Top 5 Benefits Of Renovating Your Kitchen

Regardless of whether you're updating that old kitchen to enjoy it now, or if you're planning to renovate and sell, investing in a kitchen remodel is a wise investment. Here are the top 5 Benefits of renovating your kitchen.

Improve The Resale Value Of Your Home

One of the highest returns on investment in comparison to other home renovation projects is kitchen updates. These can give you an 80% return on your investment. If you spend $20,000 on your kitchen renovation, you can anticipate increasing the value of your home by approximately $16,700. The kitchen is one of the areas that potential home buyers look at when they're considering buying a home. An updated kitchen will attract more potential buyers.

Improve The Functionality Of The Kitchen

Well planned out kitchen renovations make the kitchen more functional for you and your family. Adding in more cabinets, and extending the cabinets up to the ceiling can all add in much-needed storage space. One way to open up space is to knock out a wall between the kitchen and dining area to make way for a large kitchen island. This island can make additional space for you to cook, dine and store items that you're not using. Such items as a built-in wine rack, a Lazy Susan and even pull out trash cans are all unique features that can go far to help improve how your kitchen functions.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Kitchen renovations are an excellent time to replace older appliances. Choose new energy-efficient appliances when updating. Energy efficient appliances will have the Energy Star logo on them. This logo ensures that the appliance meets or exceeds strict energy efficiency standards. Eco-friendly kitchens will save energy and give a new and updated look to the kitchen. They will also help to reduce the amount of money that is spent on the utility bill and reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. This makes it a win-win situation.

Fresh And Updated Look

If you're weary of looking at that avocado-colored kitchen or the circa 80s style cabinetry, it's time to update and give your kitchen a fresh and updated look. A kitchen renovation can entirely change the look of the kitchen. Whether you reface the kitchen cabinets or you invest in new cabinets, you'll love the design team at Heilman Renovations. From countertops to flooring to their color suggestions you'll love the new and updated look of your new kitchen.

Increased Comfort And Safety

A kitchen renovation can also improve the comfort and the safety of your kitchen. This is the time to improve the ventilation which will, in turn, improve the condensation and reduce odors when cooking. This is the time to change the entire design of the kitchen. Make the area more conducive to cooking and family dining and define the entertaining area of the home.

Improve the safety by replacing older appliances that may be malfunctioning or create a more usable design. Focus on functionality for anyone in the family who may struggle with mobility issues. Often there will be required electrical updates to a kitchen renovation. It's important to update the kitchen electrical to meet or exceed the current electrical codes to ensure that there are plenty of ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs near the sink and stove. This is also the time to install can lights and proper lighting underneath of the cabinetry.