Understanding The 7 Phases

Of A Home Renovation Project

The Benefits Of A Home Renovations

Home improvements won't just improve the aesthetics of your home, they will also increase the resale value of your home. Minor kitchen remodels will recoup over 80 percent of the cost of your resale. If you spend $20,000 you can anticipate about $17,000 more at resale. Plus, you'll also attract more potential home buyers when you do these updates in your home before you sell.

Hire The RIGHT General Contractor

If you don't hire the right general contractor it can cost you more over the course of time. When you choose an experienced general contractor to do the job, you'll be hiring a professional that will take care of all the fine details so that you don't have to worry about them. Experienced general contractors like Heilman's Renovations will be able to secure all of the proper permits for the project.

There are 7 phases of the project from start to finish. You'll want to make sure that you understand each phase of the process.

Remodeling can be a fun and a positive experience, however, it's a huge undertaking. You'll need to have clear communication before, during and after the renovation with your general contractor. You'll need to convey what you want to have done, the budget, the timeline and how you envision the changes. Most general contractors work like this:

1. Discuss The Space: You'll have an initial meeting with your general contractor to learn what you want to be done to your space. This is the time for you to share your vision of your space and how you want it to work. This is also the time to explain your budget and your timeline.

2. Design: The design team will then take your idea and combine it with experts to design a plan that will work well for your needs and your wish list. You'll have a detailed copy and a quote for your renovation project.

3. Get To Know Your Team: You'll want to get to know your team. You'll want to see other projects that they've completed and if they're proud of their work. Call their references and check out their other projects. You're going to be working closely with them so this is important.

4. Finalize The Design: Once you've completed the previous 3 steps, you're going to want to finalize your design. Make any needed revisions and discuss the pricing and the budget with your team. Once you like the design, you'll sign the official contract.

5. Select Your Materials: Now you'll select your materials and the specific features that you want for your project. This is where you're going to pick out countertops, flooring, backsplashes, paint colors and the like. Your design team will give you recommendations and help you to unify your theme.

6. Begin Construction: Now your work will begin in earnest. You'll be kept up to date and educated on how each phase of the project is going. The general contractor will keep track of schedules and manage all of the trades that will complete the work on your renovation project. They'll be readily available to answer your questions and deal with changes.

7. Renovation Will Be Complete: After the construction is completed, everything will be cleaned up and you can begin to enjoy your new space.