How To Prioritize That Renovation List

We've all done it, walked through the house and daydreamed about changing something in each and every room. “I wish I could replace that old bathtub”, it doesn't end there. “The kitchen floor needs replaced and updated”, “That wall needs to be painted”, “We should refinish the basement, wait, is that a leak in the ceiling?”. The list can be endless. When it comes to DIY home repairs, the list can be endless. Many of these you can do all on your own. Other projects will be far out of your realm of expertise and perhaps even over your budget. You don't know who to call. You really need some help. Heilman's Renovations are the ideal guys to call in the North Vancouver area. They can go through your home with you and help you to decide where best to start on your renovations. They can help you with your budget so that you can determine which project is the most budget-friendly for you at any given time. Here are some tips for you to decide where to start on your renovation project.

Prioritizing Your Renovation Project

Assess The Situation

Take a walk around your home and determine what really must be done. If the roof is leaking, that will be at the top of your priority list. It should come before you paint a wall, replace furniture or flooring and anything else. Make two lists. The first list is what MUST be done first such as a roof repair. The second list should be “Is it broke and needing repair, or am I just tired of how it looks?” Replace hot water heaters that are on the edge of flooding the basement over replacing that ugly countertop. Look at your list of projects and prioritize what's most important to the integrity of your house. Now look at that list and see what you can do vs what you'll need a general contractor to do.

Create A Budget

Your budget is vital so that you won't go over what you can afford. You'll have to prioritize your list so that the most important items, such as a leaking roof, are attended to first. Once you've taken the time to prioritize your list, you can start calculating what it's going to cost before you move on to your next project. Do the homework. Price your materials. Find out what you're going to need and add in 20 percent for any unanticipated items that may crop up during the project. Talk to others, ask around and get options and options before you ever embark on your project. If you're going to hire a contractor to do the job, be sure that you get a few different quotes on the project. Once the contractor has begun work on your project, check back regularly to ensure that things are running smoothly and that they're still on track. Be realistic. If you can't afford expensive stone floors, find something you can afford. There are many great alternatives that will give you a similar look for far less so stay on budget and keep on track of your projects.

Rejuvenate Your Favorite Room

Once you've assessed your situation, you can then determine which projects require attention first. Then you can assess your budget and determine how you're going to pay for them. If you're in the living room a lot, this may be where you need to start. Are there other projects that will require minimal effort? Keep in mind that your home should be your castle. If you walk into a room and loathe the room, you need to fix this. Keep in mind that you shouldn't add anything to your “to-do” list that doesn't belong on your to-do list.

Invest In Resale Value

Always consider the cost of a project vs the resale value. If you want to increase the value of your home, you'll want to keep this in mind with your project. There are many projects that you'll want to consider as a priority if you're planning to sell your home or increase the resale value.

Structural Repairs

Home buyers are going to run if the home inspection shows that there are foundation issues and other structural requirements to be repaired. These should be your top priority.

Roofing, Windows, Siding, and Doors

These are curb appeal items that should be a priority. If the exterior is in need of attention, give it the attention that it requires to improve the resale value of your home. Remember that new shingles, undamaged siding, energy efficient windows, solid doors are all potential attractants to potential home buyers. Also, they'll improve the efficiency of your home so you won't have to stress over the high cost of recouping your investment when you choose these items. You'll recoup approximately 96 percent of your investment on doors, 78 percent of your investment on windows and siding.

Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen renovations tend to have the best return on investment out of any other renovation projects per reports. Even minor renovations can recoup approximately 82 percent of your investment. Kitchens are very important and must be functional. You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of kitchen renovations. It's one of the first rooms that potential home buyers look at when they're considering a home.

Basement Remodels Or Refinishing Basement

Finished basements offer an extra living area of the home. These can be used as a guest room, master suite, extra bathroom, storage, recreation room, kids play area, home office and so much more. A finished basement is a huge bonus for any potential home buyer. Basement remodels can recoup as much as 77 percent on the investment.