Rethinking Your Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

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A bathroom needs to be synonymous with hygiene. While the very idea can be seen in some design choices overall, different people ascribe different meanings to the concept of hygiene and cleanliness – which means that you have as many bathroom designs as there are mindsets. Therefore, you can remodel with a professional bathroom renovation contractor or here’s what you need to do if you are rethinking your bathroom renovation on a budget.

DIY Painting

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Painting is the most ubiquitous and easiest part of any remodel. No matter what sort of a project you have organized for your bathroom, something will always need a fresh coat of paint. When one considers that it doesn’t require a lot of skill to execute this task, and that the logistics of it are not all that sophisticated, it becomes easy to argue that approaching painting as a DIY project can save you a lot of money and provide the same results as if the professional did it in your stead. Unless you have never painted anything before, you would be right to assume so.

Rethink your counter tops

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Counter tops are usually very expensive, especially if you are going for more expensive stones such as marble or granite. As an investment, they can be quite unreasonably priced and you’d spend on them just as much as you would otherwise spend on kitchen counters.  Stained slabs with imperfections will cost less and they can look rather interesting as a part of the whole new stylistic approach. Still, you can avoid bathroom sink counters altogether by simply purchasing a new, freestanding sink – which is a popular option anyway. If countertops are in keeping with the stylistic broad strokes of your bathroom, you can simply accommodate your bathroom with a “dresser sink”, which can be found in most retail stores.

Kill two flies with one blow

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Bathroom remodels usually involve a certain degree of wall smashing. Tearing down the wall tiling will probably leave the piping and electrical grid exposed for a while. You can use this opportunity to kill two flies with one blow and invite reliable professionals for bathroom leaks to check out if your piping integrity needs some sprucing up. You will probably have a convenient time window on your hands before the new tiling is placed on the wall, which gives you an ample opportunity to have the pipes checked out. This increases their durability and the overall safety of your bathroom for years to come.

But limit the tiling

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Even though tiling tends to be an integral part of most bathroom designs, a tradition which caught on due to them looking hygienic and being resistant to humidity, they can also cost you a pretty penny. The price can especially turn steep if you hire a professional contractor who will work on every aspect of the project. While it is usually inescapable to do some tiling, predominantly the floor, you can also opt to do something else with the walls. For example, you can purchase different types of vibrant and interesting water-resistant wallpapers and apply them to the blank parts of the wall where you decide not to apply the new tiles. This is a good way to add a modern, refreshing look to your bathroom that can break monotony and save you a lot of money.

Fixture update comes last

Fixture update comes last.jpg

After you have dealt with “broad strokes” of your bathroom renovation, you can redo and update your fixtures. These do not only include light fixtures but also towel racks, toilet paper holders, sink faucets, drawer pulls, etc. All in all, it is not a significant investment, yet it goes a long way when it comes to appearances. It is also a good opportunity to create a consistency of design by purchasing a collection of holders that are made from the same or very similar material. If you go to the closest retailer and purchase a whole package of diverse fixtures, you are bound to find them at a good deal. 

Bathroom remodeling is not a trite project and it is bound to eat up your precious time and money. Furthermore, you will probably have to sacrifice living conditions, at least to an extent, during the project so it is not exactly an upgrade that should come as a light decision. You will have to think the minutiae through, not to mention the careful planning of the budget dedicated to the materials and professional hands.