4 Important Steps To Hiring The Right Home Improvement Company

Everyone's heard a horror story or two about someone being ripped off by contractors or renovations companies that offer great deals on home renovations. Many homeowners, after spending thousands, are left with an unfinished job and such terrible work that they have to hire another company to come in and make further repairs. No wonder so many homeowners are leery of hiring a renovation company.

Be Mindful Of Kijiji

As a community board to buy and sell, they offer free listings to help you locate used items. All of their listings are free to put up and the site is used by many to help promote businesses and services. While there are a few legitimate services on their site, many are self-proclaimed with no proper licensing and no insurance. Even if they offer you a great rock bottom price, it's likely too good to be true. As a general rule, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. Do your research before you spend your hard-earned money.

Always Ask For A Business License

It's amazing how many people have renovations done without proper licensing. As a homeowner, you have the legal right to ask to see a company's physical license prior to their doing any work on your home. Reputable contractors such as Heilman's Renovation will readily show you their license. This also ensures that your job will be done right. Reputable companies will know the building codes, how to procure the proper permits and all of the other legalities that come into play when you're doing renovations.

Always Check For Insurance

Reputable renovations companies will always carry the proper documentation to show that they have valid insurance. In many cases, they can get this insurance on a job-to-job basis. If the company doesn't have insurance, walk away. They should have insurance, worker's compensation and be able to prove it to you.

If an accident should happen on your property you could be held liable for the accident and the medical care and more. It only takes one incident to put you in financial trouble. If a worker is injured on a sharp corner, a glass coffee table or anything else in your home or on your property and they're not insured, you risk their filing a lawsuit against you.

Get Each Detail In Writing

If you believe that you've found the best company for your renovation job, make sure that you get each and every detail in writing prior to allowing them to start any project. Reputable handymen or renovation companies will all give you a written estimate on the job that will detail out all of the details of your project as well as the cost. This should include the full cost of materials, labor, all licensing fees and permit fees, that will be required for the job.