jpg



Trends come and go, but knocked out wallet will take a long time to heal. If you desire to have the an in vogue piece in a living room, buy it on Black Friday. There is no need to go into spending frenzy here. Splurge on classics, but save on trends.

Image 16.jpg

Sure thing, you do need comfortable, supportive and chic pillows. What you do not need is to waste a fortune on them. Plus, this way you can easily switch them out from time to time and give your room a fresh, modern look.

When shopping for furnishings that are meant to be decorative or that will be used lightly, feel free to choose less expensive items. Rest easy, table destined to be jazzy, or eventually hold a magazine and a cup of coffee will not come apart pretty soon.

Image 17.jpg

Luckily, modernistic lamp or ceiling fixture that adds a wow factor to space is not hard to found at a discount price too. Bear this in mind when searching for them.

Image 18.jpg

In the end, whatever you do - never ever save on contractors. Hiring cheap ones can actually be a mistake you will pay off for many years to come. If you have found your perfect remodelling company, breaking the budget is totally reasonable. They are about to build some of your dreams, so you might as well pay them in the same manner.