Age-friendly Home Renovations

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If your elderly parent or family member decides to age in their own place, rather than in some institution, you need to help them remodel their home. It’s quite understandable that they wish to remain in the place they are used to and if they are capable of living with limited assistance, it’s your duty to help them as much as you can.

The aim of remodelling is primarily to make the home more suitable to the needs of your loved one(s), but there is also an added bonus. Each home remodel provides a fresh, new environment that can lift the spirits of everyone spending time in it. So, what is it that we can do to renovate a home to make it more convenient for the elderly?


Elderly people often have problems with stairs, due to various mobility issues. One of the things you could do is install a small ramp they can use to prevent fails. If the house features two or three stories, the best option is probably to install a chair lift.



Another thing that can really help an elderly person is to introduce automatic lights, which can prevent fall-related injuries. Instead of trying to find the light switch in complete darkness, they can either use a smartphone app to turn the lights on and off or you can add a timer to control the system. Such renovation investment is relatively small, especially in comparison with the potential dangers that are avoided with the introduction of automatic lights.


Creating positive atmosphere

You need to create an atmosphere in which your loved one(s) will feel relaxed and safe. Apart from painting the walls in neutral colours and removing all the necessary clutter, you should also think about the little things that make life more pleasant. For example, you could add scented candle supplies, which will contribute greatly to the atmosphere and the way your elderly relative feels while at home.

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Non-skid flooring

One more item to consider when renovating the home for the elderly is the flooring. You want to avoid using slippery surfaces, since they are quite hazardous. So, instead of slippery floors, opt for carpets or rugs, which generate more traction. You just need to choose wisely, because you might need to choose a type with low pile, if the elderly person uses a walker or wheelchair.

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Replace the doorknobs

Seniors might find round doorknobs too difficult to use, which is why you should consider installing lever-style handles. They are much more suitable for those suffering from arthritis or other types of mobility issues. Similarly, you could replace faucet knobs with levers if you want to improve the quality of living.

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Set up a guest room

Your elderly family member might have some visitors coming over and spending a few days with them. That visitor could be a family member or caregiver, but they definitely need a separate room to get some rest. This room doesn’t need to be lavishly decorated, but it needs to feature a good bed, wardrobe, a set of drawers and all the basic furniture.

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It goes without saying that there are quite a lot of things you can or need to do in order to help your aging family member. Many of them depend on the condition of the person living in the house, but generally speaking, everyone benefits from home improvements. While for younger generation such improvements are a bonus, for the elderly, they are absolutely necessary. That’s why we need to help them renovate their home, so that their wish to age in the place they like can come true. If need you can enlist the help of a certified aging in place renovation contractor.