8 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

According to Houzz survey, in the next two years, 72% of Canadian homeowners will decorate or redecorate. Kitchen remodelling and bathroom remodelling are two most popular domestic undertakings. This is no surprise because bathrooms no longer represent just tiny rooms where people get clean.

They have evolved into tranquil sanctuaries that allow us to escape the daily hustle and bustle. It may be a relatively small investment, but the average bathroom renovation project still costs around $20,000. There are many things that could go wrong, but here are some of the most common mistakes.

Pouring money down the drain

Overspending is one of the most common pitfalls homeowners encounter. Even a simple makeover can turn out to be a real money pit. Experts argue that you should keep the costs below 1.5% of the total value of the property. In any regard, come up with a budget, stick to standard fixtures, buy tiles in bulk, and do not spend green like there is no tomorrow.

Dodging homework

It is interesting that most people embrace a head-on approach to bathroom renovation and handle some or even all work on themselves. Still, in recent years, there is a tendency to rely on a bathroom renovation contractor at some point. Alas, many homeowners do not carry out proper research. They do not invest enough time in finding the right bathroom company and have to cope with shabby quality of work.

Letting the clutter take hold

Bathroom remodelling is governed by a few simple principles. One of them is that you want to maximize the space and minimize the clutter. So do not try to squeeze too many things in such a small room as the bathroom. Be smart and opt for space-saving solutions such as baths with showers, in-wall toilet cisterns, wall-mounted cabinetry, etc.

Watery grave

In a bathroom, water can be both a friend and a foe. One mistake to avoid is neglecting the drainage. The floor must feature an inclination that allows water to drain away nice and easy. To prevent such hassle, professionals (one can find them locally or online on sites like Homestars) use tilers to set the level of the fall. Also, note that large floor tiles may obstruct the flow towards the floor waste and do more harm than good.

Your way or the waterway

In case you want to go down the DIY road, tread carefully. Waterproofing is one of the tasks people tend to take on, yet the results can be subpar. Leaks may seem like a small problem, however, in the long run, they could cost you a fortune. Thus, consider hiring a certified Schluter waterproofing professional or a renovation company to nail the job.

Something odd in the air

Not everyone has a window that serves as a natural ventilator. Lack of air circulation brings forth many problems. Most notably black specks of mold, the telltale signs of poor ventilation, appear on the wall. On newly painted surfaces, they represent a real nightmare in their own right. Therefore, do not skimp on something as important as good ventilation and invest in an exhaust fan or IXL Tastic!

Leaving it in the dark

Lighting is another aspect that does not get the attention it deserves. Namely, many bathroom activities call for quality task lighting. General ambient lighting simply does not cut it. The good news is that there is no shortage of sleek options that merge with the overall design seamlessly, and work their magic from above the mirror or vanity.

Losing sight of beauty

Bathroom design advances by leaps and bounds. It is all about the perfect blend of sublime style and superior functionality. So, do not overlook the visual bliss. Choose a nice, mould-resistant bathroom paint, check out internet hubs for design ideas, and be on-trend. Feel free to let your creativity run wild as long as you keep other priorities like quality and durability in mind.

Bathing in style

Depending on the preparation or lack of it, bathroom updates are either exciting adventures or nerve-wracking ordeals. To facilitate the former outcome, keep leaks, mold, shabby quality, and other nuisances at bay. What you need is a personal hideout where you can rewind and melt the stress away.  Still, there is absolutely no need to spend a truckload of money, time, and nerves on renovating. Make the most of your space, plan ahead, and treat yourself with a captivating, well-designed refuge.