7 tips for a successful home renovation

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So, you have finally decided to hit the refresh button on your home. Living room walls could use a new coat of paint, your bathroom suddenly seems so tiny, and that leaky roof became a subject you do not mention anymore. Whether you have decided to commit to a house renovation because you felt a Feng Shui disbalance of the current setup or because improvement was a definite must, remodeling projects can seem overwhelming, time-consuming, pricey and a bit chaotic. However, the process will definitely go smoothly if you learn a few clever insider tricks. You might even enjoy it!

Do your research

Before plunging into renovation whirlpool, you should have a clear view of the big picture goals, know all your options and understand what to expect. Renovation experts need details, so you simply must bring more than a few stylish Pinterest images to the table. Summon your inner nerd and research, research then research some more! 

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Search Google for local companies, look at search engines that find the best contractors. Talk to friends who have recently gone through a renovation and consult experts. Get informed about the styles, trends, materials and costs. A Well-researched project is much easier to accomplish. 

“To do” list and priorities

Take your time and decide what truly needs to be done. Make a detailed ‘’To do’’ list but separate wants from needs. Home renovation project is often a major investment and necessary repairs and/or upgrades must come before luxury.You’ll agree that, for example, the roof, windows, and doors must be in top notch shape, while your basement bowling alley can wait a year or two.

Set the budget

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It turns out that renovation often costs notably more than homeowners had initially expected. Usual suspects for this unpleasant surprise are hidden costs since projects that got completed without a hitch are a rarity. In other words - inevitable issues will spring up. In order to avoid last minute scrambling for additional money, add at least 20 percent to your original budget for unforeseen expenses. Don’t get discouraged - when investing a big chunk of money into a project, merging your funds with a renovation loan could potentially be a winning combination. Renovating in stages is another good option, especially if you truly do not want to compromise when it comes to your dream home.  

Know your limits

Hiring professional help immediately is usually preferable to having to resort to calling them in the midst of your solo adventure gone rogue. Sure, some home improvement projects can undoubtedly be placed into the DIY sector, but it is crucial to know when to put the drill down and make the call.

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Before hiring a contractor, scroll up and revisit the Do your research part of the article. Seriously now, do the research! Get a few quotes, check out what different companies offer, read their references carefully and learn from the good (and bad) experiences of the people you know. You should never just go with the least expensive choice. In the best case scenario, when remodeling, you can pick two sides of the price - speed - quality triangle. Always choose quality above all else.

Consult the calendar

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Know your timeline for renovation and make a realistic schedule. Strike a deal with your remodeler regarding exact schedule in advance in order to avoid any problems later. Start thinking about project duration on time and be smart about it. Trust us, you don’t want winter to catch you in the middle of a roof installation.

The future is coming

Trends are for decorating, not for renovating. Invest in quality materials and elegant, timeless, functional designs. Take a deep breath and think how your choices will impact the home that you will still be living in 10 or 20 years from now. Remember, fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever. 

Safe and sound

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A remodeling project is going to affect every room in the house. Word of advice would be to pack away your belongings, take down the pictures, cover the furniture with plastic and flooring with cardboard sheets. It might not be a bad idea to select and equip a room that will remain relatively untouched by the chaos in order to carve out an oasis for yourself. Before you start, find out whether you need any specific building permits so that you are within the law. Oh, and last but not least, be considerate and notify the nearby residents about your ‘’upcoming party’’. 


Good luck!