Understanding The Signs

That It's Time For A Bathroom Renovation

Heilman Renovations are great contractors. They can double your homes living area and increase the value of your home so that it has more curb appeal.

A finished basement will greatly enhance your home. You can renovate a basement on a budget. Here are some signs that you need to renovate your basement.

Leaks or flood damage:

If your basement is leaking, you may need to renovate to stop leaks. This can prevent mold that can make you very ill. Repair the issues as quickly as possible.

Need more space:

Many homeowners discover that they need more space so they have to renovate. The basement is the ideal area to put in new bedrooms, offices, a recreational room, play area, home theater and a family room.

To increase the value of your home:

A basement renovation can increase the value of your home. You'll see a great return on your investment and you'll recoup that investment when you sell. Home buyers look for finished basements and this can make your house stand out from the crowd.

To create a secondary suite:

You can renovate and generate a second income and increase your property value.

The family is growing:

Growing families require more space. Your basement is a great place to add to another bedroom or a playroom.

Want more storage space:

If you have more stuff than space, your basement renovation may offer you more storage space. It can be a great way to de-clutter your home.