3 Home Renovations That Offer You A Good Return On Investment

When it comes to upgrading your home, there are many easy ways that you can customize the living areas and design and create a functional space for your family's lifestyle and their pleasure. It's easy to improve the aesthetics and improve the efficiency of the energy and improve the resale value of your home in North Vancouver. Here are three, easy home renovations that will give you a great return on your investment for your renovations.

Front Entry Door Replacement

Your front door is an ideal place to start with some great curb appeal. If you are considering selling your house in the future, you'll want some great curb appeal and a good first impression to every potential buyer. The front door entry should always seal properly and if there is any noticeable damage, it will help to improve the energy efficiency as well as help to secure your home.

New entry doors offer a high return on your investment. Per home value reports, new steel entry door replacements offer a 90% recoup your investment when it comes to resale. According to reports, if you spend approximately $1300 on your new front entry, you can anticipate your property value to go up by at least $1200. When you factor in the amount of money that you're saving on your energy bill, you'll often find that your new front entry door has paid for itself within a year.

A Deck Addition

Decks in the front or the back of your home can add additional living space for you and your family. Your new deck is the ideal place to relax, dine, entertain and spend some time outdoors during the fall, spring and summertime. Heilman Renovations can offer you a complete custom design deck made from affordable pressure treated wood, lovely cedarwood, or even a maintenance free composite. You can learn more about decking materials when you talk to Heilman's customer service department.

One reason that decks are a good investment is that they add to the living area of the home at a low impact cost per square foot. A deck addition can net you a recoup on your investment of approximately 75% of the original cost. It can break down to as little as $35 per square foot.

Paint The Interior

One of the easiest and most effective ways to upgrade your home is to paint the interior. This can give the entire home a new look. Update the colors and make it more attractive without breaking the bank. If you're planning on selling your home in the future, be sure to stay with neutral colors that will give potential buyers a blank slate so that they can envision making the house their own.