Don’t Be Surprised: Things to Expect With Your Remodel

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Home remodeling is always a bigger project than you might expect it to be. Many homeowners prepare for it, sometimes for months and get sidelined by the problem they didn’t see coming or by the lack of labor in certain areas.

Also, home remodeling takes time and effort. That means that it might affect your home life for days and sometimes weeks. It’s an expense you’ll need to factor into your calculations. Sometimes it’s better to remodel the home all at once, rather than separating it into projects, so you can get the distraction out the way.

The mess

Everyone will expect their day-to-day life to be uprooted a bit while the construction is underway. That’s normal and everyone prepares for that in one way or another. What’s often overlooked about the work itself is that it leaves quite a lot of mess behind.

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There are two ways to approach this, the first is to include the cost of the cleaning into the work and make sure the work is done from start to finish and the second is to plan for a couple of additional days of disruption.

Materials matter

The price of the materials used for remodeling is probably the biggest percent of the cost. It may seem like it’s easier to purchase the materials and to find labor at the same place. It is the case, but you can save quite significantly, by shopping around for materials.

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Also, deciding to use reused, recycled, and repurposed materials can be beneficial in numerous ways. It’s less expensive, it adds patina to your home and it’s more environmentally sound. This is especially true if such materials could be bought locally, which cuts shipping costs.

The roof

One of the most overlooked parts of the home when it comes to remodeling is the roof. This is a mistake because problems with the roof are usually small until they suddenly turn big and cause serious damages which are expensive to repair. The key to repairing a roof leak is to do it before it’s noticeable.

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A complete roof restoration project will start with cleaning and then go on to replacing the coating if it’s needed at all. Tiled roofs are also the most likely to leak and you should hire a professional to make sure all old tiles are joint together, which isn’t only important for preventing leaks; it also makes the roof look better.

Renovating isn’t always better

For the majority of older homes, there’s a dilemma between renovating and replacing. This is usually where homeowners are trying to save and simply repair what can be repaired instead of buying new materials and making big changes.

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This is understandable, but it’s something to do with considering the specificities of the project. The cost of additional repairs and the quality of the work should be taken into account and you might find that paying more upfront may be a better option for you.

The budget

In the end, budget considerations often come as a surprise for an average homeowner. Almost everyone takes the time to prepare and to shop around before starting the renovation. Regardless of how well you plan things out, there will always be additional, unforeseen expenses.

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The best way to go is to simply add 10 or 15 percent to your initial budget and to use it if something goes wrong. There’s no way of saying if that’s enough, but that’s a good hedge to have.

Home renovations are a big disturbance to both your home and your budget. Planning ahead with a professional renovation contractor and focusing on things that might go wrong before they do is the only way to do it.