Best 2017 Kitchen Renovation Trends by Home Designer Mia Gunson at

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is something a number of people do every now and then. Why? Because they have so much money? Or because they like changes? Well, yes, but it’s not just that. It seems that home renovation is becoming more and more interesting year after year, which is why experts constantly recommend a rising number of trends, tendencies and innovations. And if you want to stay up-to-date with all of them, you need to get your hands dirty and try them out. With new trends emerging at the beginning of each year, this may be the perfect time for renovating your own kitchen, so here are a few ideas you might want to explore.


A focal point

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen that can accommodate a nice island, organizing it won’t be a problem. Many people incorporate kitchen islands because – among other reasons – they need to create a focal point and an area where they can both prepare and eat their meals. Additional ideas for great focal points include countertops, cabinets, dining tables, walls and even appliances.


The best color

A number of people applaud a bold use of unusual colors and eclectic combinations in kitchens, so explore this trend as soon as possible. Two-toned kitchens are quite popular at the moment and if you manage to coordinate the two colors – grey and white, red and black or yellow and orange, for instance – and different materials and surfaces, you’ll transform your kitchen into an intriguing and inviting space everyone’s going to love. Alternatively, you can always go for bold colors for your cabinets and walls that will instantly bring your kitchen to a whole new level.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation


An even better color

On the other hand, no matter how cool these colors are, you can never go wrong with white. Plain white walls, a white marble countertop, white cabinets and white appliances will turn your cooking area into a clean space you can feel comfortable in. Yes, white may be more difficult to clean, especially if you’re a clumsy cook, but you can manage it as long as you’re organized and have no problem wiping the cabinets at least twice a week.

Something fun, something new

You can’t renovate your kitchen without decorating it as well! Just because this is the place where you cook and eat, instead of sleep and relax, it doesn’t mean that it does not deserve attention and a few interesting details that will take its decorations to the next level. Some of the trends you should investigate include colorful shelves, motivational posters, handy cookbooks, attention-grabbing magnets and your kids’ art hanging on the fridge. Additionally, you can add some class to your new kitchen by using fancy pendant lighting.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation


Add a pantry

Again, if you have enough space, adding a pantry to your kitchen might be the best idea you’ve ever had. It doesn’t occupy too much room, yet offers so many options you could utilize on a daily basis. You can store your food in a safe and healthy way, and always keep it organized and clean, which is something every cooking aficionado wants. This way, you’ll free some space in your kitchen, especially if you move your fridge to the pantry, which opens a possibility for a larger island or a dining table.


Other trends

While these are the top kitchen renovation trends for 2017, there are other options you might want to consider. These include replacing your old marble countertop with a new wooden one, adding a water-efficient faucet and a built-in oven, as well as installing a secret pull-out storage for all your canned goods – it will save you tons of space and show the world your DIY skills.