Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows

As part of home improvement or renovation projects, homeowners in Vancouver commonly replace their existing windows for reasons including wear and tear, the age of the window and exposure to severe weather conditions. Different signs including increased energy costs, condensation and the aged appearance of windows indicate that it’s time to replace windows.

When replacing windows as part of the home renovation, homeowners should give due consideration to the following aspects and choose a professional window and window replacement contractor like Heilman Renovations.

1 - Improving Natural Ventilation 

If the existing window setup fails to provide good ventilation to rooms, and the home renovation planned allows it, homeowners can opt for an arrangement that can improve the natural ventilation. One such window setup that can improve natural ventilation is operable windows. Operable windows can be located on opposite or adjacent walls to provide cross ventilation, which automatically leads to improved natural ventilation. Different types of operable windows available for selection include sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows, hopper windows, tilt and turn, and double hung windows.

2 - Making You Home More Secure by Choosing the Right Window

Laminated glass windows, when used with an appropriate hardware setup, can help prevent forced entry of intruders through windows.

3 - Blocking Outdoor Noise through Window Renovation

If you live in a noisy area, there are windows that are tailor-made to almost completely filter out external noises. Double and triple glazed windows are much more efficient in offering sound insulation properties than a single glazed window. After installing soundproof windows, family members will experience a perceptible change when indoors. 

4. Improving Energy Efficiency

By choosing the right type of windows, homeowners can realize significant energy savings. Homeowners should choose windows that completely meet the Canadian energy efficiency standards regulations. Such energy efficient windows come with labels showing their certified energy levels. In addition to energy levels, the label will also display information about other vital characteristics such as water penetration resistance, air leakage and structural wind load resistance.

5 - Minimizing Damages caused by Water Penetration 

The condition of existing windows play an important role in protecting walls from damage caused by water penetration and excessive humidity levels. By replacing the old windows and by using proper window installation procedures, damages caused by water penetration can be reduced to a great extent. Windows that have greater exposure to rainwater need proper installation procedures to be adopted in order to prevent the surrounding walls from being damaged. Window replacement and installation procedures are unique and vary based on the location of the window and its exposure to rain. The window replacement contractor must employ the right type of window installation procedure based on location of the window. 

A note on maintenance: A newly installed window’s lifespan typically range between 20 years and 50 years, based on the type of windows installed and the extent of exposure to adverse weather conditions. There are windows that have a higher upfront cost but save a lot of money in the long run. Keeping the windows maintained will lengthen their life. The maintenance plan should include regular inspection of exposed sealants and weather seals and taking appropriate steps based on the condition of the seal including cleaning and replacement of sealant material.