Hottest Home Renovation Trends for 2018

Holidays are a perfect time for pondering about the year behind us, but also for making big decisions that will turn our lives for the better in the following months. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to renovate your home, stay with us as we go through Heilman Renovation’s predictions about what is going to be huge in a home renovation industry in 2018.

Living Room

hottest living room trends for 2018

Gone are the days of all white interiors and minimal colour schemes. Rich and vibrant tones are making a comeback in a beautiful way, giving our homes more refined look. Our need for connection with the great outdoors will be manifested in earthy shades and dark woods that will be present all over our living spaces, shifting away from the pale woods of classic Scandinavian design.

Millennial pink refuses to go, but it won’t be able to keep its current glory for long. If you enjoy the pink craze that has been going on for some time now, but you don’t want your living room to look dated in a short time, it would be wise to choose it for textiles, accessories or as a paint colour.

Floral prints will remain a popular option to play with, featured on textiles, artwork, tiles and wallpapers.

Kitchen and Dining

Rich colours will take over kitchens too, giving them warmth and a personal touch, while at the same time concealing stains and traces of ageing and usage.

Stainless steel is going to be pushed aside by materials such as granite, stone, copper and concrete, and backsplashes will turn wallpaper-like.

Vintage pendant lighting fixtures are not associated only with industrial style anymore. They grew to become a standard in all types of kitchens and dining rooms. You can choose to hang them above the isle or/and the dining table to nail the mismatched look set by the chairs.

dining room trends for 2018


Spa baths are losing the battle against walk-in showers as millennials find them more fitted for relaxing. Built-in shower equipped with rain head shower, hand shower and side jets will be high in demand in the seasons to come.

Thanks to its exquisite look and ability to elevate the entire bathroom to the next level of luxury, freestanding baths in black and navy are also very in and are forecasted to grow in popularity even further.

When it comes to sinks, two options leave the rest in the shadow - trough and bucket sinks. Trough sinks are a perfect solution for having double faucets in a limited space, and they are both a breeze to keep clean.

Same as in kitchens, brass and matte black tapware will be in the spotlight, but don’t shy away from silver metallics either as some design authorities predict their return in 2018.

Rich cashmere-like beige will creep in to become THE colour of the bathroom tiles, which will take the turn from subway style to grid, almost graphic appeal with a retro twist.


bedroom trends for 2018

Unfortunately, the bedroom will keep the throne as the most often mistreated room in the house. Don’t let this happen to you, as the benefits of having a well-designed bedroom can be enormous.

Minimalism and escapism are the words that best describe modern bedroom in 2018. Soothing colours, romantic features, such as four-poster beds and canopies, and unique nightstands (or objects serving their purpose) are shining in their full glory from design magazines and fairs.

Dimmable hanging pendants are loved by both readers and people looking to create a relaxing mood before they fall asleep, and the sentiment has grown so big that many of them are ready to ditch their table lamps in their favour.

Kids’ Rooms

IKEA furniture dominates kids’ rooms as the most affordable, yet very flexible solution to ever-changing needs of young children. However, kids’ interiors are getting a fresh coat of paint. Literally. Deep, muted colours, such as midnight blue, charcoal black and forest green are popping up everywhere, proving that low volume dark interiors don’t have to be off the table when choosing paint for little one’s room. Mustard yellow and millennial pink are also very much in vogue and experimenting with different geometry shapes, and two-tone walls have never been more in demand. Consider your kid’s room as a playground for both you and your child and let the imagination loose while making decisions about the direction of the project.

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