A Deck Can Extend Your Living Space

To The Great Outdoors

In addition to enhancing the value of your home, decks will also give you a more usable outdoor living area. Here, you can barbecue, entertain, dine, and enjoy time outdoors. During the summer months, you'll want to be outdoors more often. Here is some information regarding decks and deck materials. Heilman Renovations offer a lot of design ideas for decks and enjoying your outdoor area.

Options For Decking Materials

There are many great materials to choose from for decks. What you choose will be dependent upon the amount of maintenance that you're willing to do and your budget.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a virtually maintenance free deck. These materials are made from recycled plastics that have been combined with such materials as wood chips or sawdust. These materials stand up well in all sorts of weather with no worry of splitting, warping or other damage that can happen to pressure treated materials like cedar decking. You won't have to do anything more than clean it with soapy water now and again. Composite is expensive but well worth it if you can afford it. There are a variety of colors and you can also stain it after four or six months if you wish to change the color.

Wood Or Cedar Decking

A very popular wood decking is cedar. It looks and smells wonderful and your outdoor area will have a rich natural ambiance. Cedar, unlike other woods, doesn't absorb moisture as quickly and it offers a flat straight deck surface that is resistant to warping and splitting.

You'll need to clean and seal or stain your cedar decking to keep it from turning gray in the sun and from losing its warm color. Softwoods are easy to gouge and you'll have to be careful of scratches or scrapes as well. Patio furnishings, barbecues, and even high heels can all scratch the deck up if you're not careful. Cedar will last 10 years without proper maintenance and it can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance. Typically, cedar decks are more expensive than pressure treated decks and they are less costly than composite.

Pressure Treated Decking

Up to 75 percent of new decks are made of pressure treated decking that includes the posts, the beams, and the joists. It's a great economical choice that is low maintenance, it's a very affordable option. The chemicals that are under pressure treated decks will help to deter rot, fungus, and bugs. If you want to increase the lifespan of the deck, you can power wash it and give it a good coat of wood preservation every few years.

Deck Designs

Decking materials are vital to consider to ensure that you're getting a good quality product. You want it to fit into the existing structure and you can choose from rustic, traditional, contemporary and more. Modern looks include simple shapes, clean lines and are a great choice. Curved shapes offer unique styles. Classic charm is easy to do with octagonal corners. You can also use decorative railings and other items like planter boxes, built-in benches and even hot tubs, bars or outdoor kitchens.

Professional deck builders are experienced in design and carpentry and will ensure that you're building the right deck for your needs.