Professional Mould Removal Provides Security

Mould problems are usually detected during big renovations and modifications of the house, when large colonies in hidden places can be discovered. At the beginning of the problem, many people choose to ignore it, thinking that it will be solved by itself, because it's “only a smell or a few small stains on the wall“.

Indoor mould may be unsightly and smelly, but the potential problems are more serious than that. By definition, actively-growing mould damages the material it lives on and terribly impairs structural integrity. Afterwords, mould is associated with some untoward health effects in humans so the best solution is to hire professional mold removal company.

Source of moisture

Mould spores are found in both the indoor and outdoor air, but they will only grow if they find the right conditions. Mould requires three simple elements to grow

1. Moderate temperatures

2. Nutrients (food)

3. Moisture

Source of moisture comes from poor insulation of foundations and lower plates, as well as a slight leakage of water supply and drainage pipes in the walls of the house. Mould is very tricky because it appears in places that are often not available to the ordinary eye. It may appears behind furniture, wallpapers, in all darker parts of the room, and mostly in those that are not heated and remains cold. Bathrooms, attics and basements should be regularly checked because they have the highest rate of humidity. 

Mould Inspection

It is very important to do mould inspection so you could recognize whether you are on the premises of developing fungus, but also if you have a problem with water in the house. Mould inspection should be truly detailed, including all parts of building where you suspect the mould is, because visible traces also means that you can have larger colony somewhere hidden from the views. 

If you can see or feel any signs of fungus in your house, you can consult with your renovation contractor what kind of mould inspection is recommended to avoid missing a single track that needs to be suppressed. This way you can have inspection of any part of the house such as the roof or chimney but also infrared inspection with high-resolution thermal imaging camera.

Mould testing

Visible mold stains on the walls and the presence of mould spores in the air indicate that microbial composition of the air is disturbed. Many types of mould species that exist in nature can be more or less harmful for human health. In most cases it occurs in the form of black dots but some mould can also be gray-brown, gray-green, white, even orange, pink or purple. 

Nowadays, fortunately professional services has testing laboratories that can analyze surface samples and identify exact species of mould and level of contamination. 

Remediation services

Perhaps the main reason not to do cleaning yourself is that the removal of these harmful particles will cause their expanding in the air. Therefore, abatement of mould exposure demand remediation services. It will keep you away from dangerous zone of spreading and general contractors will provide you the best way of restoration to your house.

Also, if you decide to clean mould yourself, you will remove only visible tracks, but the root of the problem remains. As mould spores spread quickly, causing expensive structural damage, poor indoor quality and serious health problems, you should take this problem very seriously and leave it to the professionals who can find the cause of contamination and fix it.