How to Save on your Home Renovation Costs

Fixing up a home can get expensive fast - little purchases that seem small and necessary quickly build up and suddenly the entire renovation has drastically gone over budget. For most people, their home is the largest investment they will ever make, so it makes a lot of sense to plan out how money will be invested into it every step of the way. It's vital to be willing to put in a little elbow grease, but also it's just as important to know personal limitations. Starting a project that can't be finished without professional assistance is never a good cost saving tactic. This article will break down a few of the key areas that every homeowner should focus on in order to save as much money as possible during their renovation.

Home Renovation Paint Choices 

Purchasing paint colors is usually a fun part of the process; making the trip to the store and looking at swatches - it's an exciting time for new homeowners. However, it's also the time when costs can spiral out of control. Many paints have colors that are patented, or are from brands that offer exclusive styles - these paints are sometimes twice as expensive as an alternative brand. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a color that truly sparks the imagination, but it's important to remember that in order to cut costs at every corner, things like this are a typical example of the sacrifices a homeowner must make in order to stay under budget. 

Home Renovation Wood Choices 

Wood can get very expensive, and sometimes the cost does reflect the quality. The key to determining when it is and isn't a good idea to spend a lot of money on wood is to visualize how important expensive wood will be to any one project. As an example, if it is for shelving, that can be a relatively inexpensive way to add a little luxury to a home improvement project. However, it is for flooring, it may not be completely necessary to spend a large chunk of the budget on high quality wood flooring when an alternative could work well too. Using a cheaper wood and then coating it with a nice varnish is a good compromise in giving the floor that extra sparkle at a fraction of the cost.

Shopping Around 

Making trips to the hardware store can get tiring during a renovation, so it's understandable that busy people would prefer to make minimal trips, opting to purchase the bulk of their supplies in one or two trips. However, shopping around can result in great savings, and doesn't necessarily have to equate to more trips. Using the internet to search for the best deals across a range of stores helps plan things out, and some may even offer better deals online than they would in store. 

Before doing any of this, it's always a good idea to visit local furniture stores - sometimes incredible deals can be found on fundamental housing equipment such as sinks, toilets, pipes, and even dressers and couches. Discussing your renovation with Heilman Renovations will be the next step, as contractors are able to get significant discounts on home renovation materials.