Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2018

Thanks to the modern lifestyle and the rise of an open plan living, kitchens became the heart of our family homes. No longer hidden at the back of the house, they are now in the spotlight, influencing the design style of the whole space. No wonder why designers are putting so much effort into creating fresh design concepts every year! We will try to pinpoint kitchen trends that are most likely to become huge in 2018, to help you make the trendiest and aesthetically most pleasing decisions for your next kitchen renovation project.

Colors, Colors Everywhere!


Colors, textures and patterns will mark the seasons ahead of us. Yes, it is time to say goodbye to all white kitchens, unless you want them to age your house immediately. They are finally gone, and we will see strong, colorful presence everywhere, from kitchen cabinetry to appliances and faucets.

The third season in a row, dark colors are the interior designers’ favorite, and they will continue to set the mood of our kitchens with their rich, intense tones. Trendy hues will range from navy blue (probably the hottest color selection at the moment), charcoal, petrol-green, sage, and all the way to warm natural neutrals, such as clay, gold, ginger and copper.

Earthy shades of the Nature-inspired color palettes are expected to provide the much-needed connection to the great outdoors, with soil-like elegant terracotta and muted greens of the wilderness. What makes dark blue so interesting is the vintage charm it brings, even when used in contemporary kitchens. So, if you are a fan of a vintage charm, but you still prefer to use the perks of a modern kitchen, consider using blue as a dominant color for your next kitchen remodel.

Hot Countertop Materials

Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2018.jpg

The number one material on the market right now is quartz. It is fresh, durable and has an incredible finish that doesn’t require much upkeep. It comes in a wide selection of colors, so you can easily find the perfect match for your kitchen color scheme.

Granite still ranks high on the favorite kitchen countertops scale, but even though it is considered to be the most durable natural material used in kitchens, its fame is gradually fading.

If you are in for a luxurious kitchen design, then don’t look further than marble. Once again, marble proves to be the timeless choice, with its superior characteristics and stylish appeal. Its only downside is that it is prone to stains.

However, if you prefer more environmentally sustainable materials, go for reclaimed wood. Unlike natural stones, such as granite and marble, wood is renewable, and by choosing reclaimed wood, you will be making a double win for the planet. Wooden countertops are guaranteed to bring warmth and personality into your kitchen and fit impeccably into a vintage-flavored layout.

Kitchen Faucets

Trend reports state that when it comes to kitchen faucets chrome and satin are still the top choices, but we are also witnessing the rise of brass and rose gold! The shine is not the only fresh news here. Faucets will join the bandwagon of the colorful kitchen elements so, if you are about to remodel your kitchen and feel like it is time to make some bold choices, consider this option too.

Black kitchen sink.jpg

Trendiest Styles

The search for contrast can also be seen in the two opposite design styles that are leading the kitchen renovation projects in Canada lately.

On the one hand, we have vintage-inspired kitchens full of personality, with cozy, natural look and wooden elements all over the place. They are entirely modern (even minimalistic if you wish) with their sleek lines and a lack of decoration, but they still keep the old-fashion raw vibes. However, a lot of craftsmanship is required to create this type of kitchens, so if you choose this path for your kitchen remodel you need to be prepared for the extra work that would come along with the decision.

On the other hand, we got high-tech wonders full of latest achievements from the industry, which are not shy in presenting their contemporary aesthetics. These kitchens are shiny and simple in shape, and usually master the hide and seek game with kitchen appliances and other items that don’t come with the design. These kitchens don’t require that much work to install, but they do come with higher price tag.

With all the innovations and new technologies, there are so many possibilities to choose from. Keep in mind that trends do come and go, and you most certainly won’t remodel the kitchen every season to follow the latest design craze. Consulting trends can be both useful and inspiring only if you end up with the choice that suits your home and lifestyle. Just follow your gut and call reputable kitchen renovation professionals who will offer you their educated piece of mind and make sure the remodel is done in the best possible way.