10 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom renovations can drastically increase the value of your home. Take a look at these 10 bathroom renovation tips that can help you create a stylish design that complements your home.

Renovating and upgrading a bathroom can be a challenge to get right, but with the proper planning the process can go smoothly. Below are some important tips that should be considered when renovating a bathroom.

1. Forge a Complete Bathroom Renovation Plan

Before work begins on the renovation of a bathroom, it is important to have a solid plan before starting. This means making a wish list of different features that would work well, as well as the most important things that need to be changed. Having exactly what you want in mind makes it easier for subcontractors to visualize what you are looking for and there is less chance of costly mistakes.

2. Create a Bathroom Renovation Budget

It is always a good idea to know how much fixing up the bathroom is going to cost. There should be a carefully planned out budget, which highlights the price of the materials, labor and other costs associated with this renovation project.

3. Hire a Professional Bathroom Renovation Specialist

It is a good idea to get someone who has a lot of experience in upgrading bathrooms. Always get references or look at a portfolio of work for anyone that will be paid to take on this project. High quality bathroom renovations do not need to be costs if you chose a knowledgeable specialist like Heilman Renovations in North Vancouver.

4. Choose Fixtures That Fit the Bathroom

Money can be saved by choosing lower cost items for larger purchases, such as tiles, as long as they are accented by higher priced items. Ensure that all of the fixtures complement each other, so that there is not one element of your bathroom which looks out of place. Choose fixtures that are reasonable for the size of the bathroom, and leave adequate space for storage. 

5. Remodel using Mirrors

A stylish mirror can make or break a bathroom renovation. It is a common focal point and draws the eye. It can make a smaller bathroom seem larger, and a dark bathroom brighter. Don’t think of your mirror as a last minute option, it should complement the rest of the bathroom perfectly.

6. Get Flooring That is Durable

When doing the bathroom go for flooring that is durable and water resistant. Scrimping on the flooring will necessitate an expensive remodel again in the future when it fails, and the cost of a slow leak from a crack or gap can be huge. Good options are marble, ceramic, water sealed hardwood floors and stone, and ensure the finishing is top notch. Heating coils can be placed in the subfloor and that can allow for warmer flooring in colder times.

7. Update the Lighting

New lighting can add a touch of class to any bathroom, especially ones that work with the general design and look. A bathroom’s mood can be changed significantly with the right lighting – it can be functional, minimalist, warm, or calming. It can add to a traditional bathroom remodel, or be an important part of a modern bathroom aesthetic.

8. Renovate the Facilities

If you are updating your toilet, know that a modern style no longer needs to come at a price hike. Middle-of-the-range toilets offer just as elegant a finish as a designer toilet, so you can save on cost if you’re willing to sacrifice a designer label. Don’t go too far down the aisle though – the cheapest toilets on the market are not built to last.

9. Upgrade the Shower

Having a nice shower is what every remodeled bathroom should have. Go with something that looks luxurious and will be a joy to have a shower in. A shower enclosure is not always necessary if you have a small bathroom, and a simple upgrade to the shower head can give your shower a new look. 

10. Don’t Go Overboard with your Remodel

It feels good to have something brand new bathroom that looks amazing, but sometimes less is more. The budget and plan should be adhered to or things can quickly get out of control, and it is better to have a few items that complement your space well rather than a tightly packed bathroom.