Deck Building: To Go DIY or Hire a Pro

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As the spring spellbinds us with its vibrant beauty and the summer makes its graceful approach, many people are turning their attention to the great outdoors. Some of them are expanding their living space in order to migrate outside and immerse in nature, fresh air, and nice weather.

The logic is rather simple: Besides boosting the appeal of your home, decks also increase its value. Still, it is a complex undertaking to assemble a deck and rushing things is not advisable. Here is how to properly assess the situation and reach an informed decision.

Setting the stage

A deck is the garden’s central stage, a place where people spend most of their outdoor time. They are the essence of outdoor living, a rising trend that brings a host of benefits. You can throw a nice party for your friends, escape the stale interior environment, and feel the rejuvenating presence of sunlight.

When faced with projects such as deck building, though, one dilemma pops up. It revolves around going down the DIY road or hiring a professional. The choice makes a difference and can mean a decking well done or a real train wreck. Sitting on the fence does not pose a fruitful approach, so keep your options open and undergo a step-by-step deliberation process.

Way to go

The course of action depends primarily on the way you meant to use the space. Your ambitions should shape your strategy, but do not let them cloud your judgment. You have to tackle multiple factors such as budget, location, size, and material of the decking. IPE Hardwood is pretty popular, for example, but is it really the most prudent solution for you?

Ask yourself whether you crave for a fully functional outdoor entertainment area or just a quiet spot to read or wine and dine. In case you want to integrate a well-equipped outdoor kitchen, it might be wise to rely on professionals. There are ways to infuse the deck with the level of comfort you typically find in homes, but newcomers and amateurs may bite off more than they can chew. 

Thus, go DIY only if you know what you are doing. At the very least, do your homework and educate yourself. Finally, bare in mind that even armed with video tutorials and comprehensive instructions there are many things that could go wrong in practice. The results may fall short of your expectation, and worst case scenario is that you waste precious money and effort.

Enlisting a professional

In a nutshell, professional work is quality work. And to be more specific, there are many advantages to opting for a versed deck builder. Construction of the deck, for instance, has to comply with the building codes. Deck builders are well aware of this and able to acquire necessary permits. Furthermore, they can come up with a thorough plan and give you a chance to envision the deck before the work commences.

Likewise, professionals are also best suited to pick the right material. Namely, when it comes to the decking, one has a wide array of options. There are different strokes for different folks, but also some rules to adhere to.  One can settle for natural wood or composite decking material, still, there are advantages to trex decking or click together tiles.

The only real drawback of hiring a deck builder is that brings forth increased spending. One other thing worth mentioning is that finding a suitable deck builder is no cakewalk. It is not a good idea to hire the first one you come across. Instead, you should do an online research and ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations. Thus, take your time and cherry pick the best solution.  

Play with a full deck

Having a deck is an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons and embrace outdoor enjoyment at its finest. If you can afford it, secure the sublime touch of a trusted deck builder. Take the project on a DIY basis if you want to save money and know the ropes. Hedge your bets and weigh the pros and cons.  Treat yourself with a deck that will serve its purpose for many years to come. Soak in the sun, feel the breeze snuggling you up, and doze off under the eternal blue sky.