Wildlife: unwelcome tenants during renovations

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Re-surfacing your kitchen, renovating your bathroom or giving your home a complete makeover are all exciting times with fresh new beginnings. However, you may find that you have something else that’s new to your home during this period: wildlife.

Exposure of critters that may have previously gone unnoticed or who are granted access into your home through holes created during the renovation work can come as an unwelcome surprise. So, whether you are dealing with rodents in walls, a raccoon under your new deck or a squirrel family in the rafters – these situations could add weeks to a job site, delaying work, threatening workers or incur additional unexpected costs which can add up.

 DIY is not for wildlife control

The sooner you have the wildlife tenants evicted, the better! However, it isn’t recommended that you try doing it yourself - rather give the professionals a call. Qualified wildlife control technicians are trained to exclude, capture and relocate critters effectively. You don’t want to end up confronting a protective mother raccoon! 

Should there be nests, babies or injured individuals in your home; it is important to use the services of a reputable company who consider the welfare of the animals involved to avoid suffering and additional stress; without compromising on solving the problem so you can get back to creating your new space. 

Knowing the signs

Although wildlife doesn’t intend to do severe damage to your structure while they go about their business; catching and addressing the problem early on can make all the difference in damage and associated costs. 

Here are typical signs to look out for during renovations: 

  • Chewed wires

  • Damaged pipes 

  • Contaminated/torn insulation

  • Urine or droppings

  • Animal–related smells

  • Structural damage 

  • Gnawing marks 

  • Nests (mammals and birds)

  • Noises: scratching, chittering, shuffling

  • Physical presence of wildlife 

If you need wildlife removal services or proactive protection against unwanted animal tenants you could try this animal pest control company working throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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