Contemporary Backyard Makeover: Keys to Success


Cold weather is slowly giving way to sunrays and evoking images of summer fun. People are migrating outside determined to make the most of the seasonal transition. To capture the dream, they are investing a lot of creative and hands-on work in sprucing up their backyards. Indeed, a little bit of designing, forethought, and structure can work wonders for the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor sanctuary. So, ready to foster an environment that feels modern and cosy, like a true extension of your home? Here are some tips on how to remodel any space into a sleek personal getaway. 

Planning the layout

First of all, consider how you want to use the space. Do you plan on throwing barbecue parties, having a quiet corner for reading, building a playground for children, or maybe all these things? Think things through, taking into account your preferences, budget, climate conditions, and size of the backyard. Make an effort to designate separate areas for different kinds of activities. 


Apart from the fence, you probably have no physical walls and boundaries. Still, you can define and separate your yard with smart design choices. Make good use of features like decks, pathways, stone walls, flower beds, planters, and shrubbery to create partial walls. 

Furthermore, if you don’t have a pool, well, you might consider getting one to create an amazing focal point of your outdoor space. Contemporary fibreglass swimming pools are currently the preferred choice, owing to the ease of installation and affordability. What’s more, special gel coats protect them against UV damage, algae and bacteria growth, and fading. 

Plan your design around your pool and achieve visual bliss with LED pool lights, automatic covers and other awe-inspiring features. Those who lack know-how should work with a serious contractor to come up with a killer blueprint and layout for their outdoor oasis. 

The visual side of things

When it comes to aesthetic matters, you should get your creative juices flowing. Just bear in mind that, in the light of the principles of modern design, some options are better than others. For instance, a limited colour palette is always a sound choice. A scheme with 3-4 subdued colours oozes that contemporary sophistication we are aiming for. Yes, seasoned contractors can put together a stunning diverse colour palette, but you might want to play it safe here. 


And do not worry—you can still infuse the yard with character and spark interest with greenery, manicured lawn, organic materials, personal touches and other features. But, for now, focus on setting a nice minimalist backdrop, which leaves room for the landscaping to fully shine. Use repetition as a simple design technique to unify different elements and pull off a cohesive look. For example, if you have a light-grey stone wall, paint the deck in a similar tone and add a decomposed granite pathway. 

Injecting warmth and personality

Next, it is time to infuse some more diversity with various textures and materials. The list of solutions is long, so focus on something that makes a real difference. A wooden pool deck or patio emits warmth and might be a great option if you already have a lot of concrete around, but unless you are particularly handy, you should leave this project to experienced an experienced deck builder. Take every chance to make things more interesting. Try to blur the lines between outdoors and indoors with large glass sliding doors that open to the terrace. 

At this stage, you can start shopping around for outdoor furniture. Try to find pieces that blend different qualities: functionality, resistance to elements, and great looks. There is no shortage of great design options, so do your research. Again, wood remains a staple that goes well with modern paragons in the league of concrete. The goal is to set the outdoor stage for fun and relaxation.  

A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace serves as a nice centrepiece and fosters a spellbinding atmosphere around the seating area. The great thing is that it can also double as a barbecue. If you plan on doing more culinary stuff, consider having a roof-covered outdoor kitchen built. Finally, add a privacy fence as an envelope and make sure there is shade during the day. Deliver personal touches and accentuate with bright blankets, bright throw pillows, and patterned ottomans. 


Step out into style

The good weather beckons and invites you outdoors. To make it happen, start by getting inspired and borrow ideas from modern renovation experts and aficionados. Carefully assess your needs and plans for the backyard. Sketch out your ideas and figure out the best layout. Naturally, it should reflect your sense of style and be inviting. It is crucial to define the separate spaces and bring order. Moreover, balance the warm and organic with the edgy and modern. Following these steps, you should be able to give your yard a complete makeover and embrace the pure joy of the outdoor lifestyle. 

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