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Let's Talk Tiles: 5 Combinations for a Stylish Bathroom

Let's Talk Tiles: 5 Combinations for a Stylish Bathroom


Bathrooms are important. Yes, in the past most homeowners did not pay a lot of attention on bathroom design and decor. And yes, when you ask for a tour of a friend’s house, bathroom might still be the last one on a list. However, the times they are a-changin’, and just like kitchen design, bathroom design has taken a huge step forward in the last decade. Now, the thing about design is that it is in the details. That being said, let’s talk about them tiles and explore color trends, patterns, textures and directions that could kick up your bathroom’s style.


Everlasting Light

Image 2.jpg

Neutrally tiled bathroom might sound like a smart, yet monotonous option. However, when properly used, light tiles are anything but dull. The truth is that neutral color schemes will never go out of style, you just need to figure out how to make the most out of them. Fine details will bring sparkle to the light-toned palette, without taking away the calmness these hues are known to inspire. They stand as a dynamic contrast to dark walls and flooring, they form peaceful serenity with wooden furniture of all tones, and if you combine neutral tiles with metallic details like silver vanity, brass fixtures, mixed metal decor, etc. you will end up with quite a stylish, Pinterest worthy result.

Image 3.jpg

For a cozy, rustic effect, choose light tiles with a warm undertone and soft textures, and if you prefer crisp, clean look, opt for a cold undertone and materials like faux marble. In case you want a touch of edginess in your elegant, feel free to mix various tile shapes and sizes (be careful with hues though) and let those lines form the pattern.


Dark Necessities

Image 4.jpg

Aesthetic opposite of previous option - dark tiles, are a dramatic, irregular choice that will add a dash of depth, shadiness, and luxury to your bathroom. Majority of homeowners have been avoiding taking risks for a long time but, recently, more and more bathrooms are incorporating darker, more somber tones. Dark tiled walls will contrast beautifully with brightly colored floors (and vice versa), pedestal sinks, marble countertops, white cabinets, dark wood, brass faucets… You’re getting the picture.

Image 05.jpg

Currently, there is an abundance of dark tints that you can choose from. Navy blue is a safe choice but it will still make a statement, hunter green is a winning combo with copper bath, shades of gray will bring that moody look without going all the way dark, all black everything stands for brave elegance, so far and so forth. When it comes to dark tiles, you should consider choosing shiny over flat ones, since this will bounce more light around your bathroom.


True Colors

Neutral is timeless, dark is moody, but what about vivid? Although it might seem risky, adding some colors should never be off limits. In fact, colorful tiles are a perfect tool for driving attention to the focal point of your bathroom. Pick one wall to be a showpiece and spice it up with vivid gloss blue or green tiles for a spa-like effect.


Millennial pink trend is here to stay, so you can use rose tiles to bring in some retro vibes while invoking playfulness and nostalgia. Sunshine-inspired yellow subway tiles on vanity, shower or tub will add an arty dose of warmth. Just picture it. What’s there not to like?


Yes drama! Playing with patterns will allow you to go as creative as one can be. Colorful, charming, encaustic tiles are a great way to show off your style and personality. Made by using two or more different colors of clay (or cement) in the body of the tile, they will never wear off. Encaustics have been present since medieval times, and they have managed to gain some ‘everlasting beauty’ reputation. Talking about oldie but goldie, right?


You can have them in tangled curls or contemporary geometric patterns, but they will always have that genuine “been here forever” rustic appeal. Black and white, colorful, vintage, Moroccan, old-school - you name the style, encaustics have it. Summon your inner artist, release your creativity and choose a perfect pattern for your bathroom wisely.

Silent Sea

BeFunky Collage.jpg

he rise of the fish scale trend began in 2016. and it’s still firmly holding its ground. This tiles will instantly add softness to a squarish look, converting your space into a little aquatic piece of heaven. The options are infinite. So, if you last for beachy sanctuary, go on and fish a perfect fish scale tiles combination for your bathroom.

fish scales.jpg

Make waves by covering the area above bathroom vanity with fish scales in different tones of green and blue. The mix that will emerge will have a dazzling ocean-like effect.


When properly installed, they can look very elegant on the floor too, just choose darker shades, like charcoal gray. If you own antiques, combine them with this dark fish scale tiles, since the result will yield glam. This trend is equally appealing in classic white or pastels. It’s no wonder that everybody is still in love the mermaid-inspired style.

What are you waiting for? You have all the tools you need, now go create, renovate, decorate!