5 Things to Do When Planning a House Renovation

Doing a house renovation is a process that is bound to occur at least once in the life of every single homeowner. You can do so in order to improve your living conditions, increase the value of your asset or, at very least, improve the functionality of your place. Still, this is also a project that requires great involvement on your side. You have to invest time, resources and effort, not just in the active work but also in terms of organization and management. This task, however, starts long before the work. So, here are five things you need to do when planning a house renovation.

1. Know the purpose of the remodel

In the introduction, we talked about boosting your home’s value and the improvement of its functionality. Well, these two things are not one and the same. Fixing the roof or replacing windows with double-glazing ones is a smart investment for a home you intend to stay in. However, it doesn’t yield a great home resale value. In other words, you need to know the purpose of the remodel in order to know which remodeling project is a bad investment.

2. Find good help and visit the site often

Once you get in touch with the remodeller you find qualified, you need to do some research in order to see what kind of reputation they hold in the industry. Even the best experts are known to slip up from time to time, which means that your work doesn’t end once you make an arrangement. In fact, you should visit the site as frequently as possible in order to ensure that everything’s going according to plan.

3. Inspect your home

While renovating your home, you need to improve some of the systemic flaws in your plumbing and your electrical grid. Regardless of your ambitions, get a skilled local expert to do some examination. For instance, once you talk to a renovation contractor about your home, you might also want to consult a skilled electrician to do an inspection of their own. For a bathroom remodel, it’s vital you get in touch with a plumber of great renown.

4. Make a temporary camp

Another thing you need to understand is that the project itself may not allow you to stay in your current quarters, which is why you may have to move. Staying with friends and family is a lucrative option. However, it’s easy to overstay your welcome, should there be any unforeseen delays. The best course of action would be to rent a place for the duration of the renovation, yet, this is also something you need to add to the list of your expenses.

5. Open communication and thorough contract

In order to get the end result you need, you need to clearly state your intentions both before and after the renovation. State your intentions from the start and put them on paper in writing. Just watch out for the terminology and fine print, seeing as how any ambiguity usually gets interpreted in favor of the party that didn’t compose the contract. 


At the end of the day, you need to understand that the value you get out of this remodeling project doesn’t have to be financial or that easy to quantify. Some improvements have a personal value or may change the way in which you use your living space altogether. A construction of a personal office may give you a chance to earn from home, while the same can be achieved by remodeling a part of the house you intend to rent out. Either way, you need to learn how to see a bigger picture.