Kitchen Renovation Materials FAQ

Canadian home owners looking to renovate their kitchen have a great variety of kitchen material options to choose from that largely come down to personal preference and budget. Kitchen renovation material come at different budget levels and with many positive characteristics like durability and environment friendliness. 

What Are the Different Options Available When It Comes to Choosing the Kitchen Countertop?

11% of a kitchen renovation cost comes from buying a new countertop. Home owners in Canada have a number of different options to choose from, including: 

  • Laminate tile countertops
  • Wooden kitchen countertops
  • Ceramic tile countertops
  • Marble countertops
  • Granite countertops

Laminate tile and ceramic tile kitchen countertops offer a variety of custom colors and custom painted options to choose from. These countertops are also cheaper when compared to marble and granite countertops. With respect to the durability, these tile countertops are just as long lasting as marble countertops. The only disadvantage is with respect to cleaning. As these countertops are made out of tiles, one has to spend extra time to clean the smudge that has collected between the edges of the different tiles. Granite and marble countertops come at the higher end of the spectrum. Home owners with sufficient budget can consider marble or granite countertops.

What Are the Different Elements to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets?

One has to look at the kitchen cabinet exterior features and the cabinet features available inside and then decide on the right kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets come in different styles, including European frameless cabinets, metal insert cabinets, solid color laminate cabinets, cabinet with drawer pulls, raised panel cabinets and arched panel cabinets. European-style spice drawers at the same height level of the kitchen countertop can help in storing the spices away from the kitchen flame heat. Deep drawers come in extremely handy when storing garbage bins and household cleaners. Cook pots and other heavy items are best stored in pull-out drawers. Slide out cabinets work out well for storing cookie sheets and big pan lids. 

What Are the Different Choices Available in Kitchen Flooring?

There are actually several options available in choosing the right kitchen flooring material: 

  • Ceramic tile kitchen floors
  • Wood kitchen floors
  • Laminate kitchen floors
  • Rubber kitchen floors
  • Quarry tile kitchen floors
  • Natural stone tile kitchen floors
  • Vinyl tile kitchen floors

Wooden flooring come in different forms including plank wood flooring, strip wood flooring and patterned wood flooring. Similarly with natural stone tile flooring, homeowners can choose from different natural stone types including limestone, marble and slate. Among the different kitchen floor types, vinyl flooring material is most popular due to several factors including durability, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and cost. Though laminate kitchen floors are equally as popular as vinyl, they require experienced personnel to perform the installation, such as Heilman Renovations.

To make the most of your kitchen renovation budget, it is best to go for as durable a material as you can afford. To keep costs down, larger areas can be covered with lower-priced materials, while being accented with more expensive items.

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