Things You Need to Consider Before You Redo You Bathroom

Doing a complete bathroom remodel does not necessarily have to break the bank, but it still requires costly materials and knowledgeable renovation professionals, so you cannot really jump into this without proper planning. As an undertaking in renovation, there are several layers you need to pay attention to, so here are the things you need to consider before you redo your bath.

A spark of inspiration.jpg

A spark of inspiration

You need to decide on the overall aesthetics of your new bathroom. In order to do this properly, you need to abstain from finding the contractors first and start looking around for a spark of inspiration. A decade ago, people used to buy magazines and catalogs in order to create an inspirational scrapbook. These days, it is quite enough to browse the internet for everything you need and save all the textures and nuances in a folder. You can take this on a flash drive to the contractors, but you should definitely ask for their opinion and recommendation too – after all, they have a lot of experience in the business, and they know how to strike the balance between pretty and practical.

Hiring a contractor

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The word of mouth is everything – whether it is on the internet or in the flesh, hire a contractor based solely on their renown. You might get lucky and have a friend who has already worked with particular contractors, or you might have to browse through online reviews and references. Either way – it works the same. Once you take your pick, you should set the date and other details either via phone or Skype or in person. If these contractors work relatively nearby, it is best to venture out and meet them in the flesh. Once you settle on the bath-redo date, you will be on your way to signing contracts.

A sense of style

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A bath renovation is a good opportunity to perk it up both in the terms of aesthetics and practicality. The key thing is to make the best out of the space you have. For example, a detail like a curved shower rod can add that precious space to your shower and it can look really elegant. You can save money on tiles by using a small number of the old ones for “accent” purposes. These tiles, if they are in contrast with the new ones, can really make the bathroom pop.



There are several things you need to do at least a week before the contractor arrives. First, you need to clean out your bathroom and buy plastic wrappings to cover all the necessary surfaces. If certain valves or pipes need to be closed to prevent potential leakage, you can hire a reliable Melbourne plumber to do the necessary “preparation” work and other things. Some people consider the DIY approach, but this is not a good idea with such a big project looming over your household. Professionals are a safe bet. 

The light effect

The light effect.jpg

This is also an excellent idea to rethink your bathroom lighting. By turning this into a part of the remodel, you will actually save money, killing two birds with one stone. Just make sure to run this by your contractors because the new cable lines will need to be put into place first. Recessed lighting is a good way to add more illumination to your bathing area. Shower curtain can sometimes create a shadow so put it exactly over the shower. 

The bath renovation can be a long process, so make sure you have the necessary facilities for your physiological needs. If you have two bathrooms, this will not be a problem. Otherwise, there is an option to have a portable potty installed temporarily in your backyard. You can either “borrow” the showers of your neighbors or other family members for the time being. Factors like this should give you an idea of what a serious undertaking the bathroom remodeling is, so consider these tips for a smoother process.