Ultimate Garage Remodel Ideas


One of the most common complaints many homeowners have about their homes is the lack of storage. As time goes by and families grow, the house seems to be shrinking and possessions seem to be increasing, and before you know it, there’s not enough space to store them all. That’s when the garage, if you’re lucky to have one, becomes the next logical storage room. Unfortunately, most often, it ends up being a dumping ground for unused things, and your dream of having a functional parking space for your car and a workspace for DIY projects disappears into thin air.

An ideal garage should be more than just a parking spot – we want it to be a warehouse, a workshop and even a getaway place where we can turn off our busy brains just hanging out and creating the next DIY miracle.

If you feel that this might be the answer to your problems, than a garage renovation by a professional contractor or diy is the way to go. By simply following the ideas listed here, you can easily clear out the clutter, get things organised and stored, and spruce up the place to make an ultimate DIY workshop.

Get prepared


As clearing out and organising a garage can be quite a messy and time-consuming business, being well prepared is the key to success. So, before you dive into it, prepare extra-large garbage bags, cardboard boxes, marking pens for labelling and a packing tape. If all is done correctly, you’ll end up with several bags and boxes to give away, to throw away, or to repair and keep. And, when you turn around, you’ll see a decluttered garage that’s ready for the next step – the makeover.

Create functional storage


Once you have cleared out the clutter and got rid of excess things, it’s time to designate storage areas for different things, such as cleaning products, gardening tools, sports equipment, Christmas decorations and old memories.

Creating practical and functional shelving is no rocket science and doesn’t really require hiring a contractor, but if you’re indecisive, it might be a good idea to get some advice from an experienced remodeller. 

However, if you’re set on doing it yourself, here are some easy and practical ideas:

  • For secure storage of your valuable assets and expensive tools, opt for prime tool boxes and lockers.
  • For hardworking tools that you use on a daily basis, choose a magnetic storage panel that makes tools organised and easily accessible.
  • Ceiling hooks are excellent for utilizing unused overhead space for storing bikes.
  • Overhead storage shelves are another functional way to take advantage of the ceiling, and they’re excellent for keeping things you don’t use frequently, such as decorations and clothing.
  • Bungee cord wall storage is a very creative and practical storage design that stores all sports equipment vertically on the wall where it is visible and accessible, instead of storing it away in bins and crates.

Workbench design


Rather than having an oversized, fixed work table for your DIY projects and repairs that will take up a lot of floor space, upgrade your game with a wall-mounted foldaway workbench. They offer a great way to store the tools, and the bench itself out of the way when you’re not working, but it’s still easily accessible by folding it down when you’re in the mood for your next project. 


Most garages are quite dark, dingy and poorly lit, so it’s essential you introduce more strategically placed lighting fixtures to brighten up the space and make your workbench projects easier. For best end results, combine several light sources, such as track bulbs for direct overhead lighting, a couple of clip-on lamps and some simple fluorescent ceiling fixtures.



As you bring your garage remodelling project towards the end, make sure you give it the finishing touch – a shiny epoxy floor coating. This is an excellent garage flooring solution as it’s resistant to chipping, oil and grease stains; it’s also waterproof and extremely easy to maintain. Plus, it will make your garage look very clean and professional.

With these simple and effective garage makeover solutions, you’ll have no trouble transforming your garage into an organised, practical and functional space.