Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Home's Value by Contributor Lana Hawkins

If you’ve decided to improve your home and increase its value, then you should put your efforts in projects that can actually help you achieve this. Whether you’ll put your house up for sale later on, or simply want to improve the quality of life for you and your family, you need to be sure that you’re making a wise investment. Here are several tips and projects that can help you increase the value of your property.

Kitchen improvements

Often consider the heart of a home, the kitchen is the area where even the smallest improvements can make a difference. When visiting a house, buyers pay special attention to the kitchen and the appliances, so, if you’re selling yours, you better make some kitchen improvements. If you’re planning to completely remodel your kitchen, you should consider hiring a general contractor to avoid making some costly mistakes. Otherwise, you can make some smaller updates yourself and save some money. For example, you can change the knobs and fixtures or apply stainless-steel stick-on coverings to your appliances to give them a new, modern look.

Bathroom remodel

Another wise investment is a bathroom renovation that will bring a sense of novelty into your personal spa. There are numerous easy upgrades that can improve the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Everything from removing rust and stains, to replacing faucets and showerheads, to repainting it in a new hue can improve the condition of your bathroom. However, for a major renovation you can again hire a renovation company to help you out and avoid unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind that moving plumbing can be quite expensive, so you should work your way around that.

Interior flooring

Although you might consider this improvement to be completely unimportant, the truth is that floors are among the first things that prospective buyers will pay attention to. The simplest and completely cost-free way to freshen the look of your floors it to remove your old carpets – not only can they be off-putting, but they are also unhealthy because they’re home to numerous allergens and hazards. A classic and timeless solutions is having hardwood floors – just make sure to opt for eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo or cork. To elevate your home décor, you can add area rugs, but you should opt for those made of organic cotton or other healthy and allergen-resistant material.

Attic transformation

Nothing is more useless than a dusty attic used as a storage for old furniture. Homes with rooms with a clear purpose have both a higher value and appeal to buyers. Thus, you should consider transforming your attic into a purposeful room. You may be able to transform it into a home theatre, bedroom or home office. If you’re not sure about the particular design of the new space, you should seek professional advice from a renovation contractor. This way, you can transform your attic into a completely new area that can meet your needs.

Eco-friendly updates

Being green is more than just a trend. It has become a lifestyle that more and more people are embracing. Designing a green home can help you create a healthy environment, reduce your ecological footprint, improve the energy-efficiency of your home and attract potential buyers. When it comes to eco-friendly updates, even the smallest change can make a big difference, so you shouldn’t worry if you can’t make all the improvements right away. You can replace your old fixtures with water-saving ones, switch from incandescent to LED lighting, repaint your home with green paint and

repurpose old furniture. Later on, you can even buy energy-saving appliances or have solar panels installed.

Doors and windows upgrades

Your doors and windows can affect the value of your home significantly, so you better make sure that they increase it. If your doors and windows have become worn-out, you should replace them altogether. Not only will it enhance the visual appeal of your home, but it will also improve the insulation. In addition, you should also improve the security levels of your doors and windows. You can have aluminium security doors installed, and secure your windows with latches and locks. All of these improvements will increase your home’s value significantly.

Deck addition

Adding a deck can increase the value of your home significantly, which makes it one of the wisest investments. If you don’t have the necessary skills, you can hire a deck builder, and then decorate your new relaxation area yourself. Don’t forget to include greenery to create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity.

Whether you want to sell your house, or simply make it better, these value-increasing updates and remodels certainly make for a wise investment.