6 Remodelling Projects for Achieving an Industrial Home Style

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Featuring a rough yet chic design, the industrial style will certainly give your home an authentic appeal. Bold and daring, harmonious and balanced, this styles combines wood, metal and brick, creating an authentically organic look. The industrial style will also help you design a modern home with a vintage flair that combines both masculine and feminine features. So, if this is a style to your taste, here’s how you can introduce it to your home for your next remodel

1. Stick to an industrial colour palette

For an industrial look, you should go with a simple palette of neutral hues, such as different shades of grey, warm wood tones, burnt orange, muted greens and pristine white. Having implemented this colour scheme, you can introduce bold colours through accent details, such as rugs, decorative items, artwork, textiles, etc. The warm hues of wood will go perfectly with reddish brick and dark leather while white will brighten up your space. By layering these hues, you’ll be able to create a classic yet authentic design that is neither overbearing nor boring. 

2. Choose the open-floor plan

This style has its roots in large, old warehouses, so if you want to introduce it to your own home, you should go with the open-floor plan. By erasing the boundaries between your kitchen, living room and dining room, you’ll be able to create a spacious, airy atmosphere with a vintage, industrial flair. To recreate the look, you should also keep your windows bare, get rid of clutter and minimise your decorations. This way, you’ll create an illusion of spaciousness and open up your space. 

3. Introduce exposed brick

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Brick is one of the most important materials when it comes to industrial style. When choosing a brick design, you should go with rough, raw finishes that remind you of old warehouses. You don’t have to go overboard with brick, but use it for a single wall that can work as a décor statement. Another great idea is to use it for a backsplash in your kitchen or around your fireplace. Since brick is durable, it will be a long-term investment for your industrial-inspired home. 

4. Use metal finishes

Your industrial home wouldn’t be complete without metal, another popular material of industrial style. Not only does it recreate the industrial look, but it also works perfectly with brick and wood. While metal will help you create a cold, industrial atmosphere, wood will warm up your space, creating a harmonious balance. In addition, you have plenty of options, including aluminium, iron and steel. However, make sure to use matte finishes instead of glossy designs. 

5. Don’t forget the lighting

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Lighting plays an important role in industrial design, achieving both functional and aesthetic effects. As already mentioned, industrial style features an open-floor plan and ambiance of openness and airiness. Thus, you need to maximise the amount of natural light in your home. Apart from keeping your windows bare, you can also install a state-of-the-art skydome system that will fill your home with natural light and make your home feel open and airy.
The aesthetic function of lighting in industrial style lies in the industrial designs of fixtures that can elevate your home décor. Pendant lights with a raw, matte finish and bare Edison-style bulbs are some of the most popular solutions for this style. 

6. Embrace rustic décor

When it comes to industrial décor, you should embrace all things rustic. Don’t shy away from items with imperfections and salvaged details. You can also go with offbeat décor pieces that will stand out in your home, working as stunning statements. You should also mix different materials – for example, leather sofas paired up with soft, plush rugs can create a stylish contrast. You can also go with mismatched details, giant maps, diagrams and vintage posters, but don’t clutter your space. Try to stick to a minimalist design with several conspicuous details that will stand out and make a statement. 

Industrial style features a rough beauty that will give your home a unique appeal. If you’re a lover of unusual yet harmonious, rough yet warm and both modern and vintage, this style is perfect for you. 

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