5 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation

Bathrooms are an expensive remodel to be sure, but when it comes to cost, kitchens are on average the most expensive renovation tasks that a homeowner can take on. Not only are all the appliances a major expenditure for any modern kitchen, but you’ll need a place to store all the foodstuffs and cooking accessories, and dishes, and well, you get the idea. When it comes to the pocketbook, kitchen renovations can hurt. Perhaps a list of the 5 top ways to save on kitchen remodels will help keep that home improvement budget you have from disappearing into a kitchen renovation hole.

1 - Cabinet Re-Facing

The shells on most kitchen cabinets, the actual boxes and shelving that lie behind the doors rarely ever need to be swapped out unless you don’t like the way they are placed or how they are organizing your space. Even so, a qualified renovation expert like Heilman Renovations can easily, and cheaply modify the shelving and placement of cabinet carcasses. The real savings comes in when you decide to upgrade your cabinetry with just a bit of fresh paint and new door pull hardware. If paint isn’t your style, consider purchasing some glue backed wood veneers for your cabinet doors, which is a quick and cost effective way to get that rare hardwood up in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

2 - Cement Counter Tops 

Counters are one of the major focal points of any kitchen, and everyone wants the expensive granites to add richness and depth to their cooking environment. The last material that people tend to think of for a counter-top is concrete. No longer does concrete imply something that looks like cinder blocks. Colors, glass impregnation, fibers and veining, concrete is now more versatile and creative to the eye than most stones that Mother Nature makes and is a fraction of the cost. Tile is also a great option.

3 - Concrete Flooring

Just like cement counter-tops, concrete flooring can be just as creative and colorful. Imagination is the only limit when it comes to designs, textures, colors and impregnation materials. Just coming onto the market, decorative concrete flooring can save money and time versus having a tile floor put down, while looking the same or better.

4 – Choose an Open Floor Plan

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to wish you had a bigger kitchen while continuing to maintain the notion of a separate, formal dining area. Many studies show that the kitchen is the room where the most time is spent for families - even beating out the living room! So don’t scrimp on the kitchen space - tear down the dining room wall, throw up a header to carry the load, and open your space right up.

5 – Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

This recommendation seems a bit counter-intuitive since energy efficient appliances can cost more upfront than cheaper models, but the real savings comes into play over the lifespan of the renovation however. Buying a more efficient, higher cost appliance now can lead to significant energy savings that add up, year after year.

These are just a few of the ways to save on a kitchen renovation, but even the little things can add up to big savings, so leave no idea behind. Design and remodel with these tips in mind and be sure to choose timeless designs and colors that don’t date quickly, and you will enjoy your newly renovated space far into the future.