The Biggest Problems You'll Run into During an Old House Renovation



A renovation project can be a super exciting, fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. But, the older the house that’s being renovated, the bigger the risk of something going wrong! However, don’t give up on your remodel just yet. If you keep these biggest problems in mind, you’ll be able to finish your project without creating a disaster!

Burst pipes

If you happen to hit a pipe during your bathroom or kitchen renovation, you can create much more serious problems than just getting your floors wet, especially if there are electrical appliances or tools still plugged in! So, before you start drilling, make sure to get information about your underground utility lines. There are service lines with helpful operators that can help you keep your pipes, gas lines and wires intact.

Outdated wiring

Outdated wiring can be quite annoying, but it can also pose a huge safety hazard. Old homes didn’t have the need for that many electrical appliances and gadgets that draw a lot of power, so you must update your electrical panel. Make sure to contact an experienced electrician for this job and avoid doing any DIY projects, especially if you don’t have any formal education or practical experience with wiring. Your electrician will replace your old knob-and-tube wiring with something modern and safe, and upgrade it to support all your appliances, tools and gadgets.

Harmful asbestos


Asbestos is a huge health concern when it comes to old homes. This effective and cheap fire-retardant mineral was regularly used as thermal and acoustic insulation in homes from the 1940s all the way to 1970s. However, today we know that inhaling tiny asbestos particles can cause various lung diseases and even cancer! So, be careful how you handle your walls and insulation during your renovation. The best way to stay safe is to call asbestos clearance experts who will make sure your home is asbestos-free and safe for you and your family. Once you remove all asbestos, you can undertake any update or renovation project you want without endangering your health.

Weak foundation

old house1.jpg

It’s safe to assume that your old home survived a lot of renovation, updates and little improvement projects. However, these can significantly damage the foundation of your house. Additionally, time and weather itself are not very forgiving either. So, you can expect to come across a few cracks in your walls and floors. And if you want to prevent future water damage and energy loss, repair these issues as soon as possible.

Insufficient ventilation

Old houses usually have very little ventilation which makes them the perfect mold and mildew breeding grounds. So, if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, make sure to check for mold (or ask your remodeler to keep their eyes open). Installing plenty of fans and windows can help prevent future mold issues and make your home more pleasant. If you ask any expert contractor, you need one 100 cfm fan per cooking or bathroom appliance.


Old homes are often housing more than just people and you can come across many creepy and even dangerous creatures during your remodel. Many people got attacked by wasps and grossed out by mice. Venomous spiders, snakes, scorpions, centipedes and bats are also known to crawl out of the walls, from under the deck or hang out in your attic. So, make sure to wear protective clothing and equipment to shield you from bites and have animal control on speed dial, especially if you live in areas that have plenty of these dangerous animals.

So, now that you know what to expect during your old house renovation, you can prepare, find good equipment and have emergency electrician’s, plumber’s and asbestos remover’s numbers at hand. Soon, your old home will look and feel fresh and new!