Although dominated by function and practicality, bathroom designs can provide a surprising number of options for fulfilling your needs and complementing the style of your home. There are several determining factors for finding the right balance in remodeling, and achieving a fresh look while leaving the essence of your style intact.

This season has several novelties in store for you, but the predominant direction is to go natural. Here’s a list of guidelines and creative ideas on improving your bathroom according to the latest trends!


This year, a palette of soft, creamy colors will be used for the foundation of your design. Instead of reflective and shiny surfaces, the basis should be matte and neutral, combined with a single darker tone to accentuate selected elements, and create a visually appealing contrast. Some of the most popular combinations will be ones including a clean marble surface with brass details to achieve an effect of exquisite simplicity.

Serene colors that evoke relaxation paired with a single, more pronounced hue in the details of the overall design will provide a sense of integrity and diversity for a creative, but calming ambience.



One of the most prominent upcoming trends is definitely combining organic, natural materials with those that need simple maintenance. Leading hectic lives requires bathroom designs that allow top-notch functionality without compromising the integrity of your preferred style. Simple, low-maintenance materials such as wood, stone, marble and even clay can be combined with modern, synthetic materials to achieve a seamless blend of timeless and innovative.


Minimalism seems to be the basis for contemporary design. Going for a sleek style that emphasizes functionality, and giving it an eco-friendly, organic touch will boost the look of any bathroom. Depending on your budget, you can achieve this elegant look with stone or ceramic tiles, or perhaps even dimensional tiles, which will add a note of sophistication. Whether you pick a bathtub or a shower, make sure to find the right shape that will complement the architecture of your space.


Opt for water-resistant materials, water-saving faucets and showerheads to prevent wasting water, and if it fits in your budget, you can add an audio system for relaxing music and a separate control mechanism that will allow you to regulate the water temperature and pressure. Using technology to turn your bathroom into a secluded oasis is the way to go.


In addition to tasteful design, as mentioned earlier, this year will be all about environmentally friendly choices; so, make sure to install fixtures that are smart with water consumption, and dual-flush toilets. Another way you can remodel your bathroom to be more eco-friendly is to opt for sustainable materials, such as recycled or reused materials, or even wood that is gathered from a sustainably-managed forest. Materials that are low in lead are now used in the production of faucets to make them safer for your health.


In accordance with the emerging tendency towards natural materials and seamless décor, your bathroom storage should be equally sleek, simple to clean and smart. From a purely aesthetic point of view, floating vanities are trendy and elegant, but they are also very low-maintenance, and such a design allows you to choose the height that suits your needs.

To keep everything in order, use drawer dividers and pullouts, as well as hanging hair dryer-holders. An extra open shelf or two will also be useful when you have people staying over, but make sure not to overcrowd the bathroom with too many add-ons.

While calming colors, curious tiles, minimalism and overall simplicity seem to be the prevailing principles of remodeling your bathroom this year, bear in mind that this approach leaves many options for you to get creative, personalize your space, and boast eco-friendly solutions that will elevate your design into an enduring segment of your home. 

Submitted by Mia Gunson at Mia is an interior designer with a burning passion for Art deco. She’s also a multitasking, bilingual cat lover. In her spare time she likes to paint, run, hike and make pancakes. Her motto is ”I live to decorate, and decorate for a living”.