Don't Get Ripped Off When Hiring

A Renovation Company:

Follow These Six Tips For Safety

1. Get it in writing

Before you ever agree to a specific renovation contractor, make sure that you get everything in writing. This should include the written quote stating the cost for each and every step of the project including the materials, the products, labor, and any additional fees.

Ensure that each and every step is listed and priced on the quote. You should also have the start date and an estimated completion date. If they are using sub-contractors, ensure that they show the proof of licensing and names of them as well. You'll want to make sure that everyone has the proper credentials before they work on your home.

2 .Check for proper licensing

Always make sure that the contractor you hire has the proper business license. You'd be surprised at the renovation contractors that aren't properly licensed. Don't be afraid to ask to see their license. It's your right as a homeowner. It will also show that they should know their building codes and requirements. The license should also show you their insurance as well. You don't want to be held liable if something goes wrong.

3. Check for insurance

A reliable home improvement company will also have the valid insurance. If they're not willing to show this to you, don't hire them, move on to the next company. This will protect you as well as your household should there be any accidents, injuries or breakages on the job site. It will cover property damage as well.

If they don't have this, you, the homeowner, could be held liable for their injuries or any repairs that are required. Some will use a temporary insurance on a job to job basis. This is fine as well, just make sure that they have it or don't hire them.

4. Check with the Better Business Bureau

Always check with the Better Business Bureau or BBB. This is a great place to find out if others have complained about the business. They will have a profile with the BBB and if anyone has complained, this will be on that profile. You can see how it was resolved as well.

5. Beware of Fake Reviews

Sadly, many renovation companies use a writing site to hire them for fake reviews. These reviews you find online may not be accurate and they may be false. Ask the company for the names of a few previous clients and make a few phone calls and ask what their experience was with the company. Sadly, a few companies will pay others to write fake reviews and you never know if you're reading a fake review unless you talk to a person on the telephone.

If you do read reviews, only trust those that are on the Better Business Bureau site or that you know have proof and validity.

6. Don’t pay 100% of the money upfront

A reputable renovation company won't expect to receive the money up front. They'll anticipate a deposit, but not all of it. You can pay in milestones or portions but remember that this is the way that they work. That way, if a customer pulls out, they can at least have part of what they're owed.

For large projects, ask if you can set up a payment schedule. Determine what each task costs and pay accordingly as said task is accomplished.