Best Luxury Home Remodeling Ideas for a Classy Home

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If you want to treat yourself this holiday season with a trendy home remodel, don’t hesitate, because you deserve only the best. However, sometimes it’s hard to start your home upgrade, especially when you don’t have good ideas that are worth your money and time. Luckily, the Internet is always here to help, so we give you some of the best luxury home remodeling ideas you can try in your classy home.

Bathroom of your dreams

Ask any expert remodeller about luxe renovations that are worth the investment and most of them will advise you to start from the bathroom. If your home has a state-of-the-art bathroom, you don’t need much more of anything to live like royalty. You can start your renovation from the floors, replacing old tiles with natural stone. This will give your bathroom a warm and luxury feeling. You can also give your old furniture a new life with granite or marble vanity tops for a clean and fresh look. 

Luxe kitchen

In the last few years, kitchens have been rapidly getting more and more attention when it comes to super luxury remodels. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so of course, you’re not going to neglect it. Luxury renovations people mostly choose are upgrading the floors to granite or slate and investing in high-tech appliances with smooth lines and sleek surfaces. Stainless steel and chrome hardware is still very popular, especially when combined with dark woods. While you’re redoing your kitchen, make sure to ask your contractor about lighting and rewiring the space for multimedia and new lighting fixtures. Baking is much easier with good lighting and some music from your kitchen speakers. 

Make a luxury addition

While you’re doing your renovations, you might as well treat yourself with a luxury addition that will be your little piece of heaven. Home gyms and media rooms are common additions everyone in the family loves, but you can also invest in something more exotic. Add a yoga studio or a meditation room that will make you Zen out after a long workday, or make a private bar in your basement with bar games and cool music. If you’re a cigar enthusiast, you can make a posh cigar lounge combined with a wine or whiskey tasting room. This will make your home a true luxury retreat of your dreams. 

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Do something good for your health

Health is the biggest luxury, so make sure your home remodel involves something that’s good for your well-being. For instance, you can start with air filtration, especially if you or your family members suffer from allergies. Most people focus on pollen, dander and smoke air purifiers, but you can also invest in a high-quality air purifier for mold with a HEPA filter that will completely protect your home from pollution and let you breathe easily. 

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Go green

Today, the pinnacle of luxury isn’t expensive art, cars and pools, but green building materials and technologies. Every luxe modern home has to be eco-friendly and sustainable, especially if you’re preparing your home for sale (young buyers are especially attracted to energy and water efficiency). So give your home a green remodelling in the form of natural floors, Energy Star appliances and LED lighting. Another energy-saving investment you can make is installing double-glazed windows that keep the hot air inside in the winter, and stop the warm air from filling your home in the summer. This means lower utility bills and many other benefits for the environment. 

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Let 2018 start on a high note with these luxe home remodeling ideas. Don’t hesitate to splurge some money on your house and turn it into a not-so-humble abode you’ll love and cherish for many years to come.