Full Home Remodeling or Room-by-Room Renovations

It is not uncommon to delay remodels due to excessive obligations. However, we can push these delays too far and quite soon we may end up with a household that requires a more “holistic” approach to renovations. Still, one needs to decide on the most prudent method of approaching such an ambitious project – either as a full home remodeling or room-by-room renovations. 

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The trials of living conditions

Remodeling projects can take a while to finish. Sometimes, they can stretch across two months or more, depending on the efficiency of the contractors and how complex it gets in certain areas. The matter that you need to consider is the logistics of your living conditions during a remodel. If you go with room-by-room renovations, it is feasible to stay at home and continue a somewhat normal living routine. If you decide to go with the full home remodel, you’ll have to stay somewhere else – and this can become a budgetary concern. The most painless way to go through this is to crash at your best friend’s place or relatives. 

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Budgetary concerns – stretch a dollar

In the end, it all comes down to budget. If you have enough cash on you to renovate the entire household, you should most definitely go with this approach. It may actually be cheaper in the long run, especially in large cities like Perth where the price of a working hour appears to be skyrocketing on a year-by-year basis. You should utilize the planning phase to the fullest in order to stretch every dollar as much as you can.

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For your living room facelift, you can totally discard the interior designer and outline the aesthetic composition of your home yourself – after all, the custom “boutique” approach is all the rage now. As soon as you find a renovation contractor, see if they will be eager to consider working with recycled or reused materials, which are of the same quality as new ones, but at half the price.

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When it comes to redoing the kitchen and bathroom plumbing, you’ll have to do thorough research of the professionals that work within the area just to find the most efficient plumber you can afford. Keep in mind that time-efficiency factors translate to reasonable pricing. The last thing you need is a plumber who cannot make heads or tails of your bathroom piping and who will waste dollars-per-hour of your hard-earned money and leave shoddy work behind them.


Room-by-room remodel is the best way to renovate if you are not particularly ambitious about refurbishing and you want to keep the entire process painless. Lifestyle changes required by full-on house remodel, as it has been suggested in the first paragraph, can induce a lot of stress. However, when it comes to future-proofing, full home renovation trumps room-by-room for several reasons.

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First of all, there is a better chance full home remodeling will lend your house a cohesive appearance in one grand sweep, and a better flow can make a lot of difference. This also means that your household will have a more lasting “aesthetic integrity”, not to mention that incorporating universal designs and covering every area will grant you the best “mileage” out of your home before the next remodel is required. Simply speaking, it is more convenient, financially reasonable and forward-thinking.

The type of home makes a difference

Of course, the type of your household may dictate your choices instead of you. For example, if you live in an apartment, getting the approval from neighbors can be an issue, not to mention council approval. You will need to submit a proposal. Sometimes, it is better to go with holistic renovations, as other residents of the building may be fairly unhappy with one noisy remodel after another.

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Budget and timing will dictate your approach to household renovations. Beyond that, your decision depends on what you want to achieve. Do you want to spruce up your home just to feel more comfortable in certain areas, or do you want to “prep” it for a sell? No matter what you decide, the ultimate goal should be the improvement of your own quality of life. Stay flexible on the road to achieving this goal, and you’ll end up happier either way.