Bathroom Renovation Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Successfully revamping a bathroom takes a lot of thought, effort, and money. To make it really worth your while, you have to be aware that venturing into a renovation land of endless possibilities unprepared is risky. So, get your priorities straight: distinguish nice-to-haves from must-haves. Come up with a realistic budget and take your time figuring out the layout, fixtures, storage, and other hallmarks of good design. Steer clear of these nightmarish mistakes and witness a picture-perfect personal sanctuary coming alive before your eyes.  


Poor budgeting

Blowing your budget can cause serious headaches and problems. So, work out the total costs of the renovation, including labour, materials, and installation of crucial systems and features. Do not get caught up thinking about individual prices and get the big picture first. Manage your expectations accordingly: adapt your material and feature wish list. If you have any misgivings, an experienced pro will help you make the right decision. 


A shabby layout

Space comes at a premium in most bathrooms. Proper distribution and layout make or break it, especially when you are pressed for square footage. One key aspect is having enough space between fixtures. After all, you must have a free flow of traffic and adhere to building regulations. For instance, there should be ample space to assess the shower or bathtub. To nail it in this department, it is highly advisable to work with an expert renovation contractor

Neglecting the plumbing

In every bathroom, a plumbing system must work like a charm.  Any leaks and malfunctions can take a big chunk of your budget in the long run. So, plan the plumping right off the bat and fully incorporate it into the design. I would advise you to hire professional contractors in order to stay on the safe side. For instance, this plumber has a proven ability to provide both great customer service and quality of workmanship. Wherever you are, do your research and contact a reputable local service. 


Overlooking storage

Storage space is the mainstay of a functional and orderly bathroom. A lack of it leads to mess and clutter overtaking. Therefore, you should never sacrifice storage space for the sake of visual appeal. If you play it right, you will be able to get the best of both worlds without compromises. To make it happen, maximize the vertical dimension with solutions like wall cabinets and shelves. Likewise, keep an eye on built-in, modular, and versatile storage options. 

Blindly following fads and trends

There is nothing wrong with being trendy. This cannot be said about letting buzz-worthy fads dictate your decisions and overshadow space utility. Always prioritize your daily habits and personal sense of style. Let the bathroom reflect and support them: foster harmony and well-being. Also, note that many trends come and go, which is to say your space could quickly fall out of fashion. On the other hand, it is always a safe bet to opt for timeless charm and beauty. 


Unfortunate choice of materials

In a bathroom, all materials work heavy duty. They have to endure an interior climate of high humidity, as well as exposure to special cleaning products. This is to say that some materials are not suited for bathroom use. For instance, pretty artwork or wallpaper might be a nice way to bring life to a wall, but they could fall prey to moisture in no time. Therefore, you have to think about sturdiness, water-resistance, and ease of maintenance. Materials that do not fit the bill are best avoided.


Measure twice and cut once

When giving your personal oasis a makeover, why not aim for perfection? Make sure you have a realistic idea of your space and get crystal clear on what features you want included. Make sure to craft design and layout around your needs and preferences. Pay special attention to the choice of materials and see to it they are fit for tough bathroom life. Enlist the services of trusted local professionals. Remember that you must be comfortable with your choices. So, unleash the inner designer and leave a personal mark instead of mimicking trends.