Should You Build Your Own Deck or Hire a Pro?


If you’re looking forward to increasing the value of your property or simply creating an ideal outdoor gathering space, installing a deck is the perfect solution.

Besides providing leisure and extra space, a deck also comes with a high return on investment that may account for up to 100% of the original costs. This factor, however, depends on the quality of the work.

While constructing a deck is the right decision, it isn’t an easy one to implement. Should you do it yourself or hire a professional deck builder? Check out the guide below and figure out what works for you!


Preliminary Questions

Before making the final decision on whether to do it yourself or hire a professional, ask yourself the following questions and try answering them sincerely.

  • Do I have enough experience and know-how to finish the job on my own? If not, am I willing to learn as I go?
  • Am I patient?
  • Do I enjoy physical work?
  • Do I know all of the steps that this project consists of or am I willing to learn more?
  • Have I finished a similar project before? Did it turn out well?
  • Do I have the time to do it?
  • Do I have someone to turn to and ask for help if things go awry?

If the answer to the majority of the questions is YES, then you probably have decent chances of successfully finishing the work on your own. If the answer is NO, however, you might be better off if you hire a professional.

How About the Tools?

You should also know that building a deck calls for a fair amount of tools, including hammer, nails and screws, a circular saw, tape measure, shovel, level, drill, corner braces, joist hangers, and more.

If you already possess the majority of such tools, you can save a lot of money by building a deck on your own. However, if you don't have the necessary equipment, it might cost you more to buy all of it than hiring someone to do the work instead.

In case you want to pursue building a deck on your own despite not having the necessary tools, consider asking your family or friends if they could lend you some. This will help you reduce the costs of your project significantly. You can also look for a local business that specialises in tool rental.

If you’re still pondering whether you should build your own deck or hire a pro, check out the pros and cons of either decision below! 

Do It Yourself

While the task of constructing a deck isn't an easy one, that doesn't mean you can't do it. In fact, many people opt for this solution.

One of the most significant advantages that it offers are the reduced expenses. If you do all of the work by yourself, you are bound to save a lot of money if that you finish the job correctly.

Besides saving money, the DIY method will let you do things at your own pace. It will also help you gain more experiences that might come in handy for your future projects. Last but not least, as the saying goes, you will appreciate the deck way more after investing your own sweat in its construction rather than paying someone to do it for you.

Despite numerous advantages, this method also isn't short of drawbacks. Building a deck on your own is more than a fun weekend project. Depending on the size of your deck, it might take you weeks if not months to finish the work.

Furthermore, one small mistake at the beginning of the project can result in massive costs of repair later on.


Hire a Professional

Unless you are a carpenter yourself, there is no doubt that a professional that you hire will do the job faster. Since they have years of experiences at their back, they are also more likely to do a better, finer job than you can.

On top of that, deck builders can guide you through the decision-making process and help you choose the right materials. They might even be able to get you a good discount on them.

While this all sounds good, it’s also worth mentioning that a significant disadvantage of hiring a deck builder is the cost of doing so. If your budget is very constricted, you might not be able to get what you want if you have to pay for the workforce. Furthermore, if you are a crafty person yourself, you might feel unsatisfied having someone else do what you could have done too.

Final Thoughts

Building a deck is a delicate process, and you should carefully weigh your options before making the final call. It is best to start off by asking yourself some preliminary questions, and then proceed to make the decision by comparing your skillset, wishes, and needs with the available methods. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, all efforts will be repaid once the deck is standing!