5 Signs You Need Exterior Renovations

Home looking a little bit outdated? Did you know that exterior renovations can do more than simply boost the curb appeal of your home? Your home will be more energy efficient and you can prevent major issues by simply maintaining and updating your exterior. You'll save on costly repairs and you can protect your home from the elements.

North Vancouver's Heilman's Renovation has 5 telltale signs that it's time for you to do an exterior renovation.

1. Curled And Peeling Shingles

Eventually, asphalt shingles outlive their lifespan and begin to curl and peel. After that, they separate from the roofing entirely. When this begins to happen, it's time to replace them. If you wait too long, your home may be damaged by the elements. Water and moisture can get into your home and cause more extensive damage that requires repair. Mold and mildew can soon follow.

2. Windows And Doors Become Drafty And Won't Close Properly

If you're noticing a draft from the windows and doors when you're sitting near them, or if you can see warping and even damage to either windows or doors, you're likely losing a lot of energy through these. You'll want to have this looked at quickly so that you aren't spending a bundle on energy. Windows are the number one reason that there is heat loss in the winter. It may be time to upgrade those old windows with newer energy efficient vinyl windows and begin to save some on your energy bill.

3. Damaged Gutters

Gutters and eaves all play a major part in helping keep your roof free from debris that can damage it. When the gutters begin to fall off of the house or the downspouts aren't flowing properly you can have problems arise that prevent the rain from draining off of your roof properly. Over time, this water can damage the house and penetrate the foundation causing erosion and other damage. Eventually, that water may begin to flow into the basement causing damage to the walls, carpeting and more.

4. Worn Or Damaged Siding

The siding helps to protect your home from weather and it also helps to insulate it against wind and other elements of the weather. Vinyl siding can ensure that your home is more energy efficient and protected and it can help to boost the curb appeal.

5. Home Looks Dated Or Aged

Have all of the other houses in the neighborhood been updated? If you're driving down the road is yours the only house that seems as if it's in a time warp? If so, it's time for you do update your exterior. Your home will have more curb appeal and it will increase the value of your home.

Exterior Renovations in North Vancouver will increase the value of your home.