Attic Remodelling – Reclaim That Space

A key idea that is usually a topic of consideration when renovating a home is adding additional living space to the property. One area of consideration that may fit your home is the idea of an attic renovation. Once completed, an attic can be a perfect area to use as an extra bedroom, living area, or home office. This may be a good option for those homeowners in need of additional living space, but do not have enough room on their property for a traditional add-on. If you are looking to add space to your property, an attic project may be for you.

Benefits of an Attic Renovation Project

Attic renovations can be even better than converting a basement or garage. While a garage may be a bigger space, those who need a place to store their vehicles are not exactly willing to give up their garage. And compared to a basement, an attic is much more “cozy” and may allow for a nice office space, master bedroom, or area where families can spend time together. Also, compared to a conventional add-on it is much cheaper, since you do not have to physically add on to the property from scratch. Even though it may take some time to re-wire, insulate, and clean up the attic, it is still much cheaper than a new room addition. 

Drawbacks of an Attic Renovation Project

One of the only drawbacks is the possibility of lack of central air conditioning. The duct work for central air conditioning may compromise the attic space. Therefore, this aspect is a factor in whether you want to remodel the attic or not. Even with this, you may be able to install a ductless (window unit) air conditioner in order to still maintain a comfortable environment in the remodeled room without compromising on space. 

Cost of the Home Improvement Project

Compared to other types of home improvement remodeling projects, attic remodeling is by far the cheapest option. If a family wanted to add a family room to their home, they can expect to pay around $110,000. If that same family wanted to a master bedroom to their home, they would have to pay a bill of approximately $130,000. On the contrary, if that same family wanted to renovate their attic, they would pay only around $65,000. A remodeled attic tends to recover about 84 percent of construction costs in resale value. This is higher than 80 percent for basement remodels, and 77 percent for family room additions. 

Overall, attics are a fairly desirable option for a family that is looking for an affordable way to increase their living space. The only drawback to this option is potentially having issues with central air conditioning. Even with this, there are many ways to get around this, particularly if you work with a qualified home renovation contractor like Heilman Renovations. If you are looking for an affordable add-on option, an attic home improvement project may be just the renovation for you.