The Basics of Starting a Living Room Remodel

The Basics of Starting a Living Room Remodel.jpg

Every household remodelling project is an exciting opportunity, but the possibility of irreparable mistakes and a large number of decisions you have to make can make the entire venture quite overwhelming. What can you afford? Where to begin? Should you listen to yourself or consult a renovation contractor? These are the questions that can haunt you deep into the night as you tussle in your bed with your eyes wide open, but have no fear – here are the basics of starting a living room remodel.

Plan according to your lifestyle

You probably want a spacious, conveniently arranged living room where you can retreat and relax during a prolonged cool-off session after a frantic day. Is the space about to be used for intimate gatherings or do you want a “parlor” where parties can easily be arranged? Knowing what you want in the simplest possible terms is a good foundation for further planning. It also helps if you are about to invest a lot of money into structural changes in your living room.

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Secure the place before the remodel commences

When it comes to renovations, a lot of messy work necessitates additional levels of safety, both for your house and for the contractors that will do the remodelling. First of all, begin these preparations by removing all of the furniture out of the room that is about to be renovated. If the walls are to be torn down, you should remove all the paintings and paraphernalia from the other side of the wall as well. You don’t want extra furniture expenses now that you have invested in a remodel. 

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It would also be smart to move out for the time being. The point is to avoid inhaling sawdust, paint fumes and other damaging airborne materials. Finally, it would be an idea to hire an accredited electrician to on your home, to ensure everything is done properly. These steps should have you covered. 

Consult the professionals

However, there is only so much you can do as a layman to “secure” everything and everyone involved in the remodelling. The rest is up to the contractors and their experience, the should be quite proficient in all departments. Should you get a chance, consult with them before the project commences. 

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If you have envisioned something for your living room, pulling it off might be unrealistic – but this is something only professionals will know. Therefore, keep an open mind and listen to their advice, but don’t be afraid to push the envelope by asking questions back – probing for an approach to get the most out of what you’ve envisioned. 

Look for cheap hacks

If you are doing a complete living room remodel, you will probably introduce some new furniture elements to the area after the broad strokes are established by the professionals. The bad news is that this means more spending. The good news is that you can look for cheap hacks to make your living room more luxurious than it is. Sleek black elements and framed pop art can easily add the sense of ultra-modern lavishness to your communal space. Make sure the room is always bright and consider adding more greenery to the corners. Rugs, if properly chosen, can also tie your room together in surprising ways. For a deluxe sheen, consider high-pile rugs. 

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If you find the experience too overwhelming, you need to remember one important thing: this is your living room, which means that you are the one who calls all the shots. As questions begin to compile, you should be well aware of the fact that there are no wrong answers but the ones that do not suit your sensibilities. This should help you relax and start making proper decisions for your living room remodel – and beginning is usually the hardest part.