Awesome House Renovation Ideas You Can Try in Your Home


If you feel like your home is missing something but you don’t want to move, you might want to invest in a home renovation or two. Here are some of the most beautiful, cost-effective and useful renovation projects you can try in your home with the help of a renovation company

Add a toilet

Many two-story homes have a problem with space which often results in having to go upstairs every time someone needs to use a bathroom. However, you can easily add a small powder room to your first floor. It requires very little space (4 feet by 4 feet is sometimes all you need) and costs little money. You can repurpose your closet, pantry or under-the-stairs cubby and voila! You have yourself a brand new powder room. 

Enlarge your kitchen

Many people state the size of their kitchen as their home’s biggest flaw, especially in the older homes. So, if your kitchen also feels cramped and closed-off, grab a hammer and start taking down some walls. Remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, and you’ll instantly get a feeling of spaciousness. Additionally, you’ll get space to build a kitchen island that will give you extra counter space or space for people to sit and hang out. 


Finish your basement

Today’s homes already have a cool home gym, playroom or wet bar in the basement, but chances are your older home doesn’t offer such a commodity. It’s really a shame because a remodeled basement can offer toddlers a place to play, teenagers a place to hang out with their friends and adults an extra entertainment space. However, in order to even start your renovation, your basement ceiling needs to be at least 7 feet high. Also, if you have any moisture issues, make sure to take care of them before you start bringing in the paint and furniture. 


Convert your garage

Converting the garage can be one of the most cost-effective renovations on this list since it’s a great use of space and money and it usually adds an extra 10% to the value of your home. You can easily turn this unattractive space into a stylish man or woman cave, extra living space or a huge entertainment center for the whole family. Just make sure your garage is well insulated and ventilated, otherwise, it will get very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. 


Remodel your attic

If you need some extra space in your home, but don’t have space to build out, you can look vertical and renovate your attic. This way, you can add precious living space without having to pour new foundations and take away space from your yard. People usually decide to turn their attic into a playroom, media room, extra bedroom or a home office. However, make sure you have a good subfloor and flooring before you start your renovation, since most attics aren’t made to support the weight without some changes. Laminate is often your best attic flooring option since it’s durable and easy to install. It can be tricky to install good subflooring and flooring in your attic, so better call a pro if you’ve never done this before.


Turn your garden shed into a fun zone

If your ugly garden shed is a real eyesore in your backyard and doesn’t even serve any specific purpose, you might want to roll up your sleeves and turn it into a fun zone. Today, remodeling your garden shed into a bar is a very popular option. All you need is a beer tap, a few bar stools, some cool music and lighting and that’s it. Decorate it with a couple of vintage bar signs, install a dart board and you’re ready to start seeing customers. Don’t forget to give your bar a cool name! If you’re not much of a drinker, you can turn your shed into a cozy summerhouse. Give it a fresh coat of paint, furnish it with comfy chairs and pillows and let a lot of sunshine in! It’s a perfect space for an afternoon tea with a great book. 

Add a fire pit

If you need your garden shed for storage, you can try something else to turn your backyard into a real social center of your home—build a fire pit! They look amazing, are useful and provide a neat gathering space for your family and friends. However, before you start digging the foundations, make sure to know the codes in your area. Some governments strictly require the pit to be encircled by sand or gravel. 

Once you’re finished with your project, your home will feel brand new and exciting, and you’ll never want to leave it again.