7 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid 

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Let’s say that you are not a total renovation newbie. You have binge watched home improvement shows like Love it or List Vancouver, searched the web like a lunatic for days and even successfully survived a remodel project or two. Basically, you can call yourself a veteran. Right? Well, not exactly. Home renovation is never as easy as it appears to be on the big screen. When lacking proper preparation, it can lead to some pretty hefty and not so budget friendly mistakes. It is vital for your mental, physical and material well-being to learn how to dodge the biggest remodeling mishaps. So, let's check out the list of the most frequent calamities, with a few tricks on how to evade them and not lose your cool.

One man show  

Renovation could inspire your inner DIYer to break free and take over. Even if you are a natural born handyman, be cautious and involve professionals in the project. Do not avoid renovation contractors thinking that you will save some money. In most cases, home renovations require a bit more training and experience than a few hours on YouTube. So, it is quite important to leave your ego behind and know your limitations before taking that hammer to your living room wall. 

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DIY mistakes are actually quite common, especially when it comes to measuring, purchasing materials, fixing plumbing or electrical systems, roof reparations and other ventures related to house structure. If all your kitchen needs is a fresh coat of paint, you can probably perform a decent solo act with proper preparation. For serious remodeling projects, an inspector will be necessary to run a check of your home, along with renovation contractor and even designer. The more help from experienced professionals, the merrier. 

Mismatching the contractors

Take your time when choosing a contractor. Word of mouth is still the best way to find quality professionals, so asking relatives, friends, and neighbors to recommend someone they have had good experiences with is a must. You can also find leads to respectable renovation contractors through real estate agents and online home services. After collecting enough recommendations, do further research: visit the contractor's website, compare quotes, check references and make a few phone calls. Seek out certified renovation companies which have invested in coursework and are on top of their game.

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Your budget will play a major role here, and it is important that you are realistic about the amount of cash you can afford to spend on a home remodel. Remember though that the super low price rarely goes with the first-rate job. Inexpensive might be good, but cheap never is. If you can not afford a reputable renovation company at the moment, it would be wise to wait.

Mismanaging the contractors

When it comes to the building process, contractors are “the professionals”, but you’re the smooth operator who lays down the ideas. Explain the look you are trying to achieve, as well as how a certain room will be used. Be detailed, use images, and keep a journal of your project. Your involvement through the whole renovation is crucial and this will allow you to catch potential problems on time. Concerning problems - although it can be intimidating, you should speak up loud and clear if you notice that things are not going up your mill. Do not pass the chance to do so, or you might end up with a sour grin, lack of money and tons of frustration. After all, we are talking about your home, sweet home. 

Wanting it all, wanting it now 

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Always coordinate remodeling projects with the rest of your obligations. Renovations involve inconvenience, clutter, and struggle with scheduling. The process can take weeks or even months, so if you have a full-time job, family and would like to get some sleep now and then, a good strategy would be to organize your remodels one at a time. That way you can thoroughly oversee the work, and this is a smart decision from a budget perspective too. Namely, if one project exceeds your funds - you will survive. But try that with three at the time and watch your money do the disappearing act like a pro magician.

Focussing on the outside

Of course, you want your home to look as Pinterest-worthy as it can get, however that can not be your main goal. Do not put aesthetics and short lifespan trends before necessary repairs, quality materials and substructure. 

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If you disregard what you can not see, your brand new kitchen might end up looking like a front page of a Style at home came to life, but it will not stand the test of time. In order to prevent problems that might cost you more than you can afford, the best way to ride it out is to invest in the classic look and build for the future.

Being a Safety Rebel

It is vital that you understand the most important thing about doing any renovation work – the safety of everyone involved. Home renovations carry huge health hazard risks (both visible and invisible) due to being 100% manual labor. The essential things while working on the job site are eye goggles, earplugs, and gloves. You want no dust in your eyes, no head whistling for hours and definitely no nails or splinters in your hands. Always have a first-aid kit by your side, so you are properly prepared if something goes south. 

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Before you undergo a renovation, make sure you have got all the work permits you need. Some of the repairs and remodels require you to have one, some do not, which depends on the law and location. This might seem like an unnecessary step, but getting them all will help you avoid all the bumps in the road that could befall during permit-free ride. 

Changing your mind

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Do not let yourself to be “that guy” who changed his mind midway through the job. It will cost money, it will cost time and it will cost you nerves. It could be a seemingly simple addon like lights in the hallway, but that will require the electrician again and probably the painter. The domino effect hits hard and you’ll be the target. So, speak on time or remain silent forever.

Home remodeling can be complicated and exhausting process but some common mistakes do not need to happen. Avoid renovation disasters by planning the heck out of it like a rocket scientist and teaming up with some awesome, outstanding professionals.