Contemporary Solutions for Renovating an Outdated Kitchen 

Kitchen remodelling projects top the lists not only as the favourite renovation projects but also as the ones that give the highest return on investment. Whether it’s just a small face-lift of the outdated decor or an extensive fix-up by a renovation contractor, bringing your kitchen back to the future will surely be an overwhelming project, but worthwhile in the end.


Current design trends exhibit versatile uses of colour, top-notch kitchen appliances and a practical and functional design that can easily transport your kitchen into the modern day. The following ideas should help you transform your kitchen into the original and unique space you’ve always wanted.

Upgrade your hardware

The biggest issue with older and outdated kitchens is the materials that were used decades ago, including the kitchen handles and knobs. With all the new materials and designs coming out almost weekly, it might be time to update those drawer pulls. Currently trendy options are stainless steel, matte aluminium, brushed gold and copper. Incorporating these metal details in other places such as lighting fixtures and cooking hoods will tie the entire look together and give your kitchen a modern vibe.

Replace your flooring

When it comes to kitchen updates, flooring is very often neglected, yet it has a significant role in the entire décor. No amount of shiny hardware, modern cabinets and lighting fixtures will be enough to distract your eye from shabby floors. Consider switching from traditional vinyl to more resilient and durable materials such as hardwood, stone or tile, and it will surely boost your kitchen’s appearance and value.

Modernize countertops and the sink


Another part of your kitchen that carries a lot of value is the countertops. In the past, most kitchens had tiled or cheap, wooden countertops that are far from modern and stylish compared to today’s vast choice of surface options such as granite, quartz and marble.

With the countertops update, it’s inevitable to replace your old sink and faucets as well. And while at it, consider going one step further and ensuring the water is also of premium quality. A good water filtration system in your home can have a significant impact on the quality of your life. By installing an under-sink filtration system with a contemporary reverse osmosis water filter, you’ll be able to eliminate heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper), chlorine, parasites, pesticides and perchlorates, and ensure your family drinks perfectly clean and healthy water.

Reconsider upper cabinets

A lot of outdated kitchens were designed with tons of upper cabinets to offer ample storage for cookware and dishes, but most often, they make the space look closed in, dark and cramped. If you’re aiming at brightening up and opening the space, consider removing some of the upper cabinets and installing open, floating shelves that are excellent for displaying your beautiful China and decorative dishware.


Furthermore, give some attention to your bottom cabinets as well, so you don’t end up with a mismatched style across your kitchen. If your budget is already exhausted, opt for simple repainting or staining your existing lower cabinets in colours such as dark grey-blue, modern black or something bolder, such as vibrant blue or green. You’ll be surprised how a little colour change can transform an entire space.

New lighting

It’s quite unlikely that your kitchen upgrade will be complete without effective lighting. It’s often an afterthought, but it’s crucial for giving your kitchen the desired ambiance and versatility. If you only have overhead lighting fixtures, you might be in danger of having your kitchen resemble a waiting room at the doctor’s, so do consider installing some new recessed lights, elegant chandeliers over the eating area, pendant lights over the island and even a dimmer switch for when you’re in the mood for a romantic setting!


Replace inefficient appliances

In the era of global warming and climatic changes, it’s important to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. The best way to start that in your home is to replace your old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones. Energy star rated appliances are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but more importantly, they consume much less energy, are environmentally friendly and will cut your utility bills in the long run.

There’s an abundance of ideas for your outdated kitchen, from updated materials and finishes to lighting and colour changes. It’s up to you to find what best suits your style, taste and budget.