Making the Home Renovations that Matter

The process of home renovation can be big or it can be small - it can be confined to one room of a house, or it can be a complete makeover from top to bottom, inside to outside, with the guidance of experienced home renovators like Heilman Renovations. Every decision that a homeowner makes during this time, such as wallpaper color, insulation materials, and window types, can contribute to the value of the house and the personal cost to the homeowner. While it is true that spending money now is an investment on future property value, that investment isn't necessarily about spending a lot of money - it's got a lot more to do with making informed choices. 

Insulation in Home Renovations

For homeowners in colder areas, this may very well be one of the more expensive forms of renovation - however, due to the fact that they do live in a cold area, a well-insulated home will increase the home's value much more than a well-insulated home in a moderate climate. Choosing insulation can be confusing for the uninitiated, but for many this will be a job that a contractor will carry out, and will as such be able to advise the right type for any one particular house. In general, the various forms of foam insulation have an R-value and this is rated in thickness between 1 and 6. This kind of insulation can be used in roofing, in walls, or even in the floor - more insulation equates to better efficiency, but more insulation may not always be necessary and could be a waste of money. For this reason, a cost benefit analysis is always advisable. 

Kitchen Focus in Renovations

As a general rule, a house should be worked on in order of importance. If the kitchen isn't looking too bad, but the master bedroom is falling apart, it always makes sense to start there. However, if everything is essentially at the same level, putting work (and money) into the kitchen is one of the safest investments a homeowner can make. The kitchen is one of the centerpieces in a house, and estate agents find it much easier to sell a house with a new, modern kitchen as opposed to one that needs major work. This is usually because kitchens are one of the more costly forms of renovation and it's enticing for buyers in the market to see a well-maintained kitchen. 

Efficiency vs. Aesthetics in a Home Renovation

Budgeting for home improvement projects should be a balance between efficiency ideas and aesthetic ideas, both can have a serious impact on home value further down the line, but the important thing is to ensure that they are wise, cost effective decisions. For example, investing in a thermostat that can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times is a great efficiency idea - this can save the homeowner thousands in utility bills. On the other hand, giving the exterior of the house a new coat of paint every few years keeps the home looking vibrant and new - something that can impact the value just as much to potential buyers further down the line.