How to Find a Trusted Renovation Contractor

In the world of home renovations, the lines between exciting and tedious are often blurred. Namely, renovating can turn into a money and energy-consuming ordeal, which is why many homeowners rely on a professional contractor. Opting for the first company you stumble upon, though, does not cut it.

You want to avoid shady renovation companies like plague. So, embrace a proactive approach to hiring and researching: do not commence your renovation project until you discover a reliable and competent company. That way, you will be able to complete the project on schedule and to your utmost satisfaction.


The internet is an immense ocean of possibilities, an ecosystem that holds much promise wherever you are. Google is an unprecedented digital nucleus, and the search can start there. Know, however, that the most convenient option is not necessarily the most prudent one.

A proper research requires you to pick a variety of companies. Moreover, it is of the utmost importance to do a background check and confirm that the business is legitimate. Keep your eyes open for customer review and complaints as well as other proofs of contractor’s trustworthiness.


Apart from Google, there are some other online avenues, where one can find a quality renovation contractor. Houzz rises above the competition as a superior platform for remodeling and design. There, homeowners and contractors come together to join a busy community.

The search options run like clockwork and there are almost 797,000 contractors to choose from. They manage all aspects of home renovation projects and regardless of whether you want an expensive remodel or affordable spruce-up, Houzz has got you covered.


The online surge has empowered homeowners with other free services that could come in handy. One of the most prominent ones is certainly HomeStars. Let us just say that the database contains 2 million companies and that reputable renovators are not hard to come by.

Even better, the platform has hundreds of thousands of reviews that speak volumes about the quality of services. Homeowners do not shy away from writing both good and bad reviews, putting together an invaluable knowledge database.

Yellow Pages

Years ago Yellow Pages in the phone book was the way to find a North Vancouver renovation contractor, however the company has moved into 2017 with This is a great search engine that can be used together with other options.

Face to face

There is one other old-fashioned strategy you may take advantage of: take recommendations from friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members.  Strive to get at least three references for each building contractor you want to take into account.

If you manage to do this, then you have most likely managed to solve the problem of finding a suitable contractor. At last, bear in mind that the employees of local hardware stores may also be helpful and quite knowledgeable.

Safe and sound

Even when you manage to find a reputable contractor, do not throw caution to the wind. Your work is not yet done because you can do a few other things to stay on the safe side. For instance, there is no need to break the bank, is there?

Thus, do not rely solely on the contractor’s estimate regarding the cost of the labor and materials. Contact the suppliers yourself and evaluate the realistic price. The price that is too low is a potential red flag, one that could point out to the shabby quality of the work.

Keep your options open

Hiring the right contractor makes a difference between a swell job and utter disaster. It is clear as a day that you have to do your homework and find the best possible solution. In other words, make sure that the contractor or a company is credible to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  

It is always a good idea to get multiple bids and compare them. If the contractor does not have an online presence and only wants to provide a telephone number, it is probably best to move on and find another option. Cover all the bases and you should be able to treat yourself with a stellar space.