Home Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know

If you’re planning to have a home renovation, it can be tempting to start with choosing the appliances and accessories. However, if you want everything to go without any issues, there are more important things you should take care of than your colour palette. Here are some of the things you should know before you start your home renovation. 

Work with a goal in mind

Think about why you’re doing your renovation. Do you want to refresh your living space, do something bold to add style, or do you want to boost the value of your home for sale? The reasons behind your renovation should dictate the direction you will take. If you’re planning to sell, make sure to renovate your interior so that it appeals to a lot of people, but if you’re doing the reno for yourself, make sure you and your family like it, but also think of the future. If you don’t want to renovate every two years, opt for more neutral colours and classic furniture and appliances. 

Know your budget

Before you start any work, figure out your budget and try to stick to it as much as you can. Remember to add at least 20% to your expense calculations for unforeseen situations. Also, don’t forget to add the costs of eating out while your kitchen is being renovated, and costs of taking a hotel for a few nights during the most heated part of your remodel. 


Do your homework

Take your time to talk to your friends and family about your ideas. They most likely have a lot of helpful tips and ideas that can inspire you and they can give you advice on how to survive the stressful period of the renovation. This information can be very valuable during the planning process and can even influence and improve your original ideas. 

Think about the cleanup

During your renovation, there will be a lot of rubbish all over your house and yard. In order to take care of it, better rent a dumpster and place it in your backyard. This way all rubbish can be collected in one spot and easily discarded after your remodel is over. Don’t leave anything to chance. 

Be smart with DIYs

DIY projects are a great way to have a fun time with your family, save some money and create elements that are completely unique. However, take it easy with DIY, especially if you’re a beginner handyperson. Sometimes, if you don’t know what you’re doing, DIYs can end up costing you extra instead of saving you money. Before you start your project, make sure you have all the necessary tools, machines and materials. For instance, if you’ll be doing a lot of cutting and measuring, you might want to invest in a handy automatic saw that will quickly and accurately cut materials and save you a lot of time both now and during your future projects. However, there are things you should leave to pros, like asbestos or lead removal, taking down load-bearing walls, and pipework in the bathroom. 


Find the right contractor

A simple renovation can quickly turn into a huge mess if you don’t have the right contractor. So, start browsing the internet for a company with a lot of experience and happy clients. However, the best way to find the best remodeller for the job is to ask your friends and family for referrals. They will be honest about their experience with certain contractors and you’ll know who to choose. Just in case, get a few referrals, do the interviews, and then decide. 

Think about safety

A construction site is not a safe place for kids and pets. Loud sounds and unfamiliar faces can scare them and power tools, sharp objects and exposed wires and pipes can be seriously dangerous. So, make sure to put up baby gates around the room that’s being under renovation and pay special attention to your loved ones during that time. Also, make sure all your fragile items, money and jewellery are placed in a safe and locked place to prevent damage and theft. 

With proper planning and organisation, your renovation will go smoothly and stress-free, and you’ll get to enjoy your new and improved home for many years to come, or sell it for a good profit. So, start now and by the time spring comes, you’ll be finished and ready to bask in the fruits of your labour.