10 Best Renovation Companies

We went through and found the 10 best renovation companies across Canada. 

Calgary, Alberta

Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Lighting Centre

  • It is the dream, vision and goal of every person to secure a renovation company capable of delivering the best outcome from the investment made in home improvement. Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Lighting Centre is the finest solution for this purpose in Calgary. This company will assure the client an outstanding kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. The company installers offer credible experience and skill spanning many years with respect to the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms.
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  • This company offers comprehensive renovations to the bathroom and kitchen in the regions of High River, Strathmore, Cochrane, Airdric, Calgary and Okotoks.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kitchen Craft Winnipeg

  • This construction company specializes in the supply and manufacture of custom made cabinets for and home space. All bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets supplied by Kitchen Craft Winnipeg provide an excellent blend of performance and aesthetics. This therefore allows the family to enjoy the elegant space.
  • The detailed artistry coupled with forty years of experience assures that the solution to customized cabinets fits in perfectly in to the upgraded or new spaces.  It is the honor of customers to explore the reason why Kitchen Craft is the most preferred company by homeowners, renovators and home builders in Canada for all custom cabinet solutions. Kitchen Craft designers are always prepared to turn the dreams of customers into reality.  Anyone can visit our showrooms located in Kenaston BLVD or Regent Avenue, Winnipeg.
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Edmonton, Alberta

D-Trac Construction Company

  • This company is based in Edmonton and offers services across Alberta area.
  • D-Trac Construction Company has an experience of 25 years in construction making it a fully-fledged service provider in general contracting. The firm is purely dedicated to commercial and residential renovations. Some of the services provided by D-Trac firm include engineering, interior design, development and/or renovation of basements, kitchen renovation, improvement and renovation of the interior of commercial offices, decks and bathroom renovations.
  • D-Trac construction firm is authorized and approved by Baeumler contractor. The firm is also a prepaid contractor with licensing for operation in Alberta. The firm has the endorsement of Better Business Bureau and is also insured and bonded. D-Trac construction Company enjoys the most recent WCB coverage as well.
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Toronto, Ontario

Belvedere Home Improvements Limited

  • A house will only truly become an abode upon applying that personal touch on it. Belvedere Home Improvement Company is the place to get exquisite finishes for the newly completed property and renovation for the current home. The company will introduce a new elegant look on the living space.
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  • This company is located in the neighborhood of East York at Leaside. The Toronto region has been a beneficiary of the professional services on home improvement offered by this company for a period exceeding fifty years. The expertise of Belvedere renovators in the industry aggregates to more than 145 years. Belvedere is ready and willing to assist in the creation of a dream home for all her clients.  Belvedere Home Improvement company is an associate of Better Business Bureau and their license number is T85-3956838.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

J.A.B.A. Construction LTD

  • This company specializes in general contraction for all home and commercial renovations. The company’s management team cooperates with clients through a management system designed by them in the quest to ensure the customer realizes their objective on budget and in good time. 
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  • J.A.B.A has membership to the Saskatoon and Region Association of Home Builders, Better Business Bureau, RenoMark, Trusted Saskatoon and the association of business persons (Chamber of Commerce).  The memberships builds client confidence with the full knowledge that the company is fully compliant with the stringent behavior and ethics code, all legislative requirements and liability, and compensation insurance for all workers. 
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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mother Hubbard’s Kitchen

  • This is a profoundly experience company from Atlantic Canada. Mother Hubbard’s Kitchen has for years been renovating and designing custom bathrooms and kitchens.
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  • This company has an exquisite reputation in their offering quality renovations. Some of the renovators in Mother Hubbard’s Kitchen have more than 35 years of experience in kitchen renovations and design. The company is committed to sustaining strong bonds with their clients through referral and repeat business established through provision of satisfactory customer services. This is achieved through detailed attention and outstanding customer service.
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Montreal, Quebec

Boiserie Alpin WoodWork

  • This company was established by Mr. Dorinbaum Daniel in 1998. The company prides itself with forty years furniture and cabinetry experience. Assisted by his two children Mr. Dorinbaum has upgraded and updated all Alpin WoodWork facilities and opened two showrooms. The company concentrates on commercial and residential furniture in melamine, thermoplastic and wood. The expertise of Alpin WoodWork is found in customized Kitchen armoires, libraries, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, Islands and bars, home cinemas, and home offices.
  • The confidence of Alpin WoodWork is pegged on provision of excellent furniture for the office and home. The furniture made by this company is long lasting and remains elegant for many years. The company integrates new technology with their skilled craftsmen alongside the splendid experience to manufacture elegant and quality customized furniture that fits personal preferences and needs.
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  • The initial showroom, offices and factory to this company is found in Montreal. The public is free to visit for estimates and further consultations.  Alpin WoodWork inaugurated their second showroom in East Montreal. Home owners and designers are welcome to visit the showroom and witness the relaxing atmosphere and display of the current elegant designs of bathroom cabinets and kitchens.
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St John’s Newfoundland

Smith’s Home Hardware

  • This stores house a variety of products that have been selected with great care for the purpose of home maintenance, repair and renovation projects. Some of the available materials in Smith’s Home hardware include paint, lumber, power and hand tools, electrical and plumbing supplies and other varieties of materials used for building.
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North Vancouver, British Columbia

Heilman Renovations

  • This is a renovation company domicile in North Vancouver. The company is a general contractor dealing in bathroom and kitchen renovations in Commercial and residential properties of Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Vancouver.  The owner of Heilman Renovations is Joe Heilman. He is an expert in renovations. Heilman has been in this profession for 21 years as a general contractor, authorized professional in renovations, and a veteran in renovations. For the homes. Heilman has experience in home improvements, deck constructions, commercial renovations, interior design, bathroom renovations, home renovations, interior design, doors and windows installation and other general services in North Vancouver.


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Fredericton, New Brunswick

Kitchen Creation Company

  • Kitchen Creations Company is dedicated to assisting customers achieve their objectives. With great and long experience collaborating with clients in renovation schemes, Kitchen Creations provide the most outstanding products and customer services both in Fredericton and the regions surrounding. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for Kitchen Creations.
  • Kitchen Creations allows clients to watch their ideas grow into elegant designs through the 3D designs generated by computers. The 3-D designs are then transformed into real objects through accurate manufacture and installation of the elements. The skilled staff collaborates with clients to make cabinetry which synchronizes perfectly with the lifestyle and home space. Kitchen Creations is better thought of as a partner in the client’s bathroom and kitchen project.
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  • The company utilizes the most current equipment and their woodworking shop is properly equipped.  Kitchen Creations offers various products that are custom made including entertainment units, fireplace mantles, china cabinets, and office workstations etc.  The strength of this company is derived from offering quality installations and constructions for each product sold.
  • For the clients looking for countertops the place to be is Kitchen Creations. The company has a wide variety of materials for clients to choose from with respect to budget and lifestyle. Some of the alternatives include the model postform laminates, the customized laminates with DuPont corian or wood edges etc.  Clients can make a choice from the prevalent DuPont Corian solid surfaces, DuPont Zodiac, marble countertops, or natural Granite.
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